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Hello folks, I’m back with my other story about a nubile teen girl. First of all, I would like to thank you for the amazing feedback on my last story.
For those who haven’t read it, here’s a brief introduction. I’m a mariner and businessman from Dehradun, living happily in my hometown. Dear girls and ladies, you can contact me to have some quality time together and mail me for feedback at [email protected]
Well, I met this amazing girl some 11 years back during vacation from my marine life. Let’s start it without wasting any of your time. Being bored, I was switching from app to app to kill some time. It sucks to be there in Delhi that too in April.
After a few days of hustle, I became friends with a beautiful girl from my hometown on a social networking site. Starting everything with a boring hello, we spent a few more minutes introducing each other. Her name was Smita, 19 at that time, waiting for her junior college results.
After a few days, we started to develop some serious talks. I was back in town in May, we decided to meet up as her birthday was near. We both were so curious and dying to see each other after all those erotic chats and phone calls in the past month.
Here comes the day we both were waiting for. We were finally meeting, and all those butterflies wanted to kill us right there. I picked her up a little far from her place and drove her all the way to a private resort to celebrate our erotic vacation. It was her birthday, so I took all that she liked, the truffle, flowers, gifts, etc.
After the door was closed, we formally hugged and casually started talking for some time. We simply started with the cake cutting and all those greetings, as I was in no hurry. I just wanted her to settle and feel comfortable. Every minute that was spent talking felt like ages.
Finally, unable to control our desires, we grabbed each other in arms. We hugged like the world will end the next moment. Soon I placed my lips on her soft mesmerizing lips. With every breath, we explored the new depths of our mouths.
She bit my lips so hard in ecstasy that it began to bleed, to which she apologized. But rather than that apology, I believed in retaliation. I lifted her in my arms and stick her against the wall to have my ways. I started to move my lips on her neck.
She was so lost that she didn’t notice how many hickeys I had her skin left with. Her cleavage looked like a ditch, of which I can only notice the starting but no end. My hands moved to her round ass as soon as I moved my lips to kiss her cleavage and grab her upper boobs in my lips.
Oh, I forget to mention her amazing figure. She was 32-29-34, as she told me earlier. Slowly, unbuttoning her jeans, I guided my hands on that flesh inside her panties and felt the warmth of her skin. I squeezed her ass cheeks and slide my hand to her butthole, to which she moaned and hugged me tightly.
I let one hand caress her hole and took one out to free her delicious boobies from the pink cage. With a flick, I unhooked her bra. She was amazed and smirked like she wanted me to say how badass I am. Without delaying a second, she lifted her top for me and slid her soft boobie in my mouth.
Her boobs were so soft with a medium-size nipple and a little areola that I literally chewed. She was in pain but enjoying what I was doing to her. On the other hand, her panties were dripping from her juices. I was feeling them with my other hand.
After caressing her butthole, I took hold of her little clitoris with my fingers. She jumped and moaned so loud that she scratched my neck and had an orgasm. She shivered to the intense orgasm, and it took her a minute or two to recover. It was too much for her to control, and she pushed me back to take charge.
She smooched me hard and opened my jeans, slowly holding and caressing my dick from above the undies. She slid her hand to hold the dick. After the amazing hot session of foreplay, the tip of my rock hard dick was oozing precum. Her palm got wet.
From tip to the end, she rubbed her hand, gave me a few strokes. She got hold of my balls and squeezed a little. The feeling was so heavenly to which I asked where she learned all that. Her answer was romantic porn movies.
Kneeling down, she looked desperately at my cock, wanting to have it inside her mouth. But she was confused and kept stroking. After a few moments, I took hold of her face and guided my dick inside her mouth to get a blowjob.
She was no expert. So she brushed her teeth over and over again, but the warmth of her mouth was taking me on another level. After about 5 minutes, she came over to kiss me and asked me to stuff her hole.
Wasting no time, I lifted her and took her to the bed, removed her jeans and panty, she helped with the top. Though we were naked, I still wanted to tease her. So I dragged her to the edge of the bed and blew cold air from my mouth on her clit.
As she shivered, I gave her no chance to recover or move and placed my lips on her clit. Unable to control her breathing, moaning loudly. She wanted to let air pass through her lungs, but I was in no mood to let her go.
Being restless and gasping on a new experience, I tongue fucked her. She had another orgasm on my face. The moment was so good that she locked my face in her thighs, leaving me breathless. Her pussy was so wet that I licked it till it shined with my saliva once again.
It was too much for both of us now, as my dick was so desperate to enter and drink her juices from the glory hole. She wanted me to go raw and feel real pleasure. My dick needed no lube as her pussy was so wet. As the tip of the dick entered her pussy, she let out a moan and held me tight.
Going slowly, I kept smooching her to ease the pain. After 2-3 minutes of getting into the rhythm, my dick was fully inside her, which she enjoyed and affirming it with an intense moan and nails on my back. We kept fucking for around 15 minutes in a missionary position.
She wanted to change, so she came over on top of me, riding like a cowgirl. This time my dick was fully inside her. It felt like I entered her stomach, to which she nodded and said she feels the same.
Enjoying for another 10 minutes, she had her third orgasm and was tired. I wanted to cum too. So asked her to switch positions. I put a pillow under her back and inserted it again with her legs over my shoulders. As my pace was a little fast, she was breathing and moaning heavily.
It took me around 5-7 minutes to cum, and we both had an orgasm at that moment. I unloaded all my semen on her stomach, but few shots reached her boobs, so she was all wet from my cum. We smooched in that position until we both were normal. After cleaned her with tissue napkins and rested for an hour.
We played this cheeky game  for another 4 years till she moved to the other town. I’ll share my other experiences with her in another story. Till then, adieu! And don’t forget to give feedback.