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Hi friends, I am Neena. I am 30 and like to read Literotica Sex Story, Indian sex stories and Mastram sex story on Desibahu.com.

I am Single & work in one of the most beautiful 5 star hotel in Delhi as Manager. It’s a wonderful & rare thing to be a lady in Delhi and command a team of 400 people. It’s rather unusual because of the conservative middle class background that I hale from.

I grew up in a small city in Haryana in a joint family. We were all together 23 family members out of which 13 were we children. There was nothing noticeable about me till 13. 13 to 18 was the period I turned from a little kid to a beautiful girl.

One of our family friends, was a Doctor Couple. They were very close to my mom and dad. Their daughter Sonia and me studied together throughout our schooling. We were both good all rounder but not very good at studies. Sonia found out about this Hotel Management course at a premier institute at Delhi. Her parent agreed immediately. Now it was my turn to convince my parents. At the outset, the proposal was immediately rejected, which was as expected. I pursued the case with my parents for a while. After a lot of deliberation, arguments and discussion with all my uncles and aunts, finally they agreed. I believe they could also see the changing times and wanted their daughter to be independent.

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Being in a small town, I was always in a shell of protection. Never moved around a lot with friends. Of course – No Boys. I could see my body turning into an eye turner figure. My chest turned into 34 size breast by 18. I still remember getting my first bra at 15. I was so excited wearing them. In fact I wanted the whole world to know, I was wearing my first bra.. lol.

Since my periods had started at 13 itself, the woman in me was growing at a rather faster pace. I would love to watch romantic lustful movies, whenever I and Sonia were alone at her home. My parents never objected to my spending nights at their place for studies.

Whenever I watched a lip kiss scene in an English movie, I would get a strange feeling under my stomach (It was my vagina). I would get all wet in my pussy. It would leek to an extent of getting my panty all wet. Sometimes we saw movie while going to bed. We would be sleeping in her room while watching the movie. I would just put on the sheet and slowly take my hand onto my cunt and rub there gently.

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I don’t remember when exactly I experienced my first orgasm, but I am sure, It must have been one of these during movie – cunt rubbing sessions. Just imagine A cute fair girl, 5.5 height, 30 – 24 – 30, 16 yr old rubbing her pussy covered in small brown hair and cuddling her own soft breasts, sometimes sliding my hand into my top from below and playing with my own small nipple. Ah, dick raising experience for the readers, I am sure.

Coming back to my situation of moving to Delhi for my course in hotel management. I just couldn’t believe my destiny. I was now in the capital, completely free. I felt like a free bird, like a butterfly that just came out of cocoon. My joy had no bounds.

2.5 yrs of training passed every quickly. It was fun to be trained in various aspects of managing a Hotel. Not everything was as interesting and enjoyable as seems from outside, but then no complaints. There was a big change in my personality. I changed from a small town girl to smart city girl. I kept my Punjabi suits for home visits exclusively. I wore skin hugging jeans and knee length skirts with short tops. I just loved the effect I had on boys around me.

It was my last 6 months of practical training with one of the 5 stars out here. I remember it was the month of Jan, pretty cold here. I was supposed to take care of housekeeping at the rooms.

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At hotels, we have all sort of guest Indian and Imported ones. There are people who are traveling with their families for leisure and there and business executives traveling for work. Specifically the last segment is the one who we see most often. I adore them a lot as most of them are smart, intelligent, hardworking individuals trying their best to meet their ambitious goals in life. One such Guest was Mr.Arya. He was an entrepreneur in early thirties. He belonged to Pune in Maharashtra and would frequently visit Delhi for his work. He was smart, elegant, courteous, soft spoken (Something which is always missing in Most of the people I met here.) Since he visited every 15 days and stayed with us, most of out hotel staff new him. He had this very wonderful habit of remembering everyone’s name. That helped him become the most respected of all.

I was told about him by one of our senior Ms.Sheela. She was like one of his most ardent fan. In his second trip, in my presence, I was introduced to him. Since I was looking after housekeeping, he was supposed to inform me, in case he has any problems in that segment.

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