Threesome with a Bengali Couple

Hi all. Hope all you readers of Indian sex stories are doing fine. This is a true incident that happened a few weeks ago. This incident is about the couple who is from Bangalore. Both software professionals…both r equally bold, smart couples of around 30+ age. We started chatting regarding what i had written and then i cam to know that there a Bengali couple staying in Bangalore because of their job. more or less you can say they have settled there. threesome group sex of bangla boudi.

They had tried a few adventures of their own and enjoying life. Well reading my previous sex stories, it seems made the lady horny and it was during a time of love making they decided to explore me if feasible.

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So after a couple of chats then on phone, we did a skype chat. This was the first time we saw each other. really impressive i must say. The color these Bengali women have….awesome white… milky white…

So after a few Skype chats, i happen to go to Bangalore for some work related things. I had told them i will be coming to Bangalore but i never told that i would love to meet them up.Next day the guy calls me up and proposes the idea of we meeting for dinner. i agreed and thus we met at Forum Mall.

It was a Friday and i had to leave Bangalore on Saturday evening. we went to a awesome hotel serving sizzlers. it was my first time in a hotel serving only sizzlers. it was awesome. during the course of dinner, i appreciated their interest in meeting up and praised their openness, the understanding they had between themselves.

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Telling so i said this is life… fabulous job, cool city, well settled life, sizzling food and what else u need… u already have hot and sizzling wife 😉
without our knowledge that was the igniting spark.

We ate  to our hearts content and left… walked some distance into the cool and breezy but awesome atmosphere of Bangalore… We were discussing many things. the lady was actively involved in our talks…i thought well that’s it for the day…at least i met them.

but then i was taken totally off my feet when they said…how about making this cool night sizzling hot.

well do u need a second invite…i said of’course. in minutes we were heading towards there home..  On our way the lady shifted to the back seat and said i cant wait to see your tool (lund).

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Seconds later i unzipped and pulling my cock out to have a good look at and suck to her content. My cock was already stiff and hard. She was amazed to see such a strong and big penis and in no time i could feel her saliva around my cock. The excitement was so high and fast i came in within 2-3 mins…

And guess what she literally swallowed the whole thing. I was like what on earth just happened. It just dawned on me she is a dominating women. Well…after this she said how about tasting hers, and seconds later my face was buried between her legs.

By this time we almost reached their place, but then they went a bit further just to take sometime more… I made sure she had a wild orgasm before we reached. After which we organized ourselves before reaching their villa.

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Once in, the husband and wife were into each other. I was trilled to see such action and in a short while later we were in their master bedroom. The lady enjoying 2 cocks at a time. We had some royal sexy time. My first with a dominating lady. It was a simply superb!

I had my cock sandwiched between milky white boobs of 38D, sucked her nipples like there is no tomorrow and bit her juicy pussy! In all we had 3 fucking sessions, many blowjobs, pussy sucking and what not.

By the time we were exhausted it was 3 am. I slept there and before they dropped me back to Madivala, we had a quiky. 😉

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If any feels this incident made them horny enough, do let me know….oopsarun at yahoo dot in