Great Tolly Celebs – Part 3

Hello Friends, Thanks for your responses on my earlier Bangla Choti Golpo & Bengali sex stories. It’s a multi chapter basis Bengali celeb saga based on famous bengali (Bangla) imaginative actresses, singers, players, news-readers etc with the title ‘Great Bengali Celebs’ 1st story is Bhaiphonta, 2nd is Nude scenes in film, 3rd is Kidnapped actresses, 4th is Great Bengali Celebs , 5th part is Tolly Celebs ,6th part is Great Tolly Celebs and 7th part is Great Tolly Celebs – Part 2..  I hope you enjoyed all, now It’s eighth part.)

The 3rd blue film made by the famous Bengali Banerjee family as the title ” Sati-Saddhir Biye ” in which the leading heroine was top matured Tollygung actress cum politician Mrs Locket Banerjee. As expected, it became a block-buster hit not only in Arab countries, where a huge crush for Bengali actress’s blue films were existed but in India also, it’s demand increases day by day.

In India, top 6 five star hotels with strict secrecy, arranged to show these types of Indian famous actresses’s xxx porn films for high class personalities only, with huge amount of money. Not only the Bengalee actresses’s blue film, but bhojpuri, hindi & south-indian top actresses’s latest blue movies were showed in these hotels.

Characters of this story :-
1. Smt Rupa Dutta, 48 yrs, height 5’7″ with 62 kg weight, Bengalee film actress cum politician, wife of Mr Rajat Dutta.
2. Mr.Rajat Dutta, 49 yrs, average height & weight, Govt. Employee, husband of Mrs Rupa Dutta, 9″ penis.
3. Rituparna Dutta, 25 yrs, height 5’8″ with 58 kg weight, Bengalee film actress, wife of Rajesh Dutta.
4. Rajesh (Raju) Dutta, average height and weight, business man, husband of Rituparna Dutta, 10″ penis.
5. Crew members as Mrs Locket Banerjee, her son Noel Banerjee and her Beaimasai Ranjit Chatterjee.

All these incidents inspired another Bengalee actress Mrs Rupa Dutta also, who is a sister cum second wife of Bengalee famous actor Mr. Ranjit Chatterjee. After seeing her closest friend Locketdebi’s blue film, all the inhibitions regarding blue film acting were fully abolished from her.

With tremendous demand for actual incest blue film, Locketdebi requested her friend to act with her family members. But just like a normal Bengalee housewife, Rupadebi also felt ashamed to act in porn film with her own family members. But the alluring cash & her open minded modern bouma Rituparna’s convinces, removed the hindrances.

That day Noel discussed the subject matter of the blue film with Rupadebi & her other family members and explained the details of the film. All of them listened with great egarness, as it would be their first porn-film acting and at the same time, they became tremendous excited to think about the fucking among themselves.

As for the theme, Locketdebi’s husband Rajatbabu was outside for office job and her bouma Rituparna was also outside for her film shooting. The family drawing-room of Rupadebi was beautifully decorated to design it a middle-class family.

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Rupadebi waited for her dearest son Rajesh Dutta. She wore a light printed synthetic white saree and a matching sleeveless blouse. She was 48 years old actress cum politician and was still a sex-bomb in the Tollygung film industry. She had big boobs of 40″ size, broad hips and a big and fat butt.

She was big and a little plump. One thin layer of belly flab created her sexy waist more exciting. Her lips were long and her cheeks were slightly chubby. Her lightly plump figure could turn on any guys easily and her fans longed to fuck her long and hard. In reality Mrs. Rupa Dutta loved young big cocks and loved to fuck all day and night.

Rupadebi’s sleeveless blouse showed her smooth and plump arms and her armpits were carpeted with small & smooth curly jet-black hair. Rupadebi relaxed on the chair and enjoying the old Mahabharat serial on TV in which she acted as Draupadi in that super-hit serial.

Seeing her young look-up, she felt proud that she still maintained not only her beauty, but her sexiness has increased more than her young-age. The automatic cameras that were controlled by software revolved around her luscious body capturing every inch of it.

Rajesh entered the drawing-room and did Pranam to her respected mother by touching her feet and kissed her soft lips , ” where is Ritu, I feel horny mamoni “.

Kissing her dearest son Rupadebi told, ” Bouma is still in her shooting, will you mind, if I help you sona?”

” Oh Yeah, mamoni I love that more as I always have sex with Ritu, imagining your sexy body, but how is it possible! You are my own mother ,” Rajesh said in a confusing manner and looked at his mother’s bushy haired armpits.

” I know that, but as a mother I can’t bear your distress. Not only that, according to me, it will create a stronger affection between you & me” Rupadebisaid explained.
” Oh! Mamoni, you are so sweet & sexy, I love you very much”released from doubtness, Rajesh said.
” I love you also sona but I am too old sona ” smiled Rupadebi.

” No mamoni, if you are old, why the people ogle you more than Ritu? you have enough fans who jacked off fantasising your beautiful & sexy figure, if you weren’t my mamoni, I would marry you”,saying this Rajesh embraced her mother & kissed her juicy lips again.

” I also felled in love with you also one year ago observeing your fucking with bouma and prays to God so that I can get you as a husband in my next life”, emotional Rupadebi also embraced her son
tightly and started kissing passionately with rubbing her body.