Indian Wife’s bus journey – Part 2

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The way the guy in front had been looking at this ugly man behind my wife, I realized that they were friends or at least known to each other.Maybe it was their ploy. My wife was now right in between them. But she didn’t realize it, or at least didn’t notice anything unusual. She was in middle of packed bus and I was also close by so she must have felt safe.It didn’t take her long to doze off.

The man behind was soon upto his tricks. His gyrations began. His face was also very close to my wife’s shoulder. The back of Anu’s blouse was also pretty low cut, exposing a lot of her skin. And as both her hands were holding the handle above, it exposed her armpits through her sleeveless blouse. This must have been having an arousing effect on the man, as he increased the speed of his gyrations. My wife was still asleep.
The man shifted his head to the other side of my wife’s arms, and now he was at a sniffing distance of my wife’s armpits ! and it almost seemed he was doing just that. Smelling the scent of my wife’s armpits !!!
The man in front now gently and slowly started to press backwards. My wife was tightly sandwiched in between them.

The man behind must have got terribly aroused as he suddenly put his hands on Anu’s ass. He kept it still for a moment, and then pushed his hands further to the front of Anu..She must have been really very tired and sleepy as she still kept sleeping. Finally his hands were on her blouse. By now one or two other guys closeby could see what was happening. But that didn’t stop this man from doing what he wanted to. He very gently rubbed her nipples over her blouse with one finger. After almost five minutes of doing that, he moved his hand over the exposed area of her waist. After lying still on her waist, he moved his hands further down till it was on the fold of her sari in her lower stomach.

My wife was clearly oblivious to all this. But then she woke up with a start, as he pushed his hand into her sari. She didn’t even have enough time to realize what was happening as this man quickly pushed his hand deep into her sari till her crotch with one push. She mumbled, but must have realized, that she couldn’t shout and attract attention with this man’s hand in her sari. It would be too embarrassing. She tried to wriggle out, but the man just kept his hand inside.

My wife’s face was distorting due to the effort she was putting in trying to free herself and also due to her anger. But she had to be careful not to draw other people’s attention to what was happening. My wife brought one of her hands down and tried to pull out this man’s hand from her sari. She kept wriggling but suddenly the man gave one hard push downwards, and she stopped still for a moment. Her eyes closed tight as if in pain and her hands tightly gripped this man’s hands. Though my wife couldn’t see the man’s face, he could see my wife’s face.Seeing Anu’s reaction, I could see he began to move his hands in her sari. Sort of up and down or rather in and out movement. Was his hands on my wife’s vagina…or even inside ?

I could feel my cock stir. I was feeling guilty at being aroused on seeing my wife being molested in the bus, but I couldn’t help my reactions. For a few seconds my wife’s eyes remained closed and her teeth were clenched tight. Suddenly she opened her eyes, as if she realized something. She looked around. Perhaps searching for me. I ducked out of her sight, but still could see her from the gap of two persons. She had a puzzled look on her face on not finding me. She must have thought I have got a place to sit or am far away. Her only source of help was not to be seen and she was very tensed and worried. If I was not so turned on, I would have whacked the daylights out of this man. I was feeling sorry for my wife, but also aroused at the same time. My arousal won over my guilt and shame and I kept watching. The man bent down over my wife’s shoulders as if to reach further below with his hands. His hands definitely had an in and out movement inside her sari as my wife struggled helplessly to free herself. Her teeth were clenched continuously.

This man had perhaps done this to several other women earlier, as he could anticipate their reaction. He must have known from past experience that once you have your hands in women’s clothes, they are not going to create a scene and draw attention. He had safely counted on that, with my wife too, and it seemed to be working. He grew bolder and placed his other hand on my wife’s breast. And I was certain his fingers were certainly inside my wife’s vagina. Whenever my wife would use all her force to pull out his hand, he would push it harder in, freezing my wife, most likely in pain or the shock. My cock was becoming erect.
Slowly, he increased the pace of the movement of his hand and my wife unable to struggle. With the other hand the man started to squeeze my wife’s breasts too, which made my wife go weak. She let loose her grip on his hands, as she was unable to even stand properly.

The two guys on either side of them were watching wide-eyed, oblivious to my wife. The molestor knew that they were being watched, but guess he was enjoying having an audience. The man now moving his groin against Anu’s ass as if he were fucking her from behind. Anu was too weak to struggle. She just stood motionless, in fact her body was falling backward on the man for support. The man looked around again to see if anyone was watching, apart from the two guys on next him. His head was still but hands were moving fast.No one could make that out because of the bumpy bus ride and almost all other passengers were sleeping as well.

As the man kept moving his fingers in and out of my wife’s vagina, she almost reclined her head on his chest. The man was now very emboldened,certain that she wont scream or shout. He withdrew his other hand from her blouse and reached for her sari. He bent a bit and held the bottom part of her sari and slowly began to pull it up, exposing Anu’s legs. He pulled it up further, exposing her thigh’s now. Realizing what was happening, my wife looked alarmed. But the man held the sari in between her ass and his crotch and with his free hand pressed her boobs hard. It was enough to freeze her. Anu was too nervous and tense to say or do anything.
From above, her sari looked normal but if one looked further below, one could see her sari had been pulled up till her ass, exposing her thighs and even a bit of her buttocks. I couldn’t imagine in my wildest dreams, my wife semi-naked like this in a bus and being fingered by a stranger,an ugly mean looking stranger. I had a raging hard on. The man then deftly unzipped his trousers and brought out his cock tothe view of atleast three spectators, including me.

