Great Tolly Celebs

Hello Friends, Thanks for your responses on my earlier Bangla Choti Golpo & Erotic sex stories. It’s a multi chapter basis Bengali celeb saga based on famous bengali (Bangla) imaginative actresses, singers, players, news-readers etc with the title ‘Great Bengali Celebs’ 1st story is Bhaiphonta, 2nd is Nude scenes in film, 3rd is Kidnapped actresses, 4th is Great Bengali Celebs and 5th part is Tolly Celebs.I guess, you enjoy all, now It’s sixth part.)

The famous celebrity Banerjee family is very happy today because Smt. Locket Banerjee became selected as the best heroine in Bengalee film this year for her superb acting in the religious fIlm ” Pujarini “.For this great achievement, her only son Noel & bouma Koel threw a gala party to celebrate it.

All prominent celebrities related to Tollygung film industry were invited there. Noel Banerjee is a big film producer-director and his wife, beautiful and sexy Koel Banerjee is a famous film actress. So they invited mostly the famous film actresses, actors, producers, directors etc.

Among them was the ever sexy & horny Bengali hearthrob Smt. Rupa Chatterjee. She is 49 now, but still is the epitome of a Bengali khanki (whore). All Bengali male dream about touching her big tits and fucking her in the ass. All Bengali female dream about being as sexy as she is.

Everybody in the party were very sexily dressed up. There were lot of partially open tits, bouncing asses clearly visible through semi-transparent sarees,few unshaved armpits which these actresses proudly displayed whenever they can. But out of evrybody, Locketdebi and his Sasurima Indranidebi looked the sexiest to Noel , the 27 yrs old son of Banerjee family.

Indranidebi was wearing a green low necked shalowar kamiz without any dopatta, a long pendant earring which is now fashion, light lipstick on her juicy lips, a blueish shade in her contact lenses and a 4 inch high heel. When she walked her rather big tits were creating so much waves that the male members were forced to ogle her with their eyes.

Noel’s 48 years old mother Locketdebi was in a sexier dress. She is very pretty as her Bean ( mother-in-law of son Noel ) Indranidebi. Even at this age, her figure is shapely. She is fleshy , but that’s because Locketdebi thinks too slim is not sexy. She is slightly plumper than slim like all those new model girls and a layer of fat on her belly or a relatively larger boobs than usual with enormously huge ass makes her far sexier.

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Tonight, Ranjitbabu’s sister Rupadebi was wearing a red katan saree with black blouse. The blouse is sleeveless, the small cloth the blouse maker saved by providing only very little amount of cover for her cleavage and back. All half of her buttery fair smooth boobs were visible through it.

And at the back, Rupadebi had only a thin line like a bra has, the rest of the back was exposed. The creamy fair skin at her back and shoulder was enough to make many guests to go to the bathroom for an immediate jack off.

In fact, at one point even the sexy mature Bengalee heroine Indranidebi noticed how sexy Rupadebi was looking at the party. So Indranidebi put a hand on Rupadebi’s bare shoulder and said, “ooff, Rupadi you have such a fair and smooth skin, even I find a hard time holding myself back from putting my tongue on them.”

Rupadebi was clearly flattered by her boudi’s remark. She only replied, “And I have difficult time to grasp how sexy you look yourself tonight.”
and they started laughing.

At one corner of the party, Noel was with his Sasurmasai Ranjitbabu and the adibasi cook-servant Kalu. All of them have fucked recenly Koel & Indranidebi for blue film shooting and they were discussing about it in a lower voice. As a result they are very free among them and whatever they have in mind they speak freely.

Kalu had a big hard on, so Noel asked, “Which lady has waken your monster today Kalu ? I bet it is Sasurmasai’s khanki sister Rupadebi. Oh God, she is such a whore.”

Kalu just smiled at it and protested, “No, it is not your Sasurmasai’s sister tonight. It is your mother Locket Memsaheb. Uff, such a sexy figure. My cock just sprung like a rabbit seeing her walking by this morning. I hope I could just ram my 10 inch cock into your mother’s wet cunt.”

Noel nodded by saying, “I know my mother is a slut. She likes to see her fans have hard on imagining her. But it is not her I am thinking today. Rupa aunty is far sexier than my mother. If you can see Rupa aunty in nude , I’m sure you would ram your big cock in her cunt as well.”

Now Ranjitbabu said, “Right you are Noel ,but today your mother looks like a great beshya magi. Almost as good as my sister Rupa Chatterjee. My sister is sexy, but not even close to your mother. Ooff, my cock is talking now.”