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Hey Friends, Akki here, and I am back with my fourth story. I hope you enjoyed my ‘Lockdown Bangbang With Girlfriend’s Sister.’ This is the other real incident about a Tinder hookup which happened in November 2019.
Last year, my girlfriend and I were fighting a lot over silly issues. Hence we reduced our weekly and monthly meetings for our action. I decided to find some more alternatives to have fun. She already knew that I am an active guy and will get on with someone, and she didn’t mind that anyway.
Though I am not a big fan of OKC or Tinder, I started using Tinder to check how it goes. Soon, I had connected with a few ladies. Usually, huge married ladies were trying to have some chat fun and nothing in real action.
I met a couple of them for a handjob or blowjob in the car or just non-penetrative type ladies. Someone who loves to have complete action will never be happy with these half actions.
Then in November, I got lucky on Tinder when I met Darsha. She was a fun-loving Delhite living in Mumbai and working in one of the banks. She was an open-minded girl, living alone in Mumbai and ready for a fun time. We got connected, and she promptly shared her number. We started chatting on Whatsapp.
We decided to meet during one of her working days at a restaurant near her office for lunch in the next 2 days. Since it was very clear that she was looking for only crazy sex, it was easier to directly get into the topic. We met at a Café.
She was a plump girl with huge thighs and a huge ass. Her boobs were also matching in size, and she was looking like a crazy BBW. I never had fucked someone so fat ever. I was interested in exploring how does it feel to fuck someone so huge.
We chatted for an hour. She said that she had resigned and this would be her last few days in the office. She wanted to find a new job, or she will have to go back to Delhi to her home, and she did not want to do that. She said that she will have no freedom to meet and fuck with guys if she goes back home.
In Mumbai, she was into every weekend fun. She shared she loved to suck and had experienced everything like threesome, group fun, and swap. She was very keen to get gangbanged with 4-5 guys at a time. I loved to hear her fantasies and her experience in our first meeting itself.
We discussed how she likes to suck and drink up the cum, various positions, and what with the guys. I told her that we have an opening for an intern in my team for the next 2 months. She can take up that job until she finds a new job. In that way, she can be in Mumbai, and we can also plan our stuff.
We then discussed how interns are also required to be on the field for marketing. Hence we can plan our time out anytime we want. Since she was in dire need, she immediately agreed to the same.
I set up her interview with my company the very next day. Through my reference, she was selected as she was supposed to work with me and was asked for immediate joining.
It was really funny that a week since on Tinder, I connected with her, and here she was sitting in my office. We were chatting on WhatsApp during our working time and passing comments on each other. We would meet and kiss during lunch break and washroom breaks, or I would press her boobs.
Unfortunately, we could not plan the night outs or take an off to go someplace to fuck due to some of the other commitments. We also started going out for meetings in a cab. That used to be the best time coz all during the travel, my hands would be inside her top, pressing her boobs.
When it used to be dark in the evening travel, I used to take out the boobs and suck them in the cab itself. She used to get desperate and used to hold my cock over the pants. After a few days of all this fun, we finally got a chance to plan an official meeting trip to Pune.
We both were super excited. Now we can complete our desperation with each other, which has been building up for about 2 weeks now. The company had booked a train to Pune. We thought that we can maybe get a chance to try something during the journey.
Darsha came with a deep neck and a button top. The plan was to open it up at the first chance we get. But the travel was boring as it was quite an early morning and too crowded for anything to happen. We were just looking forward to checking in to the hotel.
We had told at the office that we will manage our own stay. We booked a good cheap hotel room for both of us. All along during the travel, we were busy teasing each other. Sometimes me pressing her ass or rubbing my elbow on her boobs. She was smiling and touching my crotch for some reason.
As soon as we reached the hotel and checked in, we closed the door and pounced on each other. We both started kissing each other and jumped on the bed. Finally, I could lay my hands on the biggest melons in my experience. I didn’t wait to open her top and put my hands inside. I started massaging them.
