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Brahmdutt was a warrior, an unknown soldier, in the Magadh army. He was undoubtedly an ace warrior and proficient in 12 forms of martial arts and weapons.
After the Kalinga war was over, Brahmdutt received a lot of glory for killing many enemy soldiers. Eventually, when king Asoka chose to walk the spiritual path, Brahmdutt left the highly esteemed army.
However, Brahmdutt chose to go on a journey to the western world. A few years back, he had heard of a Greek invader Alexander who had come all the way to India to conquer the place. He knew that there was a land route to the western world. He set on his journey.
The journey was, no doubt, an arduous one. In those days, there was no concept of an international border. He walked into different kingdoms and tribes in the north. He earned money by doing different occupations like lumbering, masonry, weapon modification systems, and basic ayurvedic treatments.
Brahmdutt carried wooden slates on which he documented his course of events and days passing by. By the time he carved his 200th mark (200 days), it was mid-October. By mid-October, he was somewhere in northwest Russia.
He hunted for food and wore deerskin those days. He journeyed towards a higher altitude, unaware. Soon as the snowfall started, and the temperature went down to minus. Brahmdutt wasn’t used to such cold weather before. The water in the goatskin bag also froze.
Brahmdutt wasn’t also aware of the hunting techniques to hunt animals living in the coldest and hostile part of the world. He went on without food for days. He did munch on snow for water, but that did not quench his thirst. Eventually, after intolerable extreme cold and hunger, he fainted inside a cave.
Nobody knows for how long he remained unconscious. Suddenly he felt hot liquid going down his throat. He slowly gained consciousness. He found himself in a cave, surrounded by 6 women and 2 men. One of the ladies was sitting beside him and feeding him that hot liquid. It was nothing but soup made with melted animal fat.
All the men and women surrounding him possessed an average height of 6 feet. They wore clothing made of sheep or bearskin to keep themselves warm. They belonged to a particular clan, and their castle was 40 miles from that place. In the midway was a village of hostile.
If they went through that village, they would kill the men and use the women as sex slaves. The women said that even they were warriors. But they were no match against the brutal and strong tribesmen who hurled clubs, sledgehammers, or tomahawks.
Brahmdutt decided to help them. He made a few slings from animal skin and taught them to throw aimed slingshots. He collected wood and made bows and arrows out of them. Brahmdutt, along with the women, attacked the tribe in the middle of the night.
Needless to say, Brahmdutt and the women won the small fight. They had bows, arrows, and slingshot, which could kill the tribesmen from a distance. Brahmdutt was taken to the castle where the queen and rest of the clan were worriedly waiting for the ladies to come back.
The queen welcomed Brahmdutt after listening to the stories of his valor and generosity from the ladies. Brahmdutt continued to stay in the castle. Brahmdutt devised a defense mechanism for the castle over the remaining winter. He trained the female army to use slingshots and a few kalarippayattu (style of martial arts) moves.
He kidnapped bear cubs from their hibernation and tamed them to guard the castle. Due to constant feuds with other tribals groups, now there were no strong men left in the kingdom. The few aged men that were left did the household chores, and the females were ministers and warriors.
The queen did marry a prince once. But while coming back to the kingdom, they were attacked by a hostile tribe. The prince was killed, but the queen had managed to escape. The queen has never married since then.
The queen fell in love with Brahmdutt and wanted to have a son from him. This way, children from a healthy man could help the tribe to survive and continue. Brahmdutt politely declined the marriage proposal, but he promised to pass on his genes.
During that time, the queen was having her periods. He got informed of the queen’s menstruation dates and said he would make love when she was in the most fertile state.
One night while Brahmdutt was relaxing in his chamber, his eyes fell on the sky’s full moon. Something struck his mind. He got up and walked towards the royal quarter, wanting to make a sex queen of the ‘Queen.’ The royal chambers were also guarded by female guards, and no men were allowed inside.
Since Brahmdutt was a known face, the guards did not stop him. Brahmdutt entered the royal bed-chamber. The queen was inside a small pool built inside the huge room. The pool was filled with warm water and had flowers floating around.
The queen was sitting naked inside the pool. One of the female guards was massaging her back with a sponge. The queen looked into his eyes, and realizing what he had in mind, she nodded yes. After the queen’s approval, Brahmdutt’s hand went on the animal claw holding the dress around his waist.
