Indian housewife’s Bus Journey

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After a very rainy day in Mumbai
It had never rained like this before in Mumbai. All transportation,railand road had come to a halt. The city was reeling under the worst rains in its history. I had to stay back in my office and so did my wife too.Both our offices are in South Mumbai but we stayed put in our own respective offices on advice from others. There was traffic jams allover the city and it was taking hours even to move a kilometer.

The next day wasn’t any better. Going back home by car was out of question as most streets were still flooded and the trains were not yet running. I heard a few buses were plying though. I called my wife and told her to wait outside her office. I took a taxi and it took only five minutes to reach her office. The streets in South Mumbai were surprisingly absolutely empty today.

But that was just the beginning. The taxi driver refused to go any futher than Parel and our house was still a long way off. The taxi driver suggested we take a bus. Because of its height from the ground,buses could still ply.

But at the bus depot, we met a scary sight. It seemed almost every one in the city was taking buses. Though we have never in our life traveled like this, we had no choice today.
My 35 year old wife Anu was very agitated. “Adi, how can we travel in bus” she asked.?
“We have to” I replied “we have no choice.”
She looked tired, her sari was crumpled and her hair looked uncombed after an overnight stay in office
After a long wait, the the bus number we were looking out for arrived.But, even before it could stop, scores of people started rushing inside.We had to run along too. I kept my wife in front of me, and pushed her inside the door, along with other people. A wave of people pushed us inside anyway. My main worry was Anu, more than my own well-being.

In a few seconds the bus was full. By the time bus started for its destination I had barely managed to get up the steps. I looked around for Anu to find her well inside the bus. I heaved a sigh of relief. She didn’t seem to be injured or anything like that. She was holding on to the handle above with one hand and the seat handle next to her with the other hand.

The bus was packed, the streets awful and bumpy and I was really looking forward to reaching home and getting out of this bus soon. As the bus made its way through the watery roads, I looked around me.Almost everyone looked tired and sleepy. Then I looked at my wife. She too looked sleepy and her eyes seemed to be closing now and then. Poor her, what all she had to go through, I thought as I looked at her lovingly. Despite her tired and ruffled looks, she still looked pretty.

As I was in my thoughts, my eyes fell on the people behind her. I realized there were no women where she was standing. I felt protective and tried moving towards her. But people got irritated at my movement.
“Hey, stand still” one guy urged “where are you trying to go?”

Still amidst irritation of other passengers I managed to move a few feet towards her. As I was trying to wriggle my way. I noticed the guy standing right behind her. He was very close behind my wife and was trying to look down her shoulder. My wife’s eyes were closed and she didn’t realize her pallu had fallen over exposing her blouse. And I knew what this guy was up to, what he was trying to see.

I tried to make my way towards my wife, but was becoming increasingly difficult. Even people were getting seriously angry with me. And I couldn’t possibly shout at my wife to tell her to pull up her pallu. It would be very embarrassing. So I helplessly looked at the man trying to peep into my wife’s blouse. I was wriggling my way inch by inch as I kept my eyes on this ugly looking man. Though I still didn’t manage toget close enough to ward off this guy, I managed to get to a position where I had a clearer view. And for the first time I noticed more !!

This guy was pretending to move with every movement of the bus and whenever the bus would go over a bump or a ditch, he would take the opportunity to press onto my wife ! My wife who still looked asleep didn’t realize what was happening.

I was raging with anger. I wanted to push aside all the other passengers and go up to this guy and punch him. I would have actually implemented my thoughts, but something inside me told me to stop. I didn’t know what it was, but an impulsive reaction made me stop right in my place.

My wife’s pallu had dropped from her shoulder and was resting on her arms, exposing substantial portions of her blouse. Her ample breasts tightly filled her blouse and the man seemed to be enjoying what he was seeing.

Getting no reaction from my sleeping wife, the man seemed to get bolder. In the beginning he would press only during a bump or a jerk of the bus, but now he kept pressing against her, even when the bus was on smoother roads. I could see his groin was pressing against my wife’s back. No one else could notice it in the crowded bus, unless one specifically wanted to,like me. I realized the man had slowly began to move his groin up and down against my wife’s ass. Very gently as not to be noticed. He suddenly looked around to see if anyone was watching him, and I swung my head away in time.

After a few seconds I turned my head back to see him continue do what he was doing. He must have thought she was traveling alone. I pretended to sleep too, but kept looking at him with one eye. All of a sudden the bus came to a halt. It was Mahim bus stop. Hardly any people got down, but more people got in and it became very chaotic inside. I could hear people shouting at each other. I could see another guy, standing next this ugly chap, move next to my wife. And then this new guy, pretended as if there was a push from the crowd from the other end and moved right in front of my wife.

My wife woke up startled.
“Why are you pushing me?” my wife asked angrily
“sorry madam, many people got in the bus and pushed me upon you” he replied apologetically“ soon we will have some space, please adjust in the meantime.”

On hearing the apologetic tone of this man, my wife calmed down. The bus started moving.My wife pulled up her pallu, and held the handle above with both her hands as the seat handle was out of reach now.