Mansi goes window shopping

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Let’s continue with the story now.

After we got back from our Vacation from Mahabaleshwar, Mansi became more indulged in fashion and wanted to try new outfits. She asked me about it. I knew she was more interested in getting fucked by strangers than trying new clothes. I gave her my consent. She can try and buy clothes she wants. I gave her Ten thousand rupees for her shopping.

She kissed me with joy and said she will go shopping the next day.

I smiled. She was either too dumb or was acting like one. She thought I had fallen for her fake words. What she didn’t knew was I had put in a few miniature cameras, which I got a chance to buy in Mumbai, in the sockets of her purse. I had bought 4 of them. One in front, right below the lock , one at back near the handle, and 2 to either sides. So her purse-bag have cameras of all 4 sides. The shop owner had promised HD recording and I had tested it before putting it in her purse.

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A naked eye can never see it. It blend well with the black-gray color of her purse and heaving designs and american diamonds for show-off.

Anyways, we slept that night.

Next morning, I made sure everything was Ok and left for office as usual. Day went by too quickly as I was too busy with my work and other things. I had forgotten about Mansi and her escapades. They came to me when I got home. She was not there yet. I found the front door locked.

Good thing, I had a spare key. I got it and went on to take a hot bath. Later I made some tea and sat down on sofa watching a movie. After around 2 hours, Mansi came. She opened the door with puzzled look and dashed into the bedroom without a word. Her hair was a bit messy. I knew she had an adventure I would soon get to see on my Laptop.

She didn’t talk much, had quick dinner and went to sleep. It was 10 p.m. She was sleeping like a baby. I removed her robe and saw marks on her ass. They were big. Slap-marks to be precise. Also her pussy was red and swollen, while her ass had some blood on it. Her back had bite marks and boobs appeared even reddish.

I smiled. She was ravaged by bulls. I should have a good look at what she was upto.

After making sure she was sound asleep, I removed all cameras and went to the Living room. I took my Laptop and went to terrace. I wanted utmost privacy with this. I took my headphones too.

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Once I was on the terrace, I removed all the SD cards and moved all videos files to Laptop. Then I plugged the cameras to Laptop again. Let them get charged for Mansi’s next adventure.

Once all the files were moved to a local folder on the Laptop, I arranged and played them.

Video started. I had already left for office. Mansi got nude and went to take a bath. After some time she came naked, dripping wet in the bedroom and wiped herself. She looked like a goddess. All nude, with pubic hairs, big breasts and curvy but big ass. She wore a long gown dress. She didn’t wear any panties or bra, which looked familiar to me. She had started not wearing any undergarments lately.

Got her makeup done, took the purse and left. She was in a hurry. Wonder what she had to catch!

After that, she stopped a rickshaw and told him to drop her at Kamal Market, near Main bazaar. Kamal market is know for good tailors, clothes and food. The rickshaw dropped at a shop and left. She got down and went into the shop. The shop’s name was Ahmed Pathan Tailors. She wanted another muslim cock, I guess.

I saw her going in and asking a middle again man to sew her some Tops and skirts.