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Hi guys, I hope you all are doing well and protecting yourself and your family against the Coronavirus. My name is Chirag (name changed for privacy), and this is my real story of true love.
Coming to the story, it’s been almost 7-8 years when this happened. It was my first day in a prestigious engineering college in Bangalore. It is in the heart of the city and surrounded by greeneries, parks, temples, etc.
It was around 8.30 am. As I entered the college gate, I saw a tall girl about 5.7 feet in height and lean. She had an amazing smile. I looked at her and started to my block, and meanwhile, I found many pretty faces.
My friend, a year senior, used to say this college is an ocean of pretty girls. Every day you will find a new one, and I felt it was kinda true after some time. The first day and I had many crushes!
Every day at college breaks, I used to see her along with her friends. She had a gang of guys and girls. As I wasn’t in love before, I never got to know when did I tall for this girl. There were many pretty girls whom I admire a lot. One of them even went to a contest in Femina miss India competition in Mumbai!
I still wonder why I didn’t go behind them. I am sure I could have got a good girlfriend. The first few months, it was just seeing each girl on my way to my classroom, roaming around during breaks. But after the semester break, I realized I missed only one girl. That’s her, the heroine of this story.
After sem break, I kinda tried to see her more during breaks. I knew I had affection towards that girl but didn’t know yet if it was love. I was a PG student, and she was a junior. So there wasn’t a way for an intro with her. Also, being a guy from tier 2 city, it was difficult for me to talk to any girl.
Somehow I got few friends, girls from EC, Telecom, Civil branches, etc. I also made a couple of good friends, including the girl who competed in the Femina Miss India contest. Let’s call her Niharika.
Frankly speaking, she was the most gorgeous girl in our college. She kinda was mean to others, but she was sweet to me! I was soft-spoken, and you can say I wasn’t a guy who was behind girls all the time. I did respect girls and never took any advantage of them.
During the 2nd sem exams, whenever I saw her before exams, I did really well. Whenever I didn’t see her, I did average in exams. Strange but true! Maybe I was considering her my lucky charm by then.
After exams, it was a semester break again. This was when I realized I was in love and in the purest form. I didn’t have the slightest lust at that time. Except for her face, I hadn’t seen her body. I didn’t know if she had huge breasts, huge ass, slender waist, nothing at all.
Only her smile, attractive eyes, and her cute face are all I remembered. Though I had few girls as friends by this time, I only missed this girl whose name also I wasn’t aware of yet.
By next semester, the first month I just saw her at a canteen or nearby canteen. I was feeling low as I wasn’t sure how to proceed. One day Niharika and I were texting, and she asked why do I sound dull. After initial denial, I told her about this girl, and Niharika was shocked.
She didn’t text for a week, and it was strange to me. She was the one who used to send me GM’s and GN’s every day. Now it is complete silence from her end. I thought I might have offended her in any way. But that wasn’t the case.
I sent a text again and asked her whether she wants to be in contact with me or not. If she’s not interested, then I would never contact her again. I got a text message from her.
N: I am sorry I didn’t respond.
Me: It’s ok, but what happened?
N: Nothing, I was just upset.
Me: Upset? Why? What happened?
N: Nothing, it’s personal.
Me: You know you can share with me anything, right?
N: I know, but I don’t wanna share and especially with you!
Me: Why? What did I do?
N: I liked you, but you like someone else. It hurts.
Me: What? You never told me!
N: Did you ever say that you are into any girl before?
Me: You never asked! You were my first crush. And I thought it’s just plain crush like it happens every time.
N: You had a crush on me?
Me: I still have, but I love that girl.
Niharika and I spoke too many things that day, and we decided to keep our friendship intact. I had immense respect for her, but I couldn’t see her as a GF ever. If you ask me, she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.
I decided to propose to the girl I saw, even though I never knew her name. One fine day before my birthday, I went to her with a love letter that I scribbled with all my feelings. I followed her for an hour almost till she was alone with her friend. They were standing near the college gate.
I stopped them and gave the letter to my girl. And guess what, till this point, I didn’t know her name. In excitement, her friend screamed Meghana! And that was the moment I got to know her name. I said, “Please read this, and let me know your answer,” and left without looking back.