Brahmdutt was huge in terms of his size. He was at least 7 feet tall. He had a chiseled body with flat abs and thick wrists and ankles. He had long hair, which he ponytailed with a piece of cloth.  Brahmdutt was of wheatish complexion. Brahmdutt removed the deerskin wrap around his waist and kept it on the floor.
He unknotted his loincloth’s knots and removed it to expose his 7 inches straight and hard dick, which pointed the queen. On seeing completely naked Brahmdutt and the size of his manhood, the queen stood up in the pool in astonishment.
His long and thick dick looked like a python, suddenly emerging out of shrubs of black pubic hair. Under the serpent-like dick hung big and round testicles. The queen was herself 6 feet 5 inches tall. She had blonde hair and absolutely fair skin. She possessed big fleshy buttocks and boobs.
The boobs ended with pink, small, and round nipples. Her pubic hair was also light golden brown like her hair on the head. Surprisingly she kept her pubic hair small and trimmed. Brahmdutt slowly walked towards the pool. The female bodyguard wasn’t supposed to leave. The queen had to be fucked before her.
The queen extended her arms and welcomed Brahmdutt inside the pool. Brahmdutt slowly entered the pool and stood before the queen. They did not know or understand each other’s language. He took the queen in his arms. He kissed the queen on her pink lips.
Brahmdutt sucked the water from her wet pink lips. Brahmdutt made the queen sit back inside the pool and placed himself beside her. Brahmdutt kissed the queen all over her face, neck, and shoulders. Brahmdutt selected one of the boobs and touched it.
He fondled the boob for a while and then kissed the nipple. A current ran down the queen’s body as he took the nipple in his mouth and sucked. The queen had never been seduced by such an erotic and outrageous foreplay before. The female bodyguard was also getting turned on watching Brahmdutt and the queen.
Brahmdutt lifted the queen by her waist and kept her on the side of the pool. Her lower part of the body, including the pussy was still dipped in the water. Brahmdutt parted her legs wider with his hands and went in between them. He sat down on his knees between the queen’s legs.
He slowly moved his head forward and kissed the queen’s pussy. He searched her clits by parting her pubic hair. He then parted the labia a bit with his fingers and inserted his tongue there. The queen arched her back and closed her eyes in pleasure.
Brahmdutt flickered his tongue inside the queen’s pussy. Each touch of his long, slender, and warm tongue sent a current into the queen’s body. She began moaning in pleasure. Even the legs of the female guard were getting weak and trembling as she was increasingly getting turned on.
She sat down on the wet floor and began to undress. She left a strange itch between her thighs. She sucked and lubricated one of her fingers and inserted it in her pussy. She moved her finger to and fro in the pussy, trying to control the itch.
By this time, the queen was lying on her back on the floor with Brahmdutt between her legs. Also, with the tongue, Brahmdutt now inserted his long middle finger inside the queen’s pussy. Queen let out a series of loud moans in pleasure.
Soon the flickering tongue of Brahmdutt got the taste of the queen’s love juices. His finger felt surrounded by the warm juices. Brahmdutt took his fingers out of the wet pussy and put them inside the queen’s mouth. The queen got the taste of her own cum.
Brahmdutt lifted the queen on his arms. He came out of the pool carrying the queen. After taking the flight of pool steps, Brahmdutt was standing right beside the female bodyguard with the queen in his arms. Water dripped down from their bodies on the female guard lying naked.
The female guard placed her head between Brahmdutt’s legs in a way that the water from his dick trickled down in her mouth. She lifted herself and sat down, kneeling in front of Brahmdutt and the queen. Her eyes asked for consent from the queen to allow her to touch Brahmdutt once. The queen nodded in, yes.
The female guard put Brahmdutt’s 7.5 inches dick in her mouth and sucked. She joined her palms and placed them under the scrotal sac of Brahmdutt. His large round testis hung in the scrotal sac under his long thick dick like a fruit. She kissed and sucked the testicles.
After a few minutes of sucking, Brahmdutt stopped her and walked further. He walked towards the queen’s bed that was cushioned with the furs of different Himalayan animals. He placed the queen in the middle of the big round bed. The female guard had also baby crawled to the bed and sat beside them.
Brahmdutt signaled her to get up and sit on the bed by placing the queen’s head between her legs under her pussy. She did that was told. Brahmdutt climbed over the queen with his thighs on either side of the queen’s waist and placed his dick right on the queen’s pussy.