My eyes popped out. His cock was massive. He pointed it towards my wife’s ass. I couldn’t believe it. Was he going to penetrate my wife right in middle of the bus. My wife had no idea what to expect as she was facing the other side. Not wanting to take any risk regarding my wife’s reaction, he waited for the bus to go over a big bump before he did anything more. And he didn’t have to wait for long. As the bus rocked from side to side, while going over a rough patch on the road. The man took advantage of the situation and pretended to fall over her and in the process pushed his cock onto my wife’s vagina. It didn’t go in, in the first attempt, but it made my wife panic. Her eyes opened wide, and before she could protest verbally the bus went over another bump. The man pretended to fall on her again and this time he was inside her. Oh what a sight. My wife being fucked right in middle of a packed bus !

She was in state of shock. Only muffled cries were coming from her mouth. Her eyes were wet with tears. But the man had no time for that,as he pushed harder to penetrate my wife even deeper. Satisfied, his cock was fully inside her vagina, he stood still, as if to gauge her reaction. She was motionless too, just tears building up in her eyes. Definitely she couldn’t attract any attention now from fellow passengers. She was in a very vulnerable and helpless state. He seemed to be in no hurry, knowing well, that she was under his complete control. He began to move his cock in and out. My wife again shut her eyes and clenched her teeth.
He was moving deep in and out, but in a restrained way with minimal ass movement as not to attract the attention of the man standing behind him.

After a minute or two of continuous fucking, my wife’s lips parted. I could see even her body had begun to move – moving to the the rhythm of the man’s body ! I couldn’t believe it. Was my wife beginning to enjoy it ?
The very thought brought out precum from my cock. I was watching this man fucking my wife right in middle of the bus. He was trying to keep a straight face so that if others see him, they shouldn’t be able to make out whats going on. But my wife was having a difficult time trying to keep a straight face. With every stroke from the man’s cock, her lips would part and I think they were accompanied by soft moans too. She was definitely enjoying her molestation.

The man was soon cumming.His body stiffened and he started ejaculating his cum inside my wife ! I think the liquid in her womb made her squirm even more out of pleasure. The man’s limp cock flopped out from my wife’s pussy. I could see his semen was trickling out of my wife’s pussy onto her thighs. Satisfied, he looked at the the two guys watching him and winked. The guys had a smile on their face and one of them whispered something in the ears of the guy who had just fucked my wife. He smiled and exchanged places with the new guy.

God, is the other guy going to fuck my wife too, I thought. He did exactly that. My wife must have know it’s a new guy, but she was far too aroused to bother, I guess. Then a very surprising thing happened. The second guy watching it, caught hold of my wife’s hand and guided it to his crotch. He unzipped his trousers and put her hand in. My wife didn’t need any persuasion as he began to fondle his cock as the the other guy kept fucking her. My wife masturbated the man to his climax and he came all over the back of her sari, which she didn’t notice as her eyes were closed and the guys were behind her. And soon the man fucking my wife followed. He pulled out his dick and came on her ass.

What a sight it was. It was unbelievable. These guys had turned my wife into a horny slut. As the pulled up their zips, I could see my wife was still squirming. I wondered why. But soon I could see that the man in front of her was fingering her pussy, though he was facing away from her. He kept fingering her for a while, as her squirms got a bit stronger. This made a couple of other guys notice her. Her eyes were closed as the fingers of her fellow passengers kept fingering her pussy. At least 5-6 persons were watching the man masturbating my wife in the bus. This obscene show of my wife went on for around 10 minutes as the guys watched my wife in awe. Her body was almost dancing on the fingers of the man in front of her.

Suddenly she broke out into spasms. She was having a orgasm, right in front of the lustful eyes of her co-passengers. Her orgasm hit her hard.While trying to not let out loud moan she snuggled her face onto the shoulders of the man in front of her. Her whole body seemed to be resting on the man masturbating her. She violently began to rub her crotch against his fingers and also against his body. Two-three other persons also started noticing my wife’s sex show !

She was oblivious to everyone, until her orgasm subsided. And when it did subside, she came crashing back to reality. I could see she was feeling very ashamed. She couldn’t raise her head or look at anyone .Not even search for me. She kept looking down as men were looking at her,and some whispering lecherous remarks.
Luckily she didn’t have to bear the discomfort for long. Our bust stop arrived within 5 minutes.
A few people got down there. Luckily none were those guys. She looked for me as she got down. I went upto her as the bus left.
“Baby, hope you were fine” I said as if I didn’t know what happened” Iwas on the other side of the bus”
“yes, it was ok” she said, though she looked apparently shaken
“But you look weak” I said
“Oh nothing, just exhaustion, let’s go.” she replied
She didn’t realize that the back of her sari was covered with semen as we walked home. But others on the way noticed that. Even our regular grocer, whose shop falls on the way, was staring at her sari, trying to a certain what he was seeing was really true, and not imagination.
She didn’t talk all through the way, but moment we entered our house,she turned around and kissed me hard on my lips.
“Make love to me, Adi” she urged lustfully.
“My pleasure” I said and pulled her tight against me
I felt her everywhere. Her pussy was wet with all the semen, even her ass had the wet patches.“Fuck me, Fuck me” she moaned
I never heard my wife use those words before. She was a transformed woman. She had become a sex slut. And all that because of a bus journey!!