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I know it was wrong, but I could not help it. When you read the story about the double dhamaka, you will understand my helplessness.
It was crowded as usual in the market. I was driving slowly on the road when my eye suddenly found two familiar faces walking on the road. OMG, it was Shanta aunty and her daughter Shobha.
My memory took me back a few years to the erotic sex with owner aunty. I was a tenant at Shanta aunty’s house in an upscale residential area in Bangalore. It was a huge house, and a portion of it was given to our family on rent. Shanta aunty’s husband was a businessman and was a workaholic.
They had a daughter and a son. The daughter Shobha was the elder of the two children. She was a19 years old studying degree. I shared a cordial relationship with the family with everyone except aunty’s husband. He was a good man at heart but did not like any male interacting with his family members.
I always avoided interacting or going to his house when he would be there. As days progressed, my friendship with Shanta aunty and her daughter became deep. I used to visit their house in the late evening and sometimes we used to play carrom or shuttle on the terrace.
Shobha and I used to play, and Shanta, her mother, would just sit and watch us play. Shobha would usually be in her nighty. I still remember it would always be a blue one, a little faded and hooks at the front. Whenever she would bend to pick up the cock while playing shuttle, the front of her nighty would open.
It gave me a clear view of her cleavage. She would always wear a white bra. I always hoped I would see a bra of a different color, but it always ended up being white. This game of shuttle and my peeping into her nighty continued for a couple of months.
One day she bent down to pick up the cock, but this time, instead of her front, I had the chance to view her back. It was clear that she was not wearing a petticoat inside. I could clearly see the V shape of her panty. It was a wonderful sight, and my brother stood up in attention.
That night, I shagged off nicely, thinking of her. One day, I went to their house as my mother asked me to get a couple of brinjals from their house. I rang the bell, and Shobha opened the doo. I asked her for Shanta aunty, but she was not there at home. Shobha asked me what I wanted, and I told her I needed brinjal.
The reply Shobha gave me shocked me. She asked me if I did not have a ‘brinjal’ of my own and started walking towards the kitchen. When she came back holding a couple of brinjal’s and handed them over to me. While taking it from her hand, I held her hand for a few seconds, squeezed it once, and took it.
Then, as I was leaving, I stopped, turned back, and did the unthinkable. I kissed her on the cheeks and ran towards my house. When I met her on the terrace in the evening, she looked at me, making an angry face, and said, “How dare you?” I just smiled and winked at her.
The best thing was I could enter their house from the front as well as the back yard. There was a wall between the two houses at the back, and with a little effort, one could jump the wall and reach their back door.
One day, I heard Shanta aunty telling Shobha that she would be going to her friend’s house for dinner. She asked if Shobha would accompany her. Shobha refused as she wanted to write her lab record. I was waiting for Shanta aunty to leave with her son.
After 15 minutes, I climbed the back wall and jumped into the backyard of Shobha’s house. I gently knocked at her back door, and I could hear her asking who it was. I said in a feeble voice that it’s me. She was a little scared and asked me why I had come to the back door.
I said I had something urgent to talk to her about. She knew what I was up to, and she opened the door. I entered her house from the back door, which led to a huge room. It acted as their dining hall. She chided me for putting her in trouble. I closed her mouth with my right palm and held her left hand.
I put my mouth on her mouth and moved the right hand on her right boob, and pressed it. It was a heavenly feeling. Her boob was extremely soft. I could make out that it was conical in shape. I could not resist, and I continuously started pumping her boob.
The top two hooks at the front of her nighty were now open. I slowly inserted my hand inside her nighty. I started running my finger along the valley created by her two boobs. I then inserted the hand inside the bra and started massaging her boobs. The nipples had become erect.
I tweaked one nipple with my thumb and forefinger. I heard a soft moan escape her mouth. I lifted her bra cups to expose both the boobs and put my mouth on her left boob. I started sucking her nipple and, with the left hand, started massaging her right boob. She was not able to control.
She held my head and started pressing it towards her boobs. I could feel the extreme heat emanating from her body. My hands slowly moved to her bottom. I held each of her ass cheeks with my hands and started squeezing her ass. I could feel the panty, I started pulling her panty.
Then I slowly moved my hand to her front and started slowly massaging her cunt. She let out a loud moan. I slowly started lifting her nighty up. When I reached her panty covered cunt, I could feel the wetness that had been created. I slowly inserted my hand inside her panty and could feel a clean-shaved cunt.
It was dripping with her juices. I slowly sat down, kneeling on my knees, and pulled her panty down. I put my mouth on her cunt and started making circular motions with my tongue. The pungent smell of her juices was sending me into a tizzy.
What soft moans were till then became louder. She almost screamed, unable to bear the pleasure that she was deriving for the first time. She orgasmed after some time and let down a loud moan, and her entire body started shivering. It took some time for her to recover.