The length of Brahmdutt’s thighs from his knees to his groins were much larger than the diameter of the queen’s waist. He inserted two fingers inside the female guard’s pussy and started moving it to and fro. He bent over the queen’s body and brought his head near to the pussy of the female guard.
He inserted the tip of his tongue inside the pussy of the female guard while his fingers were still inside. The female guard wriggled and moaned in pleasure as Brahmdutt carefully coordinated the movement of his tongue and fingers. Soon the female guard neared an orgasm.
Brahmdutt took his fingers out, placed his hands below the female guard’s hips, and lifted them upward. He held her by the thighs and brought her pussy over the queen’s mouth. Brahmdutt flickered his tongue inside her pussy again to tickle.
He inserted his tongue so deep inside the pussy of the female guard that it touched her g spot. On touching the g spot, the female guard squirted her cum out of her pussy. The female guard’s juices flowed down into the queen’s mouth. The queen slurped the cum like a baby having milk.
Some of the cum fell on the queen’s chin and boobs, which Brahmdutt licked with his tongue. Brahmdutt teased the queen by rubbing his hard dick to her pussy. He lifted her legs in the air and brought them parallel to his shoulders. He placed his dick straight in front of the clit. He pushed his dick inside slowly.
The queen was having sex after 12 long years. After so many years, a dick touched her pussy. The dick was so large that she never knew it existed. With another strong, quick push from Brahmdutt, the dick went straight inside, parting the unexplored portions of her pussy.
Before that day, the queen satisfied her sexual urge in strange ways. She had got cylindrical ice bars made which were not more than 5 inches long and 2 inches wide. She used to insert them inside her pussy and felt the coolness till the ice bar melted completely.
The queen was only supposed to be fucked either by a king or somebody worthy of being a king and protector. Brahmdutt qualified as worthy of being a king and protector. The queen felt a streak of pain arising from the pussy.
Brahmdutt’s huge dick made its way inside her pussy, like a python finding its way in a narrow hole. The pain turned to pleasure after a few repeated thrusts from Brahmdutt. Brahmdutt let go of the queen’s legs and placed his hands below her buttocks.
The queen slowly lowered the legs down on the bed, with her clit tightening around Brahmdutt’s dick. Brahmdutt pushed himself forward into the pussy. He pushed the queen’s buttocks upward, getting her pussy closer to his groins so that his dick could dive into the maximum depth of the pussy.
The queen started moaning loudly in pleasure. The royal chamber echoed with her moans so much that two other maids rushed inside to see what was happening. They stood awestruck watching Brahmdutt fuck their queen with such a huge dick, and that was the reason for her to moan so loudly in pleasure.
Brahmdutt left the hips, placed his hands on her boobs, and squeezed them hard, simultaneously ramming the queen’s pussy with his huge dick. Brahmdutt accelerated the speed of his thrusts while the volume of the queen’s moans grew louder. The queen had her orgasm once again.
In the next moment, Bramdutt embraced the queen tightly and placed his open mouth on her lips that stopped her noisy moans. In that position, his dick was in the deepest region of her pussy. He released his sperm into the queen’s pussy. The warm sperm made its way inside like molten lava flowing down a volcano.
He waited for some time till every drop of his sperm had flowed out into the queen. He withdrew his dick and threw himself on the bed, and tried to relax from the exertion. Both of them were exhausted from the 4 hours of foreplay and sex. The queen rested her head on his chest and snuggled tightly.
They slept naked on the royal bed while the female guard slowly walked away, naked into the adjoining chamber. Brahmdutt fucked the queen regularly for 3 days in different places. Apart from fucking her once again in the royal chamber, he fucked her twice on the roof of the castle under the open sky.
Soon the queen was pregnant and was given the necessary maternity care by the royal maids. Few days before the next snow, she gave birth to twin male children.
Brahmdutt impregnated 15 healthy girls who were provided maternal care at the royal expenditure. They gave birth to 12 boys and 3 girls. This way, the village populated and survived.
At the suggestion of Brahmdutt, the entire clan left the castle and journeyed back towards the southern part, now called India. He married the queen and the 15 women whom he impregnated. They settled in a kingdom on the banks of the Jhelum river and prospered in trading female warriors.
Some of the women proceeded to become bodyguards of queens and princesses of different kingdoms. Brahmdutt’s documented wooded slates were left back in the castle and were damaged by tribes and people who plundered. Brahmdutt himself wanted to stay away from his old identity, so he did not document his story any further.
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