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Hello everyone. Welcome to the world of Wife Swapping sex stories on desibahu.com. I am a well placed and handsome officer engineer. My name is Manjeet. I have a beautiful wife. Her name is Sweety. WE BELONG TO PUNJAB. Three years before our sex life appeared to become routine though we were regularly having sex. We had been reading stories and seeing blue movies. This introduced us to threesome, foursome, lesbian and wife swapping concepts. Sweety used to get excited seeing a Negro fucking a female with his big cock in the movies.

Initially we did not think about swapping too much both of us being from conservative families. But subsequently we started fantasizing while making love. We started telling each other our fantasies thus bringing each other too fantastic climaxes. She would tell a fantasy involving her English professor or a class fellow whom she had liked in her hindsight before marriage but never dared to even think of it. I also started telling her fictions stories about the woman I liked. As the days passed by we started asking whether we would actually like to do it with another partner. I readily agreed. She being a shy lady was hesitant to say yes. But I knew she wanted it.

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Though I was possessive about my beautiful, innocent and sexy wife I took the plunge. I advertised in a couple’s column of a magazine. We got few responses but since we were beginners we selected a couple who are doctors. We met twice but only restricted to stripping, kissing and massaging each other. Though we enjoyed every bit of it but we did not get into fucking each other’s wife. I found myself to be possessive about Sweety where as she seemed to be ready for fuck from the gentleman without hesitation. The lady doctor was also mad after me for fucking her, however I disappointed her too. Finally we were transferred from that city so things came at a temporary halt. After a gap of two years we came across a couple when we finally got into fucking with some other partner. Till date Sweety is ready to be fucked by this man any time. She has become very fond of his thick cock.

Our friends were again introduced through a magazine. After one or two letter exchanges, we exchanged our telephone numbers. To cut it short we met one day at their place. The guy is an electronic engineer and the lady is a house wife. His name is Jagan and her name is Kirti. Jagan is a handsome gentleman with broad shoulders. Kirti is a good looking lady with sexy eyes. It was evening time. Since both of them like drinks we started off with drinks. My wife also started sipping after some resistance since she was a non drinker. I think Jagan had impressed her with his talk. During our discussion Sweety had observed that Jagan was an intelligent man. Kirti seemed to enjoy her drinks and in between we were exchanging looks exploring each other. In between the discussion Jagan mentioned that he had a great cock and no lady has ever said no to him. Kirti also confirmed his statement and added that he was very good at fucking. Sweety looked down shyly but at the same time getting impressed. Jagan asked her not to feel shy instead enjoy the evening. He told her that one should enjoy every moment of life in each and every form. By this time Jagan, Kirti and I had finished four drinks each. My darling Sweety was on her first drink. Kirti went near her and helped her to finish her drink. Jagan poured another drink for every one and moved near Sweety saying that this drink he will have near Sweety.

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Jagan gave the glass to Sweety and started praising her beautiful body. He mentioned that she was the most beautiful woman he had ever met. He took a sip from Sweety’s glass and touched the rim of his glass to Sweety’s soft lips. She hesitantly took two or three sips. By this time I could see the huge bulge in Jagan’s Bermuda. Encouraged by Sweety’s response he got hold of one of her hands and put it on his bulge. She shyly withdrew her hand after he had made her feel his bulge. At this stage I had a mixed feeling of sex and possessiveness of my wife. Suddenly I saw Jagan hold Sweety’s hands and making her sit in his lap. I could see the shy cheeks of Sweety going red with the touch of the hidden cock. He made her finish her drink in his lap. Infact now they were sharing each other’s drink. In between I could see his hand move to her boobs and havean assessment of them. He kissed her gently on the cheek making her comfortable in his lap.

Meanwhile I moved towards Ashsa and took my arm around her while sitting on the sofa. I cupped my hand on one of her boobs and told her she was looking sexy. We finished our drinks. By this time things had warmed up and every one of us was excited. I kissed Kirti on her cheeks and lips. She also reciprocated. Both of us found ourselves looking at Jagan and Sweety. Jagan had made Sweety sit on his thighs with her legs spread on both sides of his legs and her face towards him. He was sucking and kissing her cheeks and lips madly .Sweety had also surrendered fully to him. He lifted her shirt and started massaging her back. Sweety had closed her eyes with shyness and pleasure. The temptation was too much for Jagan as he quickly removed her pink bra and started fondling with her huge breasts very fondly with both hands. I could see Sweety’s erect nipples due to the treatment given by Jagan. He was very happy to see her shapely boobs and started sucking them hungrily like a child one by one. While having sucks, bites and licks on Sweety’s tits and nipples Jagan removed her shirt which was hampering the process. I could see Sweety’s legs stretched to the full indicating that her cunt must be itching to get it from him since she was already in his lap. Jagan was madly showering kisses on her boobs, arms, cheeks, neck and ears driving her to a wild ecstasy.

