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Hello Friends, Thanks for your responses on my earlier Bangla Choti Golpo & Erotic sex stories. It’s a multi chapter basis Bengali celeb saga based on famous bengali (Bangla) imaginative actresses, singers, players, news-readers etc with the title ‘Great Bengali Celebs’ 1st story is Bhaiphonta, 2nd is Nude scenes in film, 3rd is Kidnapped actresses and 4th is Great Bengali Celebs. I guess, you enjoy all, now It’s fifth part of bangla choda chudir golpo.

As expected, the first blue film, ” Sati-Saddhi Bangali Abhinetri ” acted by the famous Tollygung film heroine Koel Chatterjee was a big hit in the Arab countries for the incest fuck-session between Koel and her father. However this super hit bengali porn film was showed in India in different five star hotels with strict secrecy for high class personalities at huge cost of money. In this blue film all the dialogues with raw slang bengali word were originally made by the actors & actress in bengali language without any dubbing.

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Indranidebi was very much happy for her daughter’s success in this porn film which inspired her also to act in porn film. Actually to earn huge amount of money within one hour of acting and the fascinating size & colour of Kalu’s huge snake-like dick created her willingness to become a porn actress. Knowing her respected and religious minded mother’s wish, one day with her adibasi servant Koel goes to her mother.

That particular day was Mother’s day and wishing her mother with a long and prosperous life, both of them did Pranam to this great Bengalee Celeb. Indranidebi also blessed them by embracing and kissing them on the lips. A party was arranged for this great Mother’s day by Indranidebi where tollygung celeb mothers took part only.

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These famous Bengalee actresses , with modern and small dresses, created a competition to show their sexiness. Adibasi servant Kalu was amazed by observeing so much glamourous actresses at a time.Their boldness created tremendous excitement in him, specially his didimani Koel Chatterjee’s mother Indrani Chatterjee was the main attraction in the party.

Indrani Chatterjee , a sex-bomb in Bengalee film industry was in her blue silk saree with a matching silk blouse. She had bigger boobs compared to her daughter Koel and her butt was much bigger and wider. Her face looked horny and any man would want to fuck her rough. Kalu whispered to his didimani that he wanted to fuck her mother very rough and hard. Koel said that he can do that in shooting-period only because her respected mother was very much conscious about her Sati-Saddhi ( chaste ) image.

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After the party, when all the guests leaved, Indranidebi went to the Worship-room for praying the God. At first she changed her dress for the sacred puja, sat before the statue of the God, begged pardon for delayed praying and lastly absorbed herself in the puja.

Koel was aware of her mother’s religious attitude but lower class adibasi Kalu was fascinated to observe Indranidebi’s faith in the God. Both of them sat beside Indranidebi and began to pray for the God with Indranidebi. After one hour of praying, Indranidebi served the sacred Prasad to them. Like Koel, servant cum cook Kalu also did Pranam to this great mature celeb actress, took the Prasad and ate that.

Then Indranidebi went to her room, with some light make-up, she changed herself in her previous dress and waited eagerly before the camera for her first blue film shooting. With her daughter’s direction, Indranidebi slowly removed her dress and walked naked to the drawing-room .

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“What a beauty didi you are! ” admiring Indranidebi”s sexy body, Jay entered into the room and touching her respected Didi’s feet, he did the Pranam and kissed her hairy pussy.Then turning towards Koel he said, ” Not only with your mother, but I want to act with you also in the porn-film ”

“Certainly, I would be very much glad to act in a blue film with you mama ( uncle, mother’s brother )” Koel showed her egarness.

Actually, seeing his elder sister’s nude scenes in the ” Great Bengalee Dancer ” film , unmarried teacher Jay felled in love with her didi Smt. Indrani Chatterjee and proposed her to marry, just like Noel.

“You are my own brother,marrying you, I would loose my chastity ” Great Sati Indranidebi expressed her unwillingness.However she was glad to know that at this age also, not only her fans but also her Jamai and brother fell in love with her.

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“Then I will never be able to enjoy your sexy body ” Jay said.
” Don’t frustrate my dear brother. Next week at Mother’s day, I’m going to act in a blue film, you can act as a hero against me ” saying this Indranidebi disclosed all, including her daughter’s acting in blue film.
Jay became stunned hearing all.

At this mature age famous Bengalee actress Indrani Chatterjee had stout thighs, big buttocks, and a hairy pussy. The hair growth was dense as that of her daughter’s pussy. She walked over to the carpet and lay spread eagle.Koel pointed her camera and made close up shots of her respected mother’s hairy pussy. The hair was long and curly and deep black in color. The growth was dense and the jungle filled her crotch.

Bangla choda chudir golpo > Great Tolly Celebs

The pussy lips were thick and pouting and showed the sensitive pink walls. Indrani Chatterjee spread her legs and showed more of her pussy to the camera. Her pussy parted and her clit was hidden inside the pouting upper folds of her pussy. She lifted her legs up and made easy for Koel to focus more of her great pussy.