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My name is Guru (name changed) and this is my first story in Desi Tales. This story is both of reality and fantasy and it is about my long-time sexual desire with English teacher Ananthi (name changed). She is the most beautiful and hot woman in college.
To say about Ananthi, she is a married woman with a hot and white skin body. Whenever we see her, we think about kissing her madly! I also feel like licking her body and skin and kiss her crazily as she is so gorgeous.
It was my first year of college and I couldn’t control my feelings for her. She was not my subject teacher but she took for other batches. But she used to come to our class because my English teacher was the HOD. So, she would come to my class and speak to my English teacher.
I would stare at her boobs and her hips and her horny lips. She also has seen me staring at her body. But she knew she was the most beautiful woman in the college. I get a boner whenever I see her.
One day, I went to ask her whether she could take grammar tuition for me at home. She asked me why I needed tuition as I was a class topper. (Yes guys, I was a class topper from my childhood and I always score within the top 3 ranks.)
I told her, “Yes, ma’am. I am strong in all subjects but I am losing marks in grammar. So I need your coaching as you are strong in English.”
She was blushing as I complimented her. She told me to see her in the evening on the top floor.
I went to see the hot teacher in the evening on the top floor. She was in a black saree and was waiting for me with that beautiful body and smile. I was getting horny on seeing her.
She agreed to take tuition and said she will take me to her house in her Activa scooter for tuition as her house was near.
I was very joyful and on cloud nine when she said yes. The next day after class, I got on her Activa and I put my hand on the support back. But I wanted to touch her body. As she was going through rough roads, I wanted to touch her more.
So I asked her, “Ma’am, my hand is paining because of holding to the backside and we are going through rough roads.”
She said, “You can hold on to my shoulder.”
I immediately put my hands on her shoulder and was rubbing on her soft skin. I then got closer to her body with my pants touching her ass.
Whenever the scooter jumped on the speed breaker, I put my left hand on her hips and pressed it. After we got to her house, we both freshened up. She changed to a white transparent saree and I could see all her inner body and her back. I got fucking horny.
She gave me tea and we started chatting as she didn’t know me well. We spoke for some time.
She taught me grammar and the days went by one after the other. Soon, we both were friendly to each other and we started cracking jokes and laughing. My tuition teacher was impressed by my quick grasp of grammar. She got to know about me and my knowledge and my smartness as I watched the news and other stuff.
One day we decided to play chess. I won after a hard game. She told me that she always won in the chess game every time before but now I have beaten her.
I told her that I am a chess expert and played in tournaments. She was impressed because nobody had beaten her for a long time.
She then asked me whether I have any girlfriends. I told her, “No, because here girls are not that beautiful as compared to you. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.” She blushed and was liking that.
Then I thought of the idea to play rock, paper, and scissors to make her do what I want. Every time a person wins, he/she can ask for anything he/she wants. She agreed.
I won the first game. I asked my beautiful teacher to dance with me. While dancing, I touched her body, hips, and pressed her hips. I even lifted her which made me fucking horny.
She won the second game. She asked me to lift her again and I was waiting for this chance. I lifted her from the front side. I lifted her by the hips and my head was on my teacher’s boobs! She was getting horny too.
I won the third game and asked for a kiss. She hesitated first but I kissed all over her face except her lips. This made her breathing faster. She was also feeling aroused, I could see from her face.
She won the fourth game and she asked me for a body massage. I was now sure that my gorgeous teacher also wanted to have sex. So I lifted her, took her to the bedroom, and laid her on the bed.
I quickly got on top of her and started massaging her back, shoulder, legs, and hands. I then turned her to face me and massaged her hips, belly, and stomach. neck. Then I lightly touched her boobs and she moaned unknowingly.
I won the fifth and last game. I asked her to give me a naked body massage! She was saying no but I said, “Rules are rules. You have to obey them.”
Finally, she agreed. I removed all my clothes and got naked. She was so wet after seeing my dick getting big and erect. She asked why my dick was so erect? I said, “How can I control myself when with a beautiful and sexy woman like you.”
She smiled and started massaging my body. When she reached my erect dick, she grabbed it and started giving me handjob without any prompts.
I told her that her saree was disturbing and I couldn’t touch her body. She asked whether I want her to remove my saree. I said, “Let me remove your saree. Meanwhile, you can continue giving the massage.”
Slowly, I removed my teacher’s saree and kissed her lips, neck, hips, and licked her belly.
We both were horny by then that we started kissing vigorously. My English tuition teacher started licking my dick like a slut now. Then I removed her blouse, bra, and panties. She was naked too now.
I kissed her lips and started pressing her ass while my lips were sucking hers. Then I went down on my nude teacher and licked her navel and sucked her boobs. She was moaning, “Yes yesss.. fuck me.. fuck me hard..enna oombu da…en pundaiya nakku da”.
Hearing that, I turned her to the other side and pushed my hard dick inside my teacher’s ass. She didn’t expect that and screamed in pain. But I started fucking her ass while saying so many dirty words. I was fucking my English teacher deep and she was moaning like crazy now.
While ass fucking my hot teacher, I squeezed her boobs from behind and slapped her ass like she was my bitch.
Then I pushed my finger inside her pussy and kept banging her ass. After some time, my English teacher orgasmed due to the hard anal sex and simultaneous pussy fingering. I licked and drank her juices.
After 15 minutes, we were ready for round two. I fucked my English teacher in missionary position this time. I kissed her juicy lips so hard and sucked those boobs while pounding her tight pussy.
We fucked for 30+ minutes and finally, I came and shot my cum inside her mouth and all over her body. She drank my juices.
As I had only came once, I wanted to bang my teacher one more time before leaving. So, after 20-25 minutes, I told her to sit on my face which she did. I then licked her ass. I rubbed her pussy with my fingers while licking her ass. My teacher was shouting and moaning like a bitch. Suddenly, she spurted her juices along with some urine on my face.
But as I was very horny, I licked and drank her cum and urine. After that, I fucked her again and came inside her after a minute. We laid on the bed naked for 4 hours and then we took a bath and got dressed.
After that, I went home. Now, every time we were alone in college, I use to kiss her and suck her boobs. She always says, “I never fucked anyone except my husband. But you are so awesome in fucking me than my husband. I feel like a bitch when you fuck me.”
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