Story of a botttom gay sucked on a train journey – Desi Maal Indian Sex Stories

Hello guys, Avi, a 27 years old bottom gay who loves to crossdress hot, hungry men. This story is about my erotic encounter with a co passenger on a train three years ago.
I was traveling from Delhi to Bangalore. Till now, I had never met a guy in real. I had been chatting with many guys, though. He had indulged in video, voice sex with top men. I boarded the train. My seat was sided upper in the 2nd ac compartment of the train.
I got settled and was sitting on the side lower berth. A man in his late 30s was sitting beside me. He was around 6 feet tall, fit built, with a dark complexion – a native of Bangalore. His seat was side lower. There was a family opposite our berths, but they had pulled the curtains and were busy in themselves.
As the train started, we both started to talk in general. He asked my name, what I did, and some other non-important questions. After some time, I went to my berth and slept. I had no sexual thought till that time in mind.
By around 1 pm, we were served lunch. I went down to eat. He was sitting there eating too. We finished our meal talking in general, and then he asked if I smoked. I said, yes.
We went to the waiting lobby near the toilets to smoke. He gave me a smoke, took one out for him, and lit his cigarette first. He offered me to lit my cigarette, to which I obliged.
I placed my hands around the flame, and he placed his other hand over my hands. I did not notice this move of his. I finished my cigarette, went back to my berth, and started watching something on my laptop. The journey went on.
At night after dinner, he asked me again for a smoke. I said yes again, and we went back to the waiting lobby. Till this time, I had no idea of what was going to come. He lit my cigarette again, and we both did the same thing again – his hands over mine.
This time I felt his touch, and suddenly my mind was filled with dirty things that I had always imagined. But I had never been with a guy. So I  was not sure if he is doing this intentionally. I held my horses and continued smoking.
In between, he touched my thighs, waist as if he was trying to seduce me. I started getting horny. But I resisted and finished my smoke and climbed up on to my berth. But my mind was now filled with his touches and dirty thoughts. I started getting aroused.
I was getting hornier by the minute. I kept thinking about making out with him. But I could not gather enough courage. So I tried to sleep off. But I couldn’t. By around 12 pm, I was horny as hell and wanted to experience a man for the first time.
Without thinking much, I went down to his berth and sat near his feet.  He was sleeping. I folded my legs and took his blanket over. I sat there for the next 5 minutes, and he did not move an inch during those 5 minutes. I was getting hornier.
With a lot of effort, I touched his feet once. He did not respond to that. I started touching him more. I started to caress his feet and legs.  He moved. Got his feet near my ass and caressed my ass with his feet.
I was sure now that he wanted me too. So I started rubbing his feet and legs hard, and my hands reached his thighs – that’s when he held my hand.  I was shocked. I stopped doing everything and sat quietly. He got up and asked me if I wanted to have a smoke? I said, yes.
We went back to the waiting lobby, we lit our cigarettes, and he started seducing me. He started to touch my thighs, ass, hands. I could see a boner in his pants. I touched his cock from outside his pants. He was not wearing underwear and seemed big from outside. I grabbed it over the pants and squeezed.
I asked him if he wanted to smoke inside the toilet, and he agreed readily. I went inside the toilet, and he followed me. We latched the door from inside. He grabbed me and kissed me on my lips. I pushed him away. He was confused and got nervous.
That’s when I grabbed him by his pants, pulled him towards me, and smooched him. We were in a wild lip lock. His tongue started moving. It came to my mouth, where it fought with my tongue for some time till we felt breathless and had to break the kiss for some air.
We looked into each other’s eyes and started the lip lock again. This time he was getting wild. He held me against the toilet door and ate my lips like a beast. We both were moaning slow. I pushed him a bit to break the kiss. I gazed into his eyes and gave him a naughty smile. Bit my lips and felt his cock over his pants.
I unhooked his pants, unzipped them, and let them fall. Oh my god! What a sight. Such a hot and big cock. I am sure it was more than 8 inches, big black thick. A moan came out of my mouth, looking at that. My first cock ever turned out to be a beast.
I started stroking his cock while went back to kiss him wild. He started kissing me on my neck. His saliva was all over my mouth and neck now. He removed my t-shirt, vest, shorts, and undies and started sucking on my chest.
Slowly but wildly, he reached my nipples, which were hard already. He sucked on them for long, squeezed them hard, bit me there. He spread his saliva on my chest too. Then he came up and started kissing me wild again.
All this time, I was stroking his cock at a decent pace, moaning because of him, and his cock had come to its full glory. He broke the kiss, pulled me towards him, and we interchanged our positions. He was now standing against the door.
I started kissing him and unbuttoning his shirt. Took his shirt and vest off and slowly went down to his chest. It was a little hairy and was a treat. I sucked his nipples for a while and then went onto my knees. Held his monster cock in my hand and kissed it.
He let out a little moan I started to tease him. I was licking only the tip of his cock and biting sometimes. I waited till he asked me to take his whole cock in my mouth. I spat on his cock first and started sucking the top. I was rolling his foreskin back and forth, using my lips.
My tongue was busy working on the inner parts. Slowly I started taking it more inside my mouth. His cock was wet till half now. I started enjoying it. I took it out of my mouth and licked it like ice cream while looking into his eyes. He loved every second of it.
While looking at him in a slutty way, I once again took his cock in my mouth. This time it went deep. I could feel his tip on my throat. I was choking. He pressed my head more. He loved it. So did I. I took it out of my mouth for some air.
I wanted his cum now and so started sucking him again. I went wild this time. I was sucking and licking him hard and fast. I was stroking his cock with my hand too. He became stiff and was about to cum. He let out a loud moan, his eyes rolled, and he sprayed his cum all over my face.
I collected all the cum with my fingers and ate it. Then I cleaned his cock with my tongue. He seemed content. By this time, I was about to cum too. He gave me a hand job, and I came too. We cleaned ourselves and kissed again, and went back to our berths.
The next morning we were supposed to reach Bangalore, and that’s when he asked me if I wanted to come to his place. I said yes and stayed at his apartment for two days and nights before coming back to Delhi. It was when I had my first gay experience He made me crossdress and then fucked me.
I will share those two nights in the next stories.