A Passionate Sex Journey in the train with My Milky Sister-in-law

A Passionate Sex Journey in the train with My Milky Sister-in-law – Mindblowing and dick raising sex story, only for you! – Incest Sex stories

Hi friends. I am Amar. I’m 23 years old and I’m here to share with you my real life sex experience inside a moving train with my cousin sister-in-law, Nithya. She is 27 years old and looks so very beautiful. Her skin complexion looks somewhat like a white foreigner, milky white and even parts of her arms looks slightly pink. She is slim, chubby arms and about 5’4” tall. She is a very hot woman and has a 1.5 year old son. She lives in hyderabad with her husband and in-laws and her parents are in Chennai.

Me and Nithya were good friends for the last 4 years since she got married to my cousin. We were in regular touch through sms, online chats and phone calls. Its fun spending time with her. I was desperate to fuck her but feared a lot at the beginning. So I used to shy away from our conversation whenever I start feeling horny. I kept shying away not knowing how to propose her for sex for just close to 3 years.

Then one day as we were chatting in a social networking site, I suddenly got a thought and started praising her looks, her fair complexion. She immediately asked me “Are you trying to flirt with me.” I wanted to say “No I’m seducing you to have sex with me.” but still did not get the courage. So I with a lot of hesitation said “No its a fact.” She believed me. Soon after that I got vexed that i may get caught if keep talking about her looks and her body. So I concluded the chat saying “Will chat with you later and closed the chat room.”

I kept doing this time and again trying to seduce her and make her feel horny with me. She used to thank me whenever I complement her looks but after a few months, as I complemented her saying “You are too beautiful and its very hard to see a woman as beautiful as you.” She caught me and asked “I have a doubt. Will you give me a sincere reply at least once?” I said “What is it?” She asked me “What do you expect from me?” I said “I do not understand.” She said “No.. every time we chat you keep praising about my beauty and I do not find that to be normal. Just tell me what your intentions are?”

I was shocked and did not know what to reply. I said “Thats nothing.” But she did not accept that answer. She started asking extreme questions “Do you want to see my body parts?” I said “No” Then she asked “See me nude?” I again said “No” She finally asked “Sex with me?” I did not reply for sometime and she kept calling me “Hey, Hello, You there?” I then slowly said “Yes.” She asked “Yes what?” I somehow without thinking typed “Want to fuck you.”

She immediately said “I had this doubt for the last few months as you kept talking high about my looks and skin. How long do you have this desire?” I said “4 years, from the time you got married.” She stunned with my, typed a few question marks and asked “Do you love me?” I said “Its not about love. Just some casual sex with you.” She laughed “Ha Ha” and said “I too like you but have never thought about you this deep in the past.” I quickly asked her “What about now?” She casually replied “I will consider your demands with a winking smiley at the end.” and she said bye and concluded the chat for the day.

After that day’s chat I felt very relieved that I have brought my feelings out and also happy that she did not mistake me. After a few days, we got into a chat once again and not able to control I asked her “Shall we have a sex chat?” She said “I never agreed to what to asked for that day. I just said I will consider.” I was disappointed and stayed silent for sometime. Suddenly she said “Ok fine come we’ll do it.” I got exited and both of us started sharing details about our private parts like her boobs size, my dick size, hairy or shaved pussy,etc. We enjoyed having sex chat and we had sex chat regularly from thereon.

One day I went to hyderabad for some official reasons and my uncle forced me to stay with them. So I went to their place. I had work in hyderabad for about a week. My uncle asked me the period of my stay and I said I will leave in about 8 or 9 days. Suddenly my cousin said, Nithya is also going to Chennai next week for her neighbour’s wedding. So why not book tickets for both of you together. I had no objection as it was an official visit for me and had to come back after finishing my work. She also readily accepted. She asked my uncle to hold a first class a/c 2-berth cabin. My uncle has contacts with a few higher railway officials and also the ticket collector and so he assured that we’ll get the cabin.

I have never travelled in such cabins and so I did not understand what it was. Also I did not think about it. There were just 2 bedrooms, one occupied by my uncle and aunty and the other by my cousin and Nithya. They offered me my uncle’s room but I said I will be fine in the living room. I got a mattress and I used to sleep in the living room. We had a good outing in the weekend.

On Sunday evening, 6 days before we started to chennai, I was sitting in a closed balcony upstairs. My cousin, uncle and aunty were downstairs watching tv. Nithya came to the balcony and asked “Shall we have sex tonight?” I was tensed and asked “How?” She said “Come to the terrace at 1am.” I got very tensed and said “No way. What if someone sees.” We argued for sometime and finally she agreed not to do it that night in the terace. She said “Fine not tonight but I want to see your dick now.” I got really heated up and said not now. But she convinced me by saying those three will not get out of tv for the next half an hour. She asked me to stand up, pulled my pant and underwear a little down and pulled my dick out. My dark dick grew big and hard in her white palms. She got excited in seeing my dick grow big and hard in her palms and immediately looked at me and lifted her eyebrows smiling at me. She started shaking my dick for sometime and suddenly we heard someone coming up the stairs and she dropped my dick and I put my pants on. It was my cousin and I somehow managed to hide my dick inside my pant till it got smaller and softer.

About 8 days passed by and my work got completed. It was a friday evening, I returned from my office. We were starting to chennai the next evening. As I came back from my office, people at home were down watching tv. Nithya called me and asked if I would be able to accompany her to a nearby shop. I readily agreed and both of us went to the shop. On the way back home she told me “Tomorrow you may get a chance to fulfil your desires.” I did not understand and asked “What and how?” She said “We got tickets in a 2-berth first class a/c cabin where no-one else would be there with us inside the closed cabin for the entire night.” It was a huge surprise as I just got to know that there are these types of facilities to travel and I was thrilled. Not able to control my emotions I said “I feel like kissing you right now in the middle of the road.” She immediately put a speed breaker on my excitement by saying “But control yourself because sometimes they do not attach that particular car for some journeys. In such case we have to find an alternate seating.” Hearing that I was too worried about that possibility and I did not want that to happen.

We returned home, had dinner and went to bed. But I kept thinking as to whether they would attach the first class a/c sleeper compartment tomorrow or not. Next evening we started to the station at 4:45pm. The train departure time was at 6:30pm. She was wearing a yellow saree and blouse as we left. I did not speak a word on our way to the station as I was worried about the availability of the first class compartment/car. We reached the station around 6:10pm and got to the platform. To my biggest relief in my life, the compartment was on board. We got into the train and in our cabin I found a lower and upper berth on one side and a wash basin at one end and a toilet at the other end on the other side with a small wooden shelf in the middle containing pillows and bed-sheets and some free walking space in between. In a few minutes the train started the journey. My cousin greeted us and got out of the train.