Goa Trip

This is Danish from Mumbai, I’m 21 years old with good athletic body and m six feet tall little handsome also. This is true incident which happen during my recent trip to Goa, in the month of May. I wanted to take a break after hectic months of work at office and I was bored to the teeth and I decided to make a trip to Goa on my own. Well I boarded the train (weekly train) to Goa from Mumbai and arrived in Panjim. I was trying to save money and was looking out for some home-stay that I could find.

I had difficulty in finding a decent place, for as an Indian you are more alien to Goa and this being my first visit here. Well, I headed for Anjuna beach and I discovered that Anjuna was populated by many foreign tourists. I found that the girls were gorgeous and it wasn’t too difficult to chat with them, but the only hitch was that, I was alien to that friendly atmosphere. I ventured into a tavern for a beer and settled into a chair and ordered for some cold beer..

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Soon the cold beer arrived and I was gulping down the cold beer, the weather being really hot outside, the cold beer was doing wonders to me. I was soon joined by a hefty blonde lady. More to the fact she was fat and busty. She smiled at me from across the table and ordered a drink. I was hesitant to do the talking and was relieved when she broke the ice by mentioning about the hot weather and the conversation began.

She told me that she was from Scandinavia and was visiting Goa alone and for the first time, she had hired a small villa and she will be in Goa for a couple of weeks. It transpired that she was 26, separated and owned a business interest in Copenhagen. I explained my predicament that am not able to find any good and decent enough home stay. The better off once are so costly or the the cheap once are unfit to live. She offered me to join her at her villa for a couple of days.

The invitation came forth with the idea of a delicious dinner with a couple of bottle of wine it’s no fun being alone she said so we must make most of the evenings. I knew what she meant, so I agreed to join her at her villa. She immediately wrote the address of the villa on a piece of paper she scrapped out from the waiter’s pad and we parted. I then went and brought a few pack of cigarettes and some magazines and some drinks.

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Big women do appeal to me and also I was keen on a cheap and decent place of stay and some good food. In the evening I reached her villa and she greeted me at the door looking extremely elegant in a flowing maroon evening dress. She wore her platinum blonde hair in a ponytail at the back. Her skin seemed smooth and cleans with an even tan of beautiful deep brown. It was then that under the fat exterior, I could see a stunning woman.

She handed me a drink as soon as I reached the sofa, she then put some slow romantic music on the music system and started the small talk. She started by asking me if I had difficulty in finding the place and on she went, after a long talk, we then ate a fantastic Scandinavian meal, which she had prepared and by the end of it we had finished one bottles of expensive crystal white wine. Scandinavian women seem much more liberated in there thoughts and are more physical in there expression than American or British.

She took the initiative by taking me by the hand and showing me round her villa. It was the ultimate in luxury and must have cost a fortune even for the once who hire them. I thus came to the conclusion that my friend here was a filthy rich lady to have been able to afford such an expensive villa. Finally, she said this is the bedroom..

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She entered and switched on the lights. It was a huge room with a large bed in the middle. It was covered with a single white satin sheet with matching white pillows. The lamp on the track lighting was directed straight on the bed. It seemed like a perfect setting for a film set. She then said “You look very tired, why don’t you undress and lie down, while I massage some cool cream onto your tanned body. This suddenly caught me off guard and I felt like running away from there.

But her hands holding me seemed to have sensed the thought on my mind and it clasped me more firmly. Please, your body seems to be so appealing, do take of your cloths, I would like to see it, she said in a husky voice with a lusty tone to it. I had never experienced any encounter with hefty women before, even though I wanted one and I was not sure there stood a chance for the same in the future, so I nodded in approval as she hesitantly reached for the buttons of my shirt.

She went behind me and started to rub some white, cool cream on to my back. Her actions were smooth and slow and very stimulating. Now your front”, she said and turned me around. She started on my chest playing extra attention on my nipples and worked her way down very expertly. I could see, she was getting a kick out of this by the broad smile on her face. She worked her way down to my waist, undid my jeans from the front and pulled them down my legs.

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I kicked of my sandals and stepped out of my jeans. I felt like a Greek god with her as my slave paying homage to my holy body. She continued to rub the cool cream into my skin, starting at my ankles and working up to my crotch. I just stood there absorbing all this pleasure, looking at her caressing and massaging by body. “These will be removed”, she said and tugged at my inner-wear. I helped her with it and had my member standing out erect, its head blisteringly tight.

I stood there naked and ready for action, while she was fully clothed. You will now undress me, she said. I undid the zip on the back of her dress and began to remove it. To my shock and surprise, I found she was wearing a black leather bra and panty, underneath. She the sat on the bed and then took my erect rod in her hand and inspected them and as a reward took my erect rod in her mouth and sucked it, till I came in her mouth.

She the removed her panty and showed me the rich growth of pubic hair. I told her that it had to be cleaned, she then brought me a razor and some cream and water, I applied the cream and water to her pubic area and lathered it properly and shaved her pubic area and cleaned it with a damp cloth, I then took her right hand and placed her palm over her pubic and she was pleased to find it very smooth and clean, she then said

I will clean up your bush in return, so lie down on the bed’. Then she applied the cream and water and raised up a rich foam and then slowly and carefully cleaned up all the hair growth around my erect rod and those around my balls and anus, and then she wiped it clean with a damp cloth towel and kept aside the razor cup and towels.

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She the came near to me and turned her back to me, and asked me to unhook her bra, initially i found it very difficult in removing the hooks of her bra, as they were of hard leather, but I finally managed to remove them. A strong smell was coming from here bra, which I took to my nostrils and deeply inhaled the aromatic smell of the leather and her womanly smell mixed together. It gave me a real erotic feeling and twitching in my rod.

She then lay down next to me on the satin bed and led my head to her whopper of 46 or 48 inches and between gasps asked me to knead and suck on them hard. She took hold of my buttock in her hand and pressed them hard against her pussy. She asked me to make love. I then climbed above her and was sucking and kneading on her breast, with my other hand, I was fingering her pussy, which was over flowing with her pussy juice.

She then took hold of my erect rod and placed it in between her pussy and I gave a hard push. My rod went into her pussy easily because it was too large a size, where even my entire fist would enter inside with out any friction. She then started to lift my buttocks up and bring it down, for about 3 to four minutes, till I came in her, in a massive flood. Now that was really good, she said.

She then went to the kitchen and came back with a bottle of chilled wine and a pair of glass, and poured us both a drink. I poured some of the chilled wine on to breast and started to suck on them, meanwhile she took my rod and dipped in into her glass and then again started to suck on my rod. We the turned around in 69 position and I poured some cool wine on her pussy and started to suck on them.

We soon emptied ourselves into each other and fell asleep. She woke up after an hour or so and she looked more than satisfied. She woke me up and said”I hope you would like to continue your stay here for a week or more, with no questions asked’. I was overwhelmed and fully heartedly agreed to stay with her for the whole of the week.

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Thus, I stayed with this Scandinavian beauty in Goa for a whole week, enjoying the good and delicious food and wine and also having free and fantastic sex, as and when I needed it. I lived the life of a Greek God with slave women, at my feet, ready to feed and have sex with me any time. The week soon came to an end and, I had to leave for Chennai, the parting was really hard, for she literally started to cry.

We exchanged each others email and postal address and mobile numbers, with a promise to keep in touch with each other, and to meet at the same place during the next holidays. Dear readers, I do hope that you would have liked this true incident of mine. I would really appreciate the genuine feed back from for all readers and especially from all female reader.