When I saw her face, there was a huge satisfaction. Her eyes were half-closed, her lips partially open, and her hands were on my head now. I slowly got up, put my mouth on her mouth again, and chewed her lower lips. I pulled down my shorts and made her hold my dick in her hand.
She hesitantly held it. I asked her to give me a blowjob, that she refused. But she knelt down and took it in her mouth on continuous pleading. She moved her mouth to and fro a couple of times and pulled out. I then pulled her up, hugged her again, and whispered in her ear if she was ready for sex.
She pushed me aside and said that she did not want to lose her virginity before the marriage. I respected her decision and kept quiet. She told me that it was dangerous for me to be in her house for long and asked me to leave. I pulled my shorts up and jumped the wall again, and returned home.
Whenever we found time, we would indulge in these foreplays, and the best thing she liked was me licking her boobs. She somehow did not like me to touch her treasure inside her panty. She would say that she would feel like having sex whenever I touched her there, so she avoided being touched there.
After a few days, Shanta aunty, who knew nothing about my rendezvous with her daughter, asked me to get tickets for a newly released movie. She asked me to buy a ticket for me also. The three of us went to the movie.
Shanta aunty was seated between Shobha and me. So there was no way I could try fingering Shobha. However, I wanted to make use of the moment. I bent a little towards Shanta aunty to ask her if the movie was good. What happened next was a new experience.
My shoulder touched Shanta aunty’s right boob. It was a new beginning to an old game. Shanta aunty was quite hefty with the right amount of flesh in the right places and in her early forties. I wanted to try and seduce aunty. I sat back with my hands folded across my chest.
I leaned slightly towards the left. Now my right hand fingers were grazing aunty’s right arm. She had thick arms, and then I could feel the blouse material with my right fingers. I kept my fingers there as I did not see any reaction from her.
After some time, she moved her right arm a little front. This created a gap that enabled me to extend my hand, and thus, my fingers even further. What this did was help me touch the sides of her right boob. I could feel the softness of her boobs and also her bra. I started making circular motions with my index finger.
This aroused Shanta aunty. I saw her face and could see her biting her lips and could sense that her breathing had increased. I kept my hand there throughout, and when the movie ended, we started walking back towards the exit. It was Shobha at the front, followed by Shanta aunty. I was behind her.
I made up my mind and slowly moved my hand front to feel the huge ass of aunty. I could feel the difference between Shobha’s and aunty’s asses. Shobha’s was smaller in width but quite full, whereas aunty was wide and fleshy.
The next day when I met aunty and Shobha for our usual shuttle game, I did not notice any changes in aunty’s behavior. But I could see her looking at me and smiling.
Whenever I saw her looking at me, she would turn her face away but continue to smile. I knew that aunty must have liked what I did to her in the theater.
A few days later, she again put forth a proposal of going to a movie. Along with another girl who was aunty’s niece, the three of us went to a movie again. This time too, the arrangement was the same. I was seated at the corner, and next to me was aunty and then the two girls.
This time my left hand was lucky as aunty was sitting to my right. With my hands folded across my chest, I did the same thing to her left boob. This time, I was a little bold and moved my hand liberally across her boob, occasionally trying to reach the front.
I once put my fingers at the hem of the blouse and moved my index finger inside the blouse to feel the bra. Aunty, too, was enjoying what I was doing. The way her chest was going up and down indicated that she was getting horny too. I felt her left foot on my right foot.
She started pressing my foot with hers to indicate she was horny. This encouraged me, and I cupped her left boob and squeezed it hard. I could hear a faint moaning sound from her mouth. Shobha heard the sound. She asked aunty what had happened.
I could hear aunty tell her that she hit her foot against the front seat. I pursued with my mauling of aunty’s boobs, and after some time, I found aunty’s hand touching mine. She pressed my hand in excitement. Then she undid the bottom two hooks of her blouse to allow me access to her bra covered boob.
I squeezed the boob over her bra for some time and then lifted the bra cup up, and now I had access to her naked boob. I mauled it and then tweaked her nipple. Her nipple had stood erect. They were larger and longer than her daughter’s. Aunty was in ecstasy. Her foot pressed my foot even harder.
The movie came to an end, and then we came home. The next day, I could see aunty smiling at me when we playing shuttle. She kept staring at me, and I could see her biting her lips. After a couple of days, I heard somebody knocking at the door. I was alone at home, and when I opened the door, it was aunty.
She asked me where my mother was. When I told her I was alone, she came inside and asked me to give her the latest edition of the Kannada magazine. I asked her to sit while I went looking for it. I found it in my mother’s room. I found aunty sitting on the couch, looking at the newspaper.
