Unexpected Cuckolding in Ooty

Hello friends. My name is Adhiraj and my wife’s name is Pallavi. My age is 32 years and my wife’s age is 27. We live in Faridabad. We are happily married since 2 years.Let me tell you about ourselves. I am a 5 feet 9 inch tall guy with athletic body and wheatish skin tone. Sharing our intimate and sensual desi sex story in Hindi and English about Indian Cuckold experience with all of you.

My wife Pallavi is a very gorgeous woman ;she is 5 feet 6 inch tall with a very fair skin tone and a voluptuous body with figure 32-26-34.I am a businessman and my wife is a housewife.

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So,now coming to the this amazing Story .

Since our marriage we had a great sex life ,we enjoyed a lot , did almost everything we can in every pose. But one thing was there that I was always excited about and that’s cuckolding. It used to bring thrills down my spine. Cuckolding porn videos used to excite me a lot .

Slowly I started getting obsessed with the idea to see my wife with other man having pleasure. I  started showing cuckolding porn videos to my wife .

First she was very much shocked to see such videos,she said that it’s so filthy.

This even excited me to an upper level.

But I always used to tease her by saying that “Darling you would look so hot with other man,just imagine”.

To this she always ignored me but there was always a bit of smile on her face.

I knew that slowly my plan is working.

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Then i started reading cuckold sex stories with her and used to do role-play, she agreed for this. Our sex life was now to a new level and we had great pleasures during sex. I read multiple articles about cuckolding and hot wife experiences. I came to know a lot about it.

But as much I read these articles, blogs, stories I was getting more excited and impatient to experience it in reality.

Though Pallavi was reluctant and shy about such stuffs but she enjoyed the role-play. I even thought of getting in with some local guys over tumblr ; but it was way too risky.

So,I dropped the plan of cuckolding and our lives went on back to the normal as usual.

Few months later in December we decided to go on an holiday trip to ooty .

Ooty is known for it’s beauty within nature, a very beautiful hill station in south India and a true paradise for nature lovers. So,on the planned date we arrived at the place in our hotel. Our trip was for 5 days. We checked into our hotel room. It was a nice 3-star hotel.

After checking in ,we got fresh and then we went to explore ooty. This continued for 2 days. On the third days as we were back from our tour and we were having our dinner in the restaurant lobby in our hotel, there came a group of guys , who seemed to be like they were on a business meet.

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They too were having their dinner. So,we continued our meal. My wife Pallavi was wearing black hot pants and a blue top; she was looking hot, luscious, tempting , a real fantasy of every guy.

One man among those guys was continuously staring at Pallavi and he was smiling and passing gestures.

Pallavi didn’t knew it but I caught him, so mocking her I said that it seems that the guy sitting over there seems too much interested in you. To which she just glanced at the guy a bit and then turned to me and laughed and said that it’s my mistake.

But I was sure that he was staring at Pallavi only.

So,after the dinner we went back to our room. But the fantasy of cuckolding arose in me once again.

So, I decided to heat up the moment.

I asked Pallavi to have role-play sex of that guy tonight , to which she agreed.

It was as great sex that night and the emotions of cuckolding were at extremes.

Then we slept.

The next morning I went to have tea in the lobby. It was around 7:45 AM. There i saw that guy sitting waiting to have breakfast or tea.

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The devil in my mind stated plundering erotic thoughts.

So I decided to take advantage of the situation.

Also at that time not much people were in the lobby since it was early morning.

I rushed back to my room and told Pallavi that the guy we saw last night is sitting in the lobby.

I requested her to go there and sit normally and if the guy approaches her then just talk normally to him or else leave it. She was very hesitant and shy but after a lot of persuasion she agreed.

She wore her beautiful black colored salwar suit.

She was looking gorgeous and then went in the lobby and ordered breakfast.

As she was waiting for the breakfast , that guy again saw her and he was stunned to see my wife in desi attire, he again started passing gestures and smiling looking at her.

To,this she also reciprocated positively and smiled/blushed a bit.

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