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Hi friends this is Jagat very dashing looks and with a nice built from New Delhi. This is my second aunty sex story here. Today am going to tell you about one of the real story of my life time achievement. This is sex story of how I fucked my neighbor aunty. Now am living in Bangalore. Earlier we were staying in one rented house. About eight houses were there in one compound. Three houses recently vacated.

We were in first floor. Because of some repair work we shifted to ground floor. Behind that some two houses were there in our compound only. One house was taken by School Teacher, and another one is by a librarian. Librarian name is Malti. Her husband was jobless. Simply roam by doing small small business and getting lost he also a heavy drinker. They were having two children one boy and one girl.

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Boy was in Sixth standard and girl was in 3rd Standard. I was completed my 12th exam and staying in home waiting for the results. My room was at the backside where opposite to the Front door of Malti aunty’s home. One day early morning may be 6 AM I woke up for doing my regular exercise; I opened the windows for fresh air. I was doing exercise without switching on the lights as a bed lamp in hall was glowing. After some time I saw light in Malti aunty’s house.

I turned towards that and watching. Oh my goodness what a sight I got, Malti aunty came out of bath room and drying her hairs and body with towel, that too without wearing anything. As she roam all around the room without bra also. I was eager to see her boos but covering once by hairs once by towel. Oh my god my shorts, I was tightening up, a huge tent formed in my underwear. It was paining.

After all she came with a mirror in hand and placed on her window, and started wearing bra. Wow I got clear view of her boobs. They were not so big but like big orange. Her nipples were erected may be because of bath she took or may be because of she might have aroused early morning. After this I have seen at least once or a twice in a week her boobs. This has been continued for so long three months.

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And one day during night when I was reading I heard a sound of door knocking in her house. I stood up and silently went towards window. I saw one who is friend of her husband was outside. His husband was not in the house on that day. She opened the door and welcomed him. They came to the same room that I was watching. That guy is very much hurry and started hugging and kissing her, she was pretending not to do but he is so aggressive.

Finally she kept silent may be because of feared that her children or any other in the compound may woke up. After that they laid on bed and I have not got any view. I was waiting there only, after some 20 minutes they woke up. There were no clothes on their body. That guy find clothes and wearing. But Malti aunty does not want to wear, she was like that only. I got clear view of her boos once again.

I loked the door and started masturbating. While doing that I closed my eyes and shaking my waist too and fro as my body was shaking. After a minute I just opened eyes and get shocked. Shahi, aunty standing in the window and looking towards me I am very much frightened and suddenly shook my head and sat down. My penis got small in size because of frightened. Slowly I went near to switch board by leaning my body and switched off the light.

Came back to my bed and started thinking about what was happened. My penis again becomes bigger one. That whole night I masturbated three four times and slept. After that I never faced her about a week. I was playing cricket outside with my friends one day. After game around 11 am all went to their homes for taking rest and we thought of reassemble at 3PM. When I was going towards my home Malti aunty called me come here,

That day whole picture has come to my mind and again I was frightened and I said nnnoo nno no aunty I have to go to home. She told come on I’l not do anything, I want one help from you. I went silently, and standing out of her house. There was no body to see us. She called me in. I went inside and sat on sofa. She also has not talked anything for long time and I was also sitting like that.

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After some time she asked me. It was you only and watched us on that day? I shocked by this question and simply keep quite. She asked me again” is that you? I know it is you only. I said sorry aunty, accidentally I saw you people, but promise I have not told to anyone, and I’l not tells. She said ok and locked the door. She came nearer to me and held my hand in her hand.

She started to cry asking that not to tell to any one. I got stunned seeing tears in her eyes. She keep on talking that if I said to any one about this, then her life will be spoiled and she have small small children some thing something. While crying she laid on to my shoulder and I hold her back by saying no aunty I’l not say to any one don’t worry. While moving my hand I got her bare waist between her blouse and saree tied to petticoat.

As her boobs touching my chest my horny king got stood up and while moving my hands stuck in that bare back area. I started to caress her bare body, she has not resisted for that. Slowly I moved my hand all over her body and came towards her boobs. I was very afraid to touch them. So I slowly pressed edge of her left boob is my right hand thumb. She sighed ohhh. I got the green signal, I was so happy.

I cupped her breasts in my hand and pressing. She was moaning like hell ufff ahhh uff ahhh like that. Then she caught hold of my penis and opened my pants. At that time I opened her blouse and bra also. I was licking her breasts I was doing slowly but she was in hurry. She told her husband will come within half an hour and she wants to get fucked before that. She took me to the same room where I saw her.

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She lifted her sary and lay on bed. As am already aware of how to fuck by watching sex movies I went on her and sat between her legs. She opened widely her legs. She told me bend and insert my penis inside. I slowly entered in to her and it was paining, may be because of we have not done much foreplay. Any how I entered after four five strokes. She was in hurry and forcing me to complete soon.

I also fucked in hurry after ten minutes I ejaculated sperms in her pussy. She has already come two times. After this we fucked once more full slowly a whole night.