I could feel the big nipples, which were as big as my palm. I could not hold her one boob in one hand and started massaging her one boob with both hands. She started moaning and was trying to open up my belt and was desperate to suck it. I took off my belt and opened the pants for her to access my cock.
It was already hard and ready to come out. Darsha pulled down my underwear and held my cock. She looked at me and smiled. I asked her if she was happy, and she nodded and said that it was big enough and clean. I had shaved the hair couple of days back. She started licking my balls, holding my cock.
It was an amazing feeling lying on the bed and see a huge girl busy with my organ. I then asked her to take off her top, and I took off my shirt. I was naked with my hard cock, and she was busy licking from my balls to the tip of my cock. She was so hungry as if she hasn’t had one in years.
I started pressing her boobs through space I could manage to put my hands in during her action. I asked her to take it in her mouth, and she readily did it. Her warm mouth was already wet, licking me. In one go, she took my cock as deep as she could. I started moaning, looking her gobble up my cock.
She started to do it faster. I told her to go slow as we need to do a long session. Then I took out my cock and started kissing her and made her lie down on the bed. I could feel that she was wet, and I proceeded to take off her pants. I had never touched such huge thunder thighs.
I decided not to remove her panty. I slid her panty to the side and looked at the pussy which was a huge piece of meat with little hair. I started kissing her legs from the toe to the pussy. It went bigger and bigger the more you moved down.
I directly started rubbing her clit with my fingers and my other hand stroking my cock. Her body started vibrating on the bed, and she was shouting out crazily. Then I inserted my finger into her pussy. She was oozing out her juices.
I adjusted myself into the 69 position and asked her to keep sucking. I was trying to adjust my face on the pussy to lick her. Her fat thighs made it difficult to reach deep, but it was a very new experience. I could feel her thighs getting tighter every time my tongue went deep into her.
After licking her for 10 minutes, my whole face was wet as if someone splashed water on my face. She was still busy with my cock. All the while, her panty was still on, and it was all wet with our action. I then positioned myself in between her legs and took out her huge panty.
I think her panty could fit at least 3 people into it with her huge ass area that it had to cover. I then put my cock inside the wet hot pussy. It went in smoothly inside, and I started stroking her hard. She was already high and wanted it hard.
So I took her legs on my shoulder and started pumping her to get in as deep as I could. I could feel the excitement and felt like a pornstar banging fat chicks. After 10 minutes or so, I asked her to get into the doggy style.
When she turned, I could not believe the size of her huge ass. It had so many dimples on it, just like fat females you see in porn movies. I could hardly see her pussy from between her thighs. I stretched her muscles and reach inside with my cock.
I went in deep with one hard push, and she was asking me to do it harder. We fucked in the doggy style for another 15 minutes, and then I asked her if she can sit on my cock. She was already tired with the travel and our 45 minutes of action. She said she would like to suck me more and complete it like that.
I love the idea of ending it inside the mouth, and here she was ever ready for that. I sat on the corner of the bed, and she sat on the floor holding my cock. She again started licking from my balls to the tip and then taking it in her mouth and repeating it.
I could see my cock in her hands, all hard and then going into her mouth. After a few minutes, I held her by her hair and started choking her with my cock. She was spilling her spit from the mouth and was struggling to breathe. I continued to do that and increased my speed.
Then I reached the top and shot all my cum into her mouth, holding her with my cock all inside. I held it till I didn’t put the last drop of cum in her mouth, and then I removed it. She happily drank all my cum.
Finally, we had the time which we had planned. As she was quite experienced, I asked her how did she feel. She said it was really good and said that we should use the evening and the next day. And so, we did. I enjoyed sex with my colleague around 4-5 times during our 2-day visit.
We met a few more times in Mumbai and also had some action in the office itself. After 3 months, she left for Delhi and is still in touch with me. So the next Delhi trip will definitely have some ready plans.
Any ladies interested in catching up from Navi Mumbai, Thane, Mumbai, please contact me at [email protected] I will share the next story about last week’s open blowjob at Versova beach with my girlfriend.