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Hi readers! Extremely sorry for this huge break. I had a lot of things to deal with. Thanks a lot for the comments on my previous story. If you are reading this for the first time, please read the first part to enjoy this completely. So here’s the next part.
After that amazing blowjob from her, I went down and kissed her. I was even kissing a woman for the first time. She had to guide me for a minute or two. But she was impressed at how quickly I learned and even said I was a good kisser. My first sexual compliment from a girl!
I kissed her again, lifted her up, and took her to my bed, kissing all the while. As soon as I put her on the bed, I took off her top. Looking at her in a bra started making my dick hard again. We started licking and biting each other’s neck and ears.
I was enjoying the experience a lot. Then I took off her bra. It took me some time and help from her. Looking at her breasts pop out sent a jerk through my body. I got rock hard again. She started stroking my dick, and I sucked on those tits madly.
“Slow down, tiger! Hehehe,” she giggled. I was so excited I got a little too wild on them. They were so soft and big. I never wanted to leave them. I think I never told you the size. They were huge 38D boobs. Then I moved my right hand down to unbutton her pants.
Slowly I slid my hand inside. Her pussy was so wet and hot I could feel the heat and wetness over her panties. I started rubbing her pussy, she started breathing heavily and let out soft moans.
Then I entered my finger in her vagina. It was so tight. Her eyes rolled up, and she shivered as my fingers entered her. I have long fingers, and she once told me jokingly that my girlfriend will be so lucky. I never thought that it’s gonna be her.
I fingered her pussy for some time at full speed and made her cum on my fingers. I could feel the juices flowing inside. After some time, I took off my clothes and her pants. Both of us were completely naked now. I went to eat her pussy.
I had never done it before. But I watched it in many porn movies. So I tried doing the same. I licked and bit her thick and soft thighs before eating her pussy. Then I started flicking her clit with my tongue. She was now moaning heavily and pushing my head inside.
She wrapped her legs around my shoulders and was rocking her hips. I knew she was about to cum. I grabbed her thighs to hold her down and made my tongue movements faster. Her grip tightened, it made it hard for me to breathe, but I didn’t stop.
“I’m cumming!” she said and came on my face while squirming in my hands. It took her a minute or two to reel back from that orgasm. She looked at me and said, “Oh my god! I loved it. You are so good.” Making her cum so hard made me a little proud of myself.
I always fantasized about a tit-job and asked if she would do it. She agreed readily. I climbed on top of her, spit on her tits, and placed my cock in between. It was a great feeling to fuck her tits. I went on for some time. Then she told me to put it inside her as her pussy was aching for it now
I positioned myself on top of her and brought my hard cock near her wet pussy. I rubbed over it her clit a few times to tease her. “Stop that! Put it in now!” she almost begged. She was getting hornier every second. I pushed it inside slowly.
As it was my first time, I had some difficulty going in. It was hurting a little bit too. But the tight grip of her hot pussy was giving me immense pleasure. I finally entered a woman and lost my virginity. What a wonderful feeling it was!
At first, I was moving in and out very gently, enjoying each and every thrust. When the pain eased out, I increased my speed. She was again moaning heavily. But I had to be careful about the neighbors as our windows are very close. They might hear her moans. So I kissed her to stop the sounds.
She was moving her hips in rhythm with my motion. After some time, she asked me to do it doggy style. She turned around. Oh my god! That thick as in the air was such a treat to watch. I pushed my dick inside her started fucking hard. I always had a fantasy of pulling hair.
So I grabbed her hair and started fucking harder. She liked it very much. I was having a hard time holding back my orgasm. Her pussy was also getting tighter. I increased my pace again. After a few fast strokes, both of us had a shuddering orgasm with loud moans. Both of us were breathing heavily.
I laid down beside her and kissed her gently. It was a great session, and surprisingly I lasted for two hours. I was still rubbing and playing with her boobs. Like any other man, I just didn’t want to leave them.  While I did that, she kept rubbing on my dick, and I got hard again.
We had sex once more before she had to leave for her train. I went to the station with her. Before the train left she promised me, we will have a lot of fun when she comes back!
This was my first ever sexual encounter. I hope you liked it. We did a lot of things after that which I will tell you in my next stories
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