Fucked a Muslim Lady in train – Cheating desi wife Sex stories

Fucked a Muslim Lady in train – Cheating desi wife Sex stories – Muslim wife is fucked by a Stranger in train. Wonderful story, Enjoy!

Hi this is Raju Agarwal again from Guwahati Assam want to share my another sexual experience with u all people as I got a good response from my last story Fucking hot office babe Nandini & Priya.

I got a good response for this story, lets come straight to the story without boring you all, but first let me give my introduction to all those readers who are new to this site I am Raju Agarwal from Guwahati Assam now the story starts. It happened with me last month when I was going to Delhi in train, the train was some special train from Guwahati to Delhi, as I like traveling in sleeper class because in sleeper class u came to know more new people. As I boarded the train in my compartment where six seats are there and only one person and the other people will board the train at Kokrajhar, and at the said place the people came there and the compartment was full with the people.

The person who comes there were 3 gents and 1 ladies all the gents were about 22 to 25 years and the ladies age was 20 years lets say her name Ameena because I don’t want to give their real identity to make her in any problem.

One gent was her husband, one his cousin brother and the third person was her husband’s uncle in relation and they also have three small children two of their uncle’s children and one of Ameena’s. She is good looking fair slim lady with 32 size boobs with a figure of 32-28-34 with a innocent face,

Ameena her husband and husband uncle’s were going 1st time to Delhi as well as in train and the child of Ameena was only 6 months old and she used to feed her milk from her breast, after feeding she has the habit to keeps the buttons of her blouse open and her breast left open for many times and I used to stare at them as I was just sitting opposite to her and she doesn’t tried to hide it from me,

all the gents who were with her was spending there time while sleeping at the birth and in the meanwhile we became good friends while talking with each others. While chit chatting with each other we became good friend than I told her that I had one wish in my mind that I want to feed and drink the milk which is coming out of the boobs,

while hearing this her face became red and told that its not possible here after hearing this from her I got a green signal from her side that if my luck favours than I would get the chance to drink the milk coming out from her boobs.

While talking with her sometime I pressed her boobs with my hand and she doesn’t object and once I kissed her slowly on her lips while all the people were sleeping and also pressed her both boobs and told her that at midnight when everyone will be in deep sleep I want to drink her milk fully she agreed to come to the toilet and at around 1.45 am at night she made me

wake up that she wants to go toilet and I said ok and followed her while going to the toilet I saw that every one in that bogey was in deep sleep I was pressing her boobs while going to toilet. As she entered the toilet door and was supposed to close it I pushed the door and went inside toilet with her and bolted the door from inside.