Desi Wife’s affair with a Muslim boy – Muslim sex stories

Amazing new story of a Desi Wife’s affair with a Muslim boy – Muslim sex stories

Hi, my name is Mohini. I work in a consultancy office as a receptionist. I’m 42 years old. This is my sex story. You might be thinking that who would give a 42-year-old lady a receptionist job since my looks resemble Pavithra Lakhan it wasn’t hard to get that job. Since it is a small job my income was small too so I and my kids Anirudh(17) and Srinidhi(14) had to live in a lower class locality. We live in an apartment, it was pretty old and we live on the top floor(5th) for which didn’t have a lift.

I have had few affairs so far and this is one of them and I regret it. I have affairs cause I am a divorcee. This particular affair is an ongoing one which I am going end sooner which he doesn’t know. Let me tell you how it began since I have mentioned that I have had “Few” affairs before this one, I was not so shy anymore or scared off a new one. After I got this receptionist job I shifted to this unpleasant area and house. I have joined my kids in school and started going to my job and it became a routine in no time. I didn’t have anything in my mind until I got used to the new surroundings and a new job.

Since it is a low-class locality in summer only bore water and water tanker was available for water needs, by standing in those water queues I get to know few of my neighbors. Like that, I have started to notice that someone is watching me. It was non-other than that Muslim boy. His name is Shoab, his mom is a good woman, she talks everything with me about her family. Her husband is the auto driver, who is a drinker and beats her and then have sex with her. They had 5 children elder one is an electrician, 2nd one is a girl who is a sales girl in a clothes shop, then comes Shoab, then a girl again and the last one is a boy. Shoab is 20 years old. He is college going one. Her mother said he was never a good helper to her, would not even go to a nearby Kirana shop to bring something. But nowadays he helps me by bringing water buckets to home. Then I realize that the water was an excuse to check me out.

From that time I use to check him and every time I see his eyes were on some part of my body. Since I lived on the top floor, the terrace was an easy access, so I dry the cloth on the terrace and every time I go he comes too and few days after he started waiting for me before I go. Then one day I couldn’t believe my eyes. His kurta blew up due to the wind and his penis was out of his pajamas, it confirmed what he wanted from me. Since I have not thought about sex for a long time due to the new surroundings, his penis made me think about my physical needs. From that time, I too made my skin visible for him. I used to pull my nighty up till my knees and tie the knot at my waist when I go up to dry my clothes, and sometimes when I’m in saree, I slide my pallu ajar and not care about the wet blouse.

But those are not signals for him since every woman while washing clothes looks like that, even his mom.I had to think for a solid signal to make him I too need what he needs. I thought of a plan and wore my pallu thin between my boobs like ” % ” this percentage symbol. Then when I was drying the clothes one by one, while he wasn’t looking I unhooked one blouse hook. Like that, I unhooked all four hooks of my blouse and the surprise was that I wasn’t wearing a bra. So what he saw was a thin pallu dividing 2 boobs with all hooks opened and the wet blouse stick to the boobs and showing the perfect outline of my boobs size.

And the next thing I realize is he came from back side hugged me from the back and squeezed my boobs. As I was expecting it I said took you long to understand. And he took the to unhooked blouse aside and started squeezing my bare wet boobs. While he was busy with the fun bags, I took my hand back and caressed his erect penis. He had 6 inches. The next thing I did was to be careful if someone came up, I took him to the stairs so that we can depart when somebody comes and gave him a blowjob there. It was pretty quick blowjob because he came with 4 to 5 blows in my mouth, I spit it out, went home and cleaned my mouth. Since then it started. As I work from morning to the evening 8, we only had a chance on a Sunday. But then he started showing me his true colors. He started asking me for sex on weekdays on the terrace at nights, it was risky but we didn’t get caught till date.

We use to have sex on terrace, stairs, in my house when my kids aren’t home, we even had sex in his father’s auto once(at night). Then he started commanding me for sex on India-Pakistan matches. He fucked me when India wins in anger that India won. And he fucked me when Pakistan won in happiness. Then one day he came to me in anger that he wants to fuck since Pakistan lost, I said there aren’t any cricket matches going on, he said it was “Hockey”… To be honest I like his excuses a lot since they were funny and desire igniter but it was getting risky and was far too young to understand. I like him but he was frustrated by the Pakistan loss but he was good at sex at that frustrated times. By the time everyone read it this, the affair will be ended since I am moving to another locality.

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