I was feeling like winning a battle. My adrenaline was too high. I was so relaxed and happy that I had the courage to express my love. Why did I choose to give a love letter when I could have proposed to her face-to-face? Or through phone or text.
The reason behind this, I couldn’t talk with a girl so freely like I do now. I was trembling when I gave her the letter. I couldn’t have said those three magical words ever. And would have messed it very badly. Moreover, I had written every feeling of mine towards her in that letter.
Good, bad, and ugly about me, what I liked in her, everything I could think of. (This letter was the dumbest ever if you have read it. The only thing positive was that it had my feelings)
As it was Friday, I waited till Monday and went to check her decision on me. After searching for her during the lunch break, I found her near the ground with her friend, who was a Dayan in my life. I stood before my girl, and this ‘Dayan’ started speaking instead of my girl Meghana.
Me: I wanna speak to Meghana.
Dayan: No, she is not interested, so leave her alone.
Me: It’s fine, but I will just speak with her to understand why.
D: She’s not interested, please understand. Don’t trouble her anymore.
Me: I don’t wanna trouble anyone, but I do wanna speak to her once.
D: she’s not interested, so don’t trouble.
Me: Ok! Thanks for the opportunity.
I left from there. I was heartbroken, hurt, and I felt a need to do something stupid for the first time. I just went out and smoked my first ever cigarette. Though I hated it, I just finished it somehow! (Couldn’t take the smoke inside)
The next few days were very difficult. Though I used to see her, sometimes it was heavy on my heart. My urge to speak to her was increasing day by day. One day I just decided to talk to her on my own and give it a final try. I got her number. Meanwhile, I had found her Facebook ID and sent a message on Facebook.
She responded, saying why I texted her, and that question started our journey. Though she did not show much interest in me initially, I was successful in making a connection. I told her I would call her the next day but need her number from her.
I told her I have the number but don’t wanna call her like a stalker. Somehow she was convinced, and she sent her number. The next day I called her, and we had a short chat. I told her that I am going to a Defence interview.
If I get selected, then she may not have to see me ever again in her life. That’s why I wanted to talk to her, and that was the truth. And my whole batch was out in interview!
We kept in touch, and it was her birthday. Somehow I had collected those details and planned a surprise gift for her. I wished exactly at 12 midnight and told her I wanna see her once on her birthday, she said she will try.
The next morning I texted her and asked her where she can meet, she didn’t respond. After a couple of hours, she responded, saying she can’t meet. Maybe that hurt me most for the second time.
I just asked her to collect the gifts I had prepared and bought for her.  In the evening, I received a message from her saying thanks, and she loved my gifts. (Gifts: A purple rose, which is her favorite, a kaleidoscope, a music DVD comprising of few movies related to true love and melody songs, chocolates).
I asked her why she didn’t meet. She didn’t want her friends to see her with me, so she didn’t. I said ok, and I couldn’t say anything else. I just asked if she can give me one chance to know me, and then she can decide whether she can accept my proposal.
Luckily she agreed to it. And she said if she says no, then I shouldn’t trouble her. I accepted it, and I had exactly one month as we had semester exams in a month.
We spoke/texted daily till the last exam. Frankly, those were the most beautiful days I was myself. I helped her in her studies by motivating her to study more and more. She was one of the toppers in her studies from her childhood and me too) and frankly, we did great in exams.
We had developed a strong bonding together. I proposed to her again. She said the time was too little to decide, and she doesn’t want to lose me. She asked me to be a friend.
How can a person who has feelings can pretend to be a friend? I told her the same, but she insisted on that. I gave her 6 months more to think, and if she’s still not convinced, then I would vanish from her life.
Guys, you have no idea how time flies when you are in love. In these 6 months, we met outside the college, near her house, we had hugged as well. Maybe the transition from meeting to hug was huge when you are in love.
In lust, you can simply ask for a kiss and fuck. Then even if they block or avoid you, nobody cares! But when you are in love, those things come naturally, and you won’t plan on it.
I still remember my first hug and kiss. The hug was special in a public place like Lal Bagh park and the botanical garden in Bangalore! Just imagine a guy holding a girl’s waist in a park! That’s huge for me. The same day, our first kiss happened while going back.
I will continue my story in the next part if I get any responses. This is just a story yet and no romance, but you will know how real-life stories turn into when I complete my story. Please comment if you want to know the second part. If not, maybe this is the final part.