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Hello readers, this is Dev Karthik. I am a regular reader of this site and because of this ongoing situation, I decided to share my personal real-life story which happened to me a long back. Hang tight, stay safe at home.
This story happened just before the start of Covid. I have a small family: mom, dad, sister and me. I am 22 years old and my sister is 24 years old. My parents are working in reputed companies.
My sister just finished her graduation and for some reason, one of her friends came to join her for a week. After hearing this, I was so excited to meet her.
That evening, my sister’s friend came into our house. She was great looking, with fair complexion, medium height and had an amazing structure. She was amazing and I just fell for her! She had one large suitcase, where she had her clothes inside it.
My sister’s friend was wearing a red top with jeans and her bra strap was so visible, I could see her cleavage with a good view. I got into a horny mood and that time, I realized it was not love and it was lust.
The very next day, I sat on the sofa and was watching a movie. She came from the kitchen and had a plate in her hand. She bent to give the plate to me. Her dress was so loose that I could see her boobs clearly. It was fresh and the size was like an apple! After that, we had eye contact and I got an instant boner. She saw that and angrily went inside!
Both my sister and her went out for shopping. I wanted to do something, the devil inside me woke up. I went inside her room and started searching my sister’s friend’s suitcase for any intimate clothes.
I found many varieties of bras like pushup, sport, t-shirt, demi, padded, no-padded, etc. So many collections with a lot of variety to impress. She had baby-doll intimate clothes too. I took one of her 34B bras and just tried it on myself. The fabric I felt in my body was so smooth and I had a huge erection and I just masturbated in one of my sister’s friend’s bras and kept it for myself.
The same night, we went into the top floor of our house and started talking. My sister felt sleepy and left. I and my sister’s friend continued talking.
Me: You are so gorgeous, do you have a boyfriend?She: No, absolutely not.
Me: Any previous relationships?She: Yes I had, and due to some misunderstandings, it failed. And you?
Me: I never had one. So, virgin?She: WHAAT?
Me: Just a casual talk. Things we talk on this night will be forgotten. Open up and tell me who you really are? And what you feel. Let’s be honest.She: Agreed.
Me: So, tell me?She: No secrets. You go on.
Me: Okay. You are too good and beautiful. Love will fit us and I really feel it’s not that. Maybe, I think we can be friends with benefits or have a one-night stand? Is that fine?She: I don’t know. But right now, in this cold weather and under the weather, it’s so good to be with you.
We then made eye-contact for a few minutes. Because of the cold and breezy weather, things were getting spiced up. We came near each other and we had our first kiss in our entire life. (It probably would always be my best and longest in my life.)
We then stood up and sat under the water tank so that nobody would notice. I and my sister’s friend started to kiss for a long moment and then I started to touch her boobs.
She was in an yellow t-shirt with a light pink t-shirt bra and track shorts. We both were so horny at that moment and kissed, even though we had some fear in us. I removed my t-shirt and we stopped in a few minutes.
My sister’s friend asked me to close my eyes and keep my hands straight. She put her hands inside her t-shirt, removed her bra and took her boobs in her two hands. She suddenly put it on me and hooked it. Again, we started kissing wildly
I slowly removed her t-shirt, and with the very low light, I could see her milky boobs. I kept my hand and pressed it a little. I made her in a sleep position and on top of it, we started kissing again. I placed kiss on top part of her body. I just licked my sister’s friend’s nipple like crazy.
Slowly, I placed my tip of the tongue near the nipple and circled it slowly. She started to moan in heavy pleasure.
Then I removed my pants and gave me an amazing blowjob. I came twice and I was exhausted. We took some rest and started again.
I went down, removed her track pants, and started to lick her pussy. I inserted my middle finger into her. It went inside so smoothly and I gave her an extraordinary orgasm.
We changed our position to 69. My sister’s friend started sucking my dick and I was enjoying her vagina. I wanted to fuck her so badly, but unfortunately we didn’t have condoms and we did it the next day.
The very next day, I bought a condom and waited for the perfect time to have sex with my sister’s hot friend. Mid-afternoon, my sister was sleeping and her friend came out of the bedroom to talk with some friends. I followed her till the same water tank. When she hung up the call, I started kissing her.
Without removing the clothes, she lowered her pants and panty. I started to penetrate her pussy. My dick went inside and I started to fuck my sister’s friend. I was hitting her g-spot with my dick and making out with her at the same time.
She started to moan loudly and made me fuck her faster. Suddenly, she screamed. I held her hair for a tight grip and fucked her in different positions for the next 15 minutes. After that, we left from there.
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