Black beauty Sangita

Hello fellas!.. I am Sam from pune. I m an engineer but running own business. I m 28 yrs old. I am a frequent on and like to read maid servant sex stories and other sex stories related Indian Wife, Indian Mom, Group sex and visit quite often too. I am living with parents. As we live in 2 BHK flat, I have my own bedroom. I m 6.1″ ft tall. I have 8″ inch long cock. My dad is central govt officer so he is mostly on tours and out of the city. He visits us on weekends. My mom is Bank employee.

The heroine of this story is our maid Sangita. She is 34 years old and She is black. She has curvy figure worth dying for. Her stats are 34D-28-36. Her ass is round like football. She is 5.6″ ft tall. She has two kids and second one is mine.

This happened 7 years ago. When I was 21 and she was 27. At the beginning I had no any bad intention or crush for her. It was Diwali. I had time to enjoy myself and used to watch videos on my laptop. One day my friends sent me some links which were from a porn site.

I opened them and watched. At the end I found the link of YouTube which is of Dehati bhabhi. It was about how the maid seduces his owner and makes him fuck her.

I thought about my buxom maid, Sangita. I was alone so I closed my laptop and went to bathroom and masturbated thinking of her that day.

From next day, I started thinking about a plan to seduce her and fuck her to my satisfaction.

Next morning mom left for work at 9:30 am. I was thinking about Sangita. The door bell was rang. I came to my senses and opened the door. Sangita was at the door wearing yellow saree and white blouse. I was stunned to see her boobs.

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She said ” what are you looking at ?

I replied nothing.

She entered the house and went to kitchen to wash utensils. I followed her there. I was admiring her beauty. I came back to my room and watched new videos of maid and went to bathroom and started masturbating thinking of her.

She entered my room to take my cloth for washing. I had no idea that she was in. I increased my speed of masturbating calling her name. She heard and came to bathroom and was shocked to see me masturbating calling her name. I was too busy with my cock and didn’t notice her looking at me.

Suddenly she said ” what are you doing Sam?, I would tell this to your mom”.

I got scared and stopped masturbating. She went to gallery to put all cloths in washing machine. I followed her there asking to forgive me. She didn’t say anything. I got more scared.

I pleaded” I will do whatever you want me to do, please just to tell Mom or Dad about this”.

She looked at me and smiled.

I got normal.

She said ” Come with me”, and took me to my room.

I asked,”what do you want?”

Sangita sat on the bed and asked,”where did you learn this?”

I retorted,”From Porn movies, I got some links from my friends”.

She asked me to show her what I was watching. I was stunned somewhat, but she insisted.

I reluctantly, took my laptop and played some videos and was about to leave, when she said, “where are you going? You have to watch it with me”.

I nodded and sat beside her. She was enjoying the video. I got more closer to her and put my hand on her waist from behind. She gave me an angry look. But I didn’t remove my hand and started rubbing her back.

She smiled at me and asked ” Do you like me?”.

I said,”yes. I like you.”

She looked in my eyes and asked,” what do you like the most in me ?”

I sensed something. Maybe she was not angry and more of looking for a fuck now. I said” I like you big boobs and round ass, but they are covered so don’t get to see them fully nude”.