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Hello fellow lovers of Indian desi sex stories. I am back with another erotic story about my buxom wife, Mansi. I am pretty sure you have already read her previous sexual adventures with our Muslim servant Ashraful and his friends and tailor as well. Now she has become bold and tried new things as our life moved on. So without further delay, I’ll get on with the sex story.. although the narrator will be Mansi herself.. enjoy!

I craved for Ashraful’s massive cock sitting on the lounge chair in our new house at Karolbagh. I had plenty of time to fuck and suck Ashraful’s massive black Muslim cock when we lived in Assam, but since my husband moved to Delhi, I seldom had a chance to taste a new cock.

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As I sipped my tea, I saw something interesting.

In front of our house, a new building was getting constructed. It wasn’t complete yet.. just two floors and some work was being done on the third floor..

I saw 4-5 laborers working on the third floor. They looked filthy and dirty with sweat and dirt. Some of them looked old, middle aged maybe.. but one of them caught my eye.

He was lanky young lad, with massive beard and had a lungi and baniyan on him.

I looked at him with interest as he worked on some wooden attachment. I sipped and smiled.

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This went on for next 2-3 days. I would finish my work and sit in the gallery and look at that man and others doing their work as I would do other chores or enjoy some tea.

Indian desi sex storiesI wanted to fuck him!

One day that man caught me looking at him. He stood up and fixed his gaze at the other side of the road. I was in my night gown with low cut neck and half of my massive boobs were visible to anyone who would peek at them.

He smiled and moved his hand on his crotch.

I was looking at him do it.

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He winked as I smiled at him.

He kept smiling as he walked back a bit, stood near a pillar and looked at his left and right, to make sure that other workers were not around….  and opened his lungi.

His massive hairy cock sprang out!

I wasn’t much far from the where he stood. The road in between the new building and my house (which was on third floor as well) was narrow.. maybe 10-15 feet only. So his cock was in clear view to me.

His cock looked massive. It was black, just as Ashraful’s and hairy. He had thick pubic hairs around it.

He was smiling at me and my eyes were glued to his cock.

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All of a sudden he covered his cock and went away. I saw his co-workers come close to him. Maybe for a chat or so…

But before going away, he caressed his cock over the lungi and blew a kiss at me..

I blushed.

I was gonna fuck him!

Little did I know there was something else that would happen in coming days.

The day passed. My husband came from office late that night. He had a meeting with other officials and would be busy the next day as well. That night we had a steamy sex session. He fucked me hard, both in my juicy pussy and big ass!

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I imagined being fucked by that man’s massive hairy cock and enjoyed it a lot!

We slept peacefully that night.

Next day was normal. Same chores, same routine etc.

After finishing my work and decided to go down and buy some groceries.

I wore a semi-transparent saree with matching low cut blouse and petticoat.

Sexy, I sure looked!

I didn’t wear any undergarments. I had stopped wearing them since Ashraful had starting fucking me.

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There was a small shop right at the edge of the new building. I normally would buy groceries from there.

The shop looked closed so I decided to walk to another shop which was down the road…

As I turned to walk to the other shop, I caught a glimpse of that man.. No work being done on the building today. Maybe they had a holiday.

I walked towards the building. It was dark at the ground floor. Vacant and not a soul around. But I did see that man at the other side of the building.. right across the ground floor…

He was naked!

Then I saw him again..

He was naked, standing erect with his back at me. I can see his ass! Round big ass and his face, somewhat..

I walked closer.. Then I saw someone else..

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Someone was sitting in front of that man. His back was arched. Now I can hear his sounds as well. He was moaning..


This was a happy moan. He was in ecstasy. Then I saw the other person. That was a woman. A woman I knew very well.

It was Laali.

Our Maid was sucking his cock!

Laali was our bai or maid. My husband brought her to work last week. She looked sober and simple to me, but now she looked a different person.

She was naked. Her dark skin shone in the sunlight. She looked like a goddess of love as she sucked him hard and he groaned and moaned.

Laali’s black hair was over his shoulders. I moved a little closer.

One does feel the erotic sensation when they see such someone in sexual endeavors.. I felt the same..

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My heart pounding, my pussy wet already and eyes fixated on that man’s massive black cock, going in and coming out of Laali’s mouth!

I was just 7-8 feet away from them!

I am going to cum!

He whizzed as his hip jerked 4-5 times.. He shot a huge load in Laali’s mouth! His cum was thick and white…

Looked yummy to me. I wanted it inside me.. inside my mouth..

Laali swallowed what she can, but most of his cum came out of her small mouth. Some of them fell on his medium sized Indian boobs. She had nice round boobs with dark black areolas.

“Chat poora lund aur saaf kar, Laali”, he said caressing Laali’s hair..

His cock was still inside his mouth. Laali, liked a dutiful servant, licked his cock (lund) clean. His cock was still erect..

“Chal, ghodi ban.. chodunga tujhe ab”, He told her to get on all fours. He was going to fuck her from behind..

Laali turned.

Her ass was massive!

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“Gaand mast hai teri, Laali”, He said as he entered his pussy from behind,”Bilkul tere malkin jaisi”.

I was stunned for a bit.

“Haan Bhola”, Laali said,”Maine malkin ko 2-3 baar nanga dekha hai. Mast chuche aur gaand hai unke”.

I was surprised to hear all this from Laali and that man, Bhola.

They were talking about me and Laali confirmed that she saw me naked a couple of times and that I had massive boobs and ass. Which I do have… It was like a compliment too..

“Ek din maine tere malkin to apna lund dikhaya”, Bhola continued as he was fucking Laali with all his might, “woh lund dekh kar smile kar rahi thi…”

“Tab to chod daal unko bhi bhola”, Laali said.

Bhola wanted to fuck me!

Bhola was fucking Laali like a bull. His massive thrusts made Laali jump at times. She asked him to slow down but he wanted to ravage her pussy and maybe tear it apart..

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There came a time when she cried a bit…

“Zara dheere se karo Bhola”, She whimpered, “Meri choot me dard ho raha hai”…

She had tears in her eyes.

“Madarchod”, Bhola cursed,” Teri choot poori khuli nahi toh main kya karu?”…

Laali squirmed.

“Tere pati ka lund chota hai..”, Bhola said,”Ab asli lund legi to dard to hoga hi.. mazey le zindagi ke.. ”

He didn’t stop!

After fucking her for 10-15 minutes, he arched back and shot his cum inside her.

Laali slumped down exhausted.

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“Le mera maal”, Bhola smiled as he finished cumming inside Laali…, “tere baacha ab mere zaisa mard hoga..”

Laali slumped and lay down on her back. Exhausted and breathing heavily. Her pussy was somewhat in front of me. Bhola’s cum was oozing out of her wide pussy.

He pussy was indeed small. But with Bhola’s cock inside her, it looked wide open and I can see her pink insides from distance.

Bhola’s cum was oozing out!

His white and thick cum was coming out. She was sucking Bhola’s cock as he lay beside her…

“Kal tere malkin ko chodunga…”, He said caressing Laali’s boobs…

“Kaise?”, She asked..

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He smiled as Laali caressed his desi hairy balls…

“Usko mera lund chahiye, ye mujhe maaloom hai.. tu kal usko yaha la.. baaki main dekh lunga..”, He said…

I was happy as I walked away from them, towards the shop at the corner of the road.

My pussy wet as hell!

The cock I craved for was within my grasp now…

I’ll share how Bhola made me his slave in next part. Till then keep your cocks in your hand and fingers in your pussies.