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Meanwhile I had been sucking Kirti’s boobs with my face in her lap as she was sitting on the floor. I had made her milk plants naked by unhooking her ceramic bra and removing her shirt. She was getting her boobs sucked as if she was feeding her child. My hands reached in between her pajamas and felt the smoothness of her thighs and buttocks. I put my hand in her panty and inserted my finger inside her wet cunt to feel her. She gave out a moan. and kissed me gently. I saw Jagan changing position with my wife, he removed his T shirt and brought Sweety’s face near to his nipples so that she could give them a lick. She gave his nipples good licks and bites as his hands started exploring her ass. He hugged her tightly and I could see Sweety’s huge breast crushing against his hairy chest.

He untied the cord of her salwar and removed it. Oh god Jagan had made my wife naked exposing her milky and shapely thighs clad in a pink panty.. She could put any model to thoughts with her shapely body. With this Jagan’s tool in his Bermudas got further enlarged trying to defeat the fabric on it. Jagan murmured” you have got a nice ass Sweety, your legs are too good” At the same time he cupped her ass cheeks. He gave her a good hug (in Punjabi we call it a juffi) with his chest pressing her boobs and crotch touching her crotch. She also locked her arms around him. His hands were madly on her thigh and buttocks and his tongue had met her tongue while doing all this. He was kissing her with full passion. He lifted her gently and placed her on the sofa. He started licking the fingers of her feet.

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He was more particular to give nice licks in the space between the fingers. Sweety was now moaning with the pleasure. He took his tongue to her legs and knees tasting each and every portion and then to her thighs. Meanwhile I had also removed Kirti’s pajamas and shirt and given her a lick and massage everywhere on her body. She was looking good in her ceramic panty. She also removed my T shirt and jeans on my request. Now I was in my red jockey only. My cock was fully erect. Kirti praised, my tool, my body and said I had a firm ass. Jagan overturned Sweety on the sofa and started licking her back starting from the neck to the top of her ass. Sweety moaned aaaaah oooohhhhhh for every flick of her tongue due to the ticklish and sensuous sensation. Her shyness had vanished as Jagan had rightly justified that no lady had refused him till date .He licked her ass cheeks and gave light bites on them by gently adjusting her panty with his fingers to expose them.

Jagan was moving towards possessing my wife in which she was cooperating though she had every time negated the proposal. On the contrary I was slightly hesitant towards any action further though myself and Kirti were enjoying the act. Jagan again commanded Sweety to sit on her back to which she willingly obeyed. It was obvious that she now wanted the big one really inside her. No sooner she adjusted her big sexy ass on the sofa Jagan removed her pink panty which was now slightly soaked with his hand and straight away took his mouth in between her thighs, “you have a nice pussy darling’’ uttered Jagan and inserted his tongue on her clit by widening it with his hands. He started tongue fucking every part of her vagina in between taking the clit in his lips .Sweety also lifted and adjusted her ass to make best use of the opportunity. While doing this Jagan took his hands to her nipples and stared twisting them gently, in between increasing the force and at times pressing her boobs in full. Sweety seemed to be at moon with pleasure as it was imminent from her moans of pleasure i.e. ahhh ooooooh. The scene on our side was that Kirti was in my arms as I went about fingering her pussy with my fingers through her panty. Her skin was quite smooth for enjoying. I also removed her panty and gave her a nice lick at times massaging Kirti’s hole with my finger. But we found both of us were paying attention towards Jagan and Sweety probably due to possessiveness. In my case no body had earlier fucked my wife.

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With those inhibitions on, I saw Jagan removing his Bermuda in one go. There came out the thick monster saluting Sweety as he stood with his crotch near her face. It almost touched her nose as he further moved near her. Though his cock length was as good as mine but it was thicker and fat. ‘‘PLEASE TAKE IT IN YOUR SWEET MOUTH DARLING Sweety”, said Jagan. To my surprise she held it in her hands and felt it . ” It is so thick I won’t be able to “, she said shyly. Jagan immediately adjusted adjusted his ass and knees on the sofa and made his cock touch her soft lips. “Take just the top portion, Sweety you will like it”, said Jagan. Sweety opened her mouth and took the cap of the monster inside it and started giving her lick and suck treatment. Out of possessiveness I said, “Not beyond this Jagan”. Jagan replied, ” Come on yaar, you enjoy with my wife” at the same time inserting half of his cock in Sweety’s mouth which had to be opened more than the normal to accommodate the thick penis. I think Sweety had also become greedy for the meaty cock as she seemed to enjoy the suck session.

Jagan took Sweety’s hands behind him and asked her to massage the area between his balls and the ass hole which she very artistically did, in between putting her finger inside his hole voluntarily. He told his wife to suck my cock instead of looking at them. She took my cock and placed her hot and wet lips on it and started sucking it with passion thus diverting my attention for the time being. This gave a chance to Sweety to fully enjoy Jagan’s cock though she had trouble opening her mouth to accommodate the thickness and length. After sucking it for few minutes she took the cock out saying “My mouth is tired, I will just lick it now.” Jagan agreed and said, “Ok darling lick it and enjoy it. It is made for you by the god”. She started licking from the base as Jagan sat on the sofa adjusting his ass suitably to let his genital area in front of her face. She was kneeling and licking his balls occasionally taking her tongue to the area between his balls and ass hole. “Uuh ooh ahh superb Sweety, I am in heaven” said Jagan. Encouraged she gave a total lick to his cock with special sucks on the top.

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