I went and stood next to her. The pallu of her sari had given way, and I could clearly see her cleavage. I could not control it, and what I did even shocked her. I directly put my hand inside her blouse and bra and started kneading her boobs. She tried to pull my hand out, but I was too strong for her.
She let me knead, and she started enjoying it. After some time, she got up, pinched me on my arms, and then on my cheeks. She said that I had become too naughty. She pressed my dick over my shorts and asked me if I had sex before. I said no, but she was not ready to believe.
She said that I am lying and have had sex with my mom’s friends who frequented my house. She thought I was active in sex with them due to my closeness.
I was indeed very close to my mom’s friends, who were much younger than her. But I had not had sex with them except touching them, sometimes pretending to be an accident.
I told her that I wanted to experience sex and asked her if she would be my guru. She just laughed. She asked me to come to her house the next day after the children left for their respective school and college. I was excited, and that night I must have shagged at least 4 times thinking of aunty.
The next day at around 12 PM, I again climbed the back wall and jumped into their backyard. I peeped into the window of their kitchen and found aunty cooking. She saw me and widened her eyes, and asked me why I was there. I just made a sad face and reminded her of her promise.
She just laughed and came and opened the back door. I was again in the huge dining hall. But this time, it was the mother and not the daughter with whom I was going to have fun. Aunty was wearing a nylon sari and a transparent cotton blouse. I could clearly see the black bra through the blouse material.
I thought to myself that at last, my dream of unclasping a black bra was going to be true. I had never got a chance to see her daughter in a black bra. Aunty ran back into the kitchen as she had kept something on the stove. I ran behind her and hugged her from behind.
She asked me to wait, but I was not in the mood to back off. I started pressing her boobs. I moved my hand inside her sari from the front and into the petticoat. I could feel her cunt. It was slightly wet with a few strands of hair.
She turned off the stove and turned around. I hugged her and pulled her out of the kitchen into the dining hall. I pushed her against the wall and put my mouth on her neck and gave her a bite. She warned me against biting her. She could not explain to her husband and children about the mark.
I laughed and pulled her pallu off. I showed a lot of impatience and started unhooking her blouse. I opened the hooks and spread her blouse wide apart to reveal her slightly sagging boobs hidden in a black bra. I put my hand inside the bra and started mauling her boobs.
I pulled out a boob and put my mouth, and started sucking her nipple. It was long and thick, much bigger in size than her daughter’s. The areola was round, light brown. I liked her areola and bit her nipples. She was moaning and pulling my head towards her boobs.
I started lifting her sari up, but she stopped me and suggested we move to the room. She didn’t want to do it in her children’s room, so she took me to her own room. The moment we entered the room, I pushed her on the bed and fell on her. I started licking her neck and started pressing her boobs.
The sari was now almost off her body. I removed it completely. I removed the blouse and then got up to remove my clothes. I was now only in my underwear and fell back on her. I put my hand at her back and unclasped her bra. The boobs were now visible.
They were large and slightly sagging, but the nipples were the most attractive. She was sleeping with her eyes half-closed and lips slightly parted. I pulled the strings of her petticoat and started sliding it down. I could see her tummy, which was a little fat with a large navel.
I pulled the petticoat completely down and off her legs. I was a little disappointed to find that she was not wearing a panty. The pleasure of removing a panty is a different feeling. I put my mouth on her cunt and made circular motions with my tongue.
She gave out a loud moan and pulled my head towards her cunt. I got up and removed my underwear and, holding my dick in my hand, took it to her mouth. She refused to open her mouth, but I was adamant. She said that she had never taken her husband’s in her mouth. But I was not ready to listen.
She finally relented and opened her mouth, and started sucking my dick. As she was sleeping, I was moving up and down, helping her suck. After some time, I got up and put my dick on her cunt hole. I remembered I did not have a condom and expressed the same to her.
She said she was operated on, and it was safe as long as I did not have any infection. I laughed and said, this is my first time. She again hit me on my arms and said she did not believe me.
I am not sure why she felt I had fucked my mom’s friends. The only other female I had touched was her own daughter. But I could not tell her that. I pushed my dick into her cunt hole, and holding her shoulders, I started pumping.
I could not get the correct grip. So I held my dick in my hand, pushed it completely into her cunt, and started ramming her. She started cooperating by pushing her waist up to meet my thrusts.
I must have rammed for about 10 minutes when I felt the pressure building up. I ejaculated a load of hot lava into her cunt. I slept on her for some time and then rolled off. I hugged her and slept for some time. I thanked her for being my guru and taking away my virginity.
My affair with her continued for a long time, even after her daughter got married. With Shobha, I only got a chance to squeeze, suck, and finger but never a chance to insert.
Even today, when I think of that double dhamaka with mom and daughter, my dick stands up. I was tempted to stop the car and talk to them but decided against doing it.