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I am Ajay (20) and her name is Meera (25). I was from Chennai and she was from Coimbatore.
When I was swiping in full throttle on an online app to get laid, I wanted it to be special as I was a virgin guy. I accidentally bumped into my assistant professor’s profile. I swiped without even a second thought as she was a Maserati and she also did swipe me right.
I initiated the conversation. We just started with an awkwardness. By the way, Meera was very strict during the labs and all. But the fact that she had signed up on Tinder made me sure that it should be ‘this lady’.
It was awkward for some time and I started calling her “Di” (Tamil). She became excited on hearing that and responded with shyness and that was a green signal.
One day when she was invigilating us in a team call, I just messaged, “Cum di” as it was only her and my classmates there. She scolded me in text and I tried to delete that message but I couldn’t.
Then, she was angry and after some time, I was about to say sorry, but she texted me, “Can I cum, babe?!” I was on cloud nine and on that day, we started sexting wildly. My assistant professor right away sent me a photo of her in a red saree and wet hair. The saree was saree draped just to show 30% of her cleavage.
Meera had an hourglass structure. I was a gym dude and she loved my chest, collarbone, back and all (which she had said to me before). I sent her a gif of me doing a “Pec dance”. She was just aroused like hell and started texting me, “If I had been there, I would kiss, smooch, and lick all over your body, every place.”
I replied to her, “And I would start by grabbing you by your hip and start kissing from your eyes, ears, back of the neck, caress your hair, neck and squeeze your pointy C cup boobs. I would then kiss your lower back and lick your armpits (my favorite part) like a mad fucking machine.”
This erotic chat went on until I landed my load and showed her the cum (but not my 6.4-inch rod.) My horny Tamil assistant professor also sent pictures for only teasing. We saved the surprise for real-time sex.
One day, we planned to come to the campus. As it was a lockdown, there can be only 50 members present at the campus at a particular time. Only two of us were in the lab. We locked the lab and then paradise happened!
I had brought a pack of condoms, lubricants and all. I went to the automotive lab and she was just arranging some stuff in the lab. She was in the black saree which I had gifted her for her birthday.
I grabbed my sexy assistant professor from behind and run my hands over her gorgeous navel. You should have seen her face at that time, she just started to enjoy it and rolled her hands over to the back of my head and started scratching my hair. I started to squeeze her boobs and was pinching her melons. They were very fleshy.
Then I turned her, looked into her eyes and kissed her pink lips. We closed our eyes and soon, we were playing with our tongues, and exchanging saliva. My hands were caressing her silky smooth hair and her hands were inside my pants and trunk, rubbing on my rod.
It went for 20-30 minutes. Then I removed my assistant professor’s saree and she also helped me with removing her blouse. Soon, she was standing in a red bra. I just tore and threw the red bra far away. She smiled lustfully as grabbed my head and put it in her right boob.
I sucked my hot young professor’s boob like a vacuum cleaner and she started moaning heavily. I sucked both her tits. I started to feel that I own her and I should fucks the brains out of her!
I took her hands and went to the simulation machine. I started it and it was sufficient to suppress our sounds. I put her on the table in front of the lab and opened her arms upwards and licked her armpits, which smelled like jasmine. My rod was touching her hip.
As I was still wearing clothes, Meera stopped me by holding my neck and pushed me on the floor, It was damn naughty and very arousing! She then ripped down my shirt and my shirt tore and the buttons flew away all over. I was shocked but she just started licking my chest area, neck and my abs.
I put my hands under my assistant professor’s pussy and opened her lower dress. Then I put her down on the floor and inserted my penis inside her mouth and started fucking her mouth. Soon, when I was about to come, I took my dick out of Meera’s mouth and shot my load all over her boobs.
Then I went down on her and put my tongue inside her unshaved pussy. I did every possible combination of movements in her clitoris. She was just holding my hair and I occasionally was grabbing her breasts.
After that, we started applying lubricant and condoms. I made her sit on the table. The horny assistant professor spread her legs and I opened her right leg upward and inserted my two fingers and hit her g spot. Then I inserted my fully erected almond-like penis inside my sexy teacher’s pussy and started banging her.
The “Chap chap” sounds were reminding me that the thrusting speed could be improved. So I thrusted like a bike’s piston. Then I took her and put her against the wall and inserted my tongue inside her pussy again. I played in her pussy with my tongue for some time. She was holding to my long hair.
Then we came in the doggy style, which is my favorite. But I call it a ‘mustang’ style (mustang is a car.)
I started fucking my assistant professor from behind by grabbing her hair like riding a horse. Then I was on the chair and she was sitting, facing me on my lap. My hands ran all over her body and we were kissing for almost half an hour. And as we didn’t have beds there in the lab, I fucked her in a wheelbarrow, magic mountain, reverse scoop, and golden arch positions.
Then, we both collapsed onto the floor and slept for an hour where she put her hand and a leg on me and our sweats sticking to each other’s bodies. And, it was like our souls were getting together and I finally said, “I love you, Meera.”
After that, I and my assistant professor met two times in Oyo rooms and explored our bodies.
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