The Challenge

Hi, desi sex story readers this is my third imaginative sex story. I am writing this unreal story for just to attract women near Patna.

Rajesh was residing with his wife Rakhi in a flat in a very good apartment in Patna. Rajesh is in a government Job and married to Rakhi 12 years back. Rajesh is handsome man of 34 years and Rakhi is sexy lady of 32. Even having son of 6 years she is looking very sexy. Rajesh and Rakhi is enjoying sex in every possible manner. Before fucking Rakhi Rajesh first sucks her nipple over her blouse, bites it and crush her boobs of 34 inches.

After that Rakhi says to Rajesh darling today you have not lip locked me. At once Rajesh lip locked her and their tongues explore each other. Simultaneously Rajesh crushes her bums. After this Rajesh removes her Saree and licks from cleavage to deep hole in stomach. The depth and curves are equal to pussy. Then Rajesh slowly slowly kisses her toe extends his lips to thigh and then contours of vagina.

Rakhi then un knot her Petticoat and raises her bums. Rajesh without wasting time removes the petticoat. Simulateously Rakhi opens her hooks of blouse and raises her hand and removes it. After that she put her palms on Rajesh head and says oh baby kiss my pussy.Rajesh kisses the pussy over her panty. At the same time Rakhi says you do not taste my upper part darling. Rajesh was mesmerized by semi nude upper part deep cleavage and pointing nipples.

He licks from pussy upwards reaches to cleavage. Rakhi has fully controlled her hubby between her thigs and removed her pajams. Menwhile Rajesh is busy in removing the Bra after unhooking it. He started sucking the pink nipple. Rakhi has now removed his undergarments and pushing it down by using her feet. She also held his 6 inches pole.

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Rajesh is engaged in sucking boobs while Rakhi is encouraging it. She said baby I have opened my legs. Rajesh just came over her and adjusted his pole over the pussy hole and pushed it. She said Ahh Darling fuck me harder my baby. Rajesh again pushed deeper deeper deeper aahhhhhh and he cummed. Rakhi should not have done that. Rakhi is beautiful but after twelve years of fucking her boobs are now sagged and its tightness has gone.

The vagina is no longer tight. Still she is under impression that she is the most beautiful among neighbours.Once during chit chat she told to Padma a 26 years neighbour that she has fully controlled her husband. Her husband can not be seduced as she has fully satisfied her and fully traped Rakesj between her thighs. Padama a young beauty said its not possible, males can be seduced easily. The chit chat became serious and Rakhi has taken challenge. The coming Sunday they have decided.

In Sunday evening Rakhi excused her self for going to Temple. Instead she reached to Padma’s flat. Padma looking very hot in white shirt and skirt first time Rakhi has compared her boobs with Padma. Padma smiles and seductively walked towards Rakhi”s flat. The time in the clock is 6.30 pm. The bell rang Rajesh thought Rakhi has came back. When he opens he saw her young neighbour Padma. Sir, May I come in. Yes of course.

Sir. Don’t tell me Sir, say me Rajesh. Ok said Padma with smile. Rajesh my TV is not working shall I watch a movie on your TV. Where is Rakhi and She entered the flat pushing Rajesh. Rajesh has never tasted other woman and this is first time he was little bit attracted towards the beauty of Padma. She is young with perfect tight boobs of 36 bigger then her wife with deep cleavages reflecting from shirt.

The movie is hot and Rajesh just excused Padma and said I am going to take shower, please be comfortable. Padma said Ok is any thing to drink. Rajesh saw her and first time Padma saw her with seducing eyes in the freeze. Padma took a bottle of beer from the freeze and poured in two glasses. She without hesitating entered Rajesh bedroom. Rajesh is standing in towel after taking shower.

The upper part is nude with lot of hair. Padma just came from behind and hugged Rajesh she just mover her hand on his chest. Rajesh for a movement was in dreams and a beauty of younger then his wife has just made him uncontrolled. But some how he pushed her and said what are you doing. He just started to leave. Padma at once opened her shirt and skirt. She is looking very hot and sexy in yellow gown. Wait Rajesh, See back!

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The steps stopped at once. He looked back the beautiful seductive eyes the juicy lips. The prominent boob’s uncoverd in yellow gown, the transparet clot reflects black 1 inches nipple. The big white thighs and a seductive smile, Come on baby don’t loose chance. I am tighter then your wife. Show your power men. Slowly slowly Rajesh moved toward Padma when he reached Padma.

Padma pushed him on bed and took control. She opened the towel opened his undergarments. Kissed the tips of penis. Nice Pole said. Padma. Rajesh is now under her control. After few minutes both are nude. Rajesh has just put her penis on pussy hole. At this instant Padma stopped and called to Rakhi. Come on baby your hubby is between my thighs in 30 minutes. Come and watch. Rajesh unheard this and pushed aaahhhh.

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