Getting personal with my Teacher

Hello friend my name is Shalu and I am 21 years girl from Jaipur. I am horny kind of girl and have always craved for more and more sex in my life. I have been reading sucksex stories for some time now and thought of sending my real life incident here too. This is about my sex with teacher who was young and dynamic kind of person. Before I go ahead with the story let me tell you about him.

Amit sir was new recruitment in our college and was below 30 years of age. He was about 6 feet tall and had nice built. He started his lessons in Art and I was kind of attracted towards him from very first day. And to see him from close I used to go to him with created doubts. Amit sir used to clear all my doubts whenever I had gone to him. He always looked at me and gave nice smile. And I would walk with more energy when he would look at me. I somehow wanted to have sex with teacher Amit.

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Slowly me and amit sir started to have sweetness in our relation. I used to speak with him in library as well. Sir would smile at me just like a young boy.

And one fine day I asked sir if she has girlfriend or not?

Amit sir: Why do you ask that?

Me: Because I wanted to see if someone is lucky enough or not.

He smiled and looked at me. I stared at him with lots of love in my eyes. And he exploded.

Amit sir: Do you think you can be lucky?

I acted: What?

Amit sir: Would you like to be my girlfriend?

I looked around and said, why are you joking with me sir.

Amir sir: I am not joking I am serious.

Me: He he he, sir who would say no to you.

Amit sir: if you want you can say no.

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I smiled and ran from there. From that day me and Amit sir started our relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend and not as teacher student. Amit sir stayed in an apartment on sharing basis with some of his friends. Sometimes I used to go there and chit chat with him and his friends.

I still remember that date, it was 2nd july and rain was pouring outside. Amit sir was all alone at his apartment when I reached there. He was wearing a pajama when he opened the door for me. I could not take my eyes away from his dick area. It was all aroused. He must have been watching or reading porn. He was kind of ashamed when I stared at his dick. I went in and he closed the door behind me. I sat on sofa and he brought water for me. I could not resist myself and asked, what were you doing?

Amit sir: nothing special!

Me: But your pajama says you were doing something special all alone!

Hearing this he could not control himself and hugged me tightly. My boobs were poking in his chest and he touched them with his hands. My tits were tight and nipples were hard like anything. Amit sir slowly put his hands on my thighs and started massaging there. My pussy was getting warm due to those touches, sir was making me aroused. I was running towards my first sex with teacher.

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Sir now opened hi pajama and took out his manhood. Wow, that dick was clean shaved and shining. Just like sir, it was fair in color and its head was red in color due to erection. I took it in my hand and gave a little shake. Sir moaned with pleasure and his hands were on my pussy now. Sir massaged it and then made me nude. I was feeling shy after my bra was removed. As he pulled my panty down; I placed my hand on my pussy. Sir slowly removed my hand and had a look at my pussy.

Amit sir: Your pussy is so nice darling, can I eat it?

Me: Do whatever you want sir.

Amit sir planted a kiss on my pussy which gave me shiver in my body. Sir slowly inserted his finger in my pussy and started fucking me with his little finger only. Sir was smelling his finger and licking it after 4-5 strokes. Looking him doing so made me more and more aroused. Sir now pushed me in bed and parted my legs. He now climbed on top of me and started licking my pussy. Wow, it felt so great and I could not control myself. I pulled his head on my pussy more and more.

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After licking my pussy for about 2 minutes; amit sir stood up and prepared himself for sex. He climbed on top of me placed his dick on my pussy. With one push he made me feel like a woman. That dick was entering and exiting my pussy rubbing it nicely. I was moaning and sir kept on fucking me for 2 more minutes. He did not last longer that day; and after brief episode of sex he ejaculated in my pussy only.

That warmth of cum made me more hornier and I hugged sir. Sir slowly took out his cock and that movement made me cum too! Sir cleaned my pussy by one more round of licking by him. After he had cleaned it; we went to bathroom and cleaned ourselves.

My first sex with teacher was really awesome and I still cherish it. In my 3 years of college; Amit sir fucked me regularly. After my college days were over; I forgot him and his love and lust.

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That was obvious as my boss started fucking me in my first job. I will write about that for you guys soon too.Stay tuned.

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