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Hello all readers, this is John here from Bangalore. Thank you for all the good responses to my stories on ISS. The current story that I am going to share today is actually because of a lovely story reader.
Let’s go on to the story. Among all the readers who contacted me via email to share their feedback was one reader – Fatima (name changed), who happened to be in Bangalore as well. She was married and has a young daughter. She was having a happy married life but was game for extra spice outside the marriage.
Fatima invited me to her place after a few weeks since our interactions begin. Her husband was out of town that day, and she already made sure that her daughter went to sleep. She lives in a small apartment kind of building. There was not much difficulty getting to the place without anyone noticing me.
To describe her, she was one hot woman who had a good amount of curves. She did not look like the mother of a kid, and that’s the way she had maintained her figure so well. Any man would like to take her to bed. She was so hot, especially with the short dress she was wearing.
Once inside, she took me inside to her room and locked the room quickly. She sighed at me to not make noise otherwise, which would wake up her kid. Here came the twist as she wanted to role-play and not directly get into the act. I choose to play the role of courier boy seducing an innocent woman at her home.
I am ringing the bell to deliver the courier, and Fatima answered the bell. She was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. I am getting a nice view of her boobs over her t-shirt. Those were of 34C size, which I got to know later. Fatima asked me, “Hey, mister. What are you doing?”
Me: “I am sorry, I could not resist looking at such a beauty, and I was lost in the beauty.”
Fatima: “Please give the courier and go right now.”
I started staring at sexy legs now lustfully. Fatima sensed the danger and insisted me to leave. I could not control it anymore and stepped in, then went to give her a tight hug.
Fatima: “Leave me and go away. I am alone.”
She tries to push me away. I hug her even more tightly, and she threatens to shout to get help. To stop her from shouting, I kiss her lips, and slowly she gives into the kiss. We started a deep French kiss that went on for a few minutes.
After we broke the kiss, Fatima told me, “I am hot now. Please treat me as your girlfriend for today.” That was the point. She gave in to me. I hugged her tight and started to kiss her sexy lips. Then I removed her t-shirt and started to squeeze her melons over her bra.
She instructed me to take away the bra and press her boobs directly. I did as she told and threw away the bra. I kissed all over her boobs then started to lick her nipples. Fatima’s nipples were becoming poky. I bite them, much to her excitement, for which she started pressing my head towards her breasts.
We both made ourselves completely naked. Soon afterward, Fatima started to play with my dick. She took it in her mouth, to my surprise. She gave me a wonderful blowjob, after which I came in her mouth. She drank it all like kidding, happily drinking milk.
She wanted the favor in return. I went down kissing from her belly and kissed her pussy too. She asked me to lick her clit, which I did, and her excitement increase.
I then inserted my fingers into her love hole. She was fully enjoying the moment and also hurling abuses at me. After a few minutes, she squirted over my face, and she tightened her legs, which were resting on my shoulders. I happily drank all her juices. I went to proceed to kiss her again, this time with her juices in my mouth.
Fatima, “I can’t wait anymore, baby. Please enter me right away.”
Luckily there were condoms kept in her room. I put them on quickly and entered the sexy lady right away. I started fucking her slowly, and both were in heaven. She wanted to increase the speed as she wanted to have rough sex. I started to fuck her even faster now.
Fatima struggled to keep up the pace and started to hold on to the pillow to maintain balance. I asked her if I should slow down, she said I dare not slow down. Since we both were fucking so hard, we came out together and had our climax simultaneously.
We took a rest for a few minutes after that. Then I entered Fatima in doggy style from behind. I started to bang her nicely from behind. Her ass was giving a nice cushion for my dick and legs. It was so comfortable to bang her in this position. I kept pulling her silky hair while I was in the act.
This went for a longer time as it was our second round of sex. I came inside her first this time while she still did not reach her orgasm yet. So she wanted to take control and made down sleep on the bed.
Fatima came on top of me and positioned herself to place my dick into her pussy. She fucked me from above and all while her boobs were bouncing in the air. I tried holding her bouncing boobs, and it was so much pleasure. She used to bend down a couple of times and kiss over my lips.
She was such a pro in riding me in this position. I let my juices inside her pussy, and she also let out her juices at the same time. We both thanked each other later for having the time of our lives.
Fatima was such a pleasure in bed. It was the beginning of our affair, and we have agreed to meet again whenever possible, like it happened that day. Until then, we will have virtual sessions over hangouts and enjoy each other’s company virtually.
That’s the story that I wanted to share with you all today. Please send in your feedback or comments to [email protected] and encourage me to write more stories on this site.
The story was real, but the name has been changed. I won’t share the details of the person involved in this story. Hope to hear many comments soon.