Desi wife breast feeds a dirty beggar

My name is Poornima Satpal. I am 27 years old married housewife. I have a two year old son who is still breastfeeding. My husband is a pilot. Most of the time he is out of the city.
I live with my In laws. Some times I have to stay alone in my house. At that time my father-in-law brought an old servant from his village. He was sixty years old and bald with dark brown complexion. I used to dress decently in front of everybody. The servant whom I call Narayan kaka seemed to be a decent man. Hindi Sex stories.

One night I was awake due to some sound. It was one o clock in the night. I found the sound was coming from our servant’s room . I peeped through the window after coming outside my house. We had a garden behind our house with a tall boundary wall. At one end there was the servant’s room. You are reading this story on When I looked inside I was stunned to see my husband’s elder brother’s wife in bra and saree hugging and kissing narayan . he pressed her breasts from outside and she smiled.

He told her. “ if I could get your devrani then it would be fun”. She got angry , I have bigger breasts than her, Don’t talk about her in front of me. He replied “ so what , she breastfeeds her baby, she has breastmilk, which you don’t have , if I ever find her alone then I am going to fuck her hard and drink all her breast milk”

I couldn’t believe this old man talking rubbish. I went back to my room and slept. Next day I tried to be normal but it was difficult. I decided to stop breastfeeding my son and force him to eat like a grown up not just chocolates and junk food. My husband also wanted to teach him to quit breast feeding. After two weeks everybody left for a marriage party and I was all alone that afternoon .

Narayan was washing clothes in the bathroom. I wore a black sleeveless blouse and a saya and moved around the house. When he saw me he just couldn’t control himself. He was confused what to do. You are reading this story on He kept staring at me chest and my belly button. I told him “ why are you staring at me, don’t you have any work to do Kakaji?” He said “ bahurani, you are so beautiful woman , If you dress in such a slutty way like a raandi then I cant control myself.” I told “ don’t look at me , just leave me alone.”. He said “ your arms are so white, your stomach and exposed skin is so fair.”

He took off his clothes and became naked. Then I saw his erect penis for the first time. It was dark and nine inches long. I just couldn’t sit still. He came in front of me “don’t you want my dick bahurani?”

I went out of control. I am holding the head of the old man and pressed them on my boobs. He hugged me tightly and my breasts pressed against his chest. I moved my chest and rubbed his face all over my blouse. Then I opened my blouse and my breasts were out in front of him . he wanted to drink my milk. But I pushed him on the floor and lifted my petticoat , then I positioned my vagina over him and pushed myself downward. His dick went inside me. With my hands holding my breasts I did up and down. My breasts were shaking. After five minutes we both came in the same time , my pussy juice mixed with his sperm and I lied down tired. He kissed me all over my body.

That night we had a foursome sex with our driver and my jethani. Nobody found out as we drugged them so that they wont be awake before 7 am in the morning no matter what happens. In one night the driver fucked me two times and the servant one time but this time Buddha couldn’t bring semen from his dick after he filled my jethani’s mouth with his load.

Things were going fine. The temperature was increasing due to summer condition in North India. Once I had to spent all day only with my jethani and son. At hot afternoon somebody rang the calling bell. I saw an old beggar with no proper clothes outside our gate. I told him to go away as I knew if I give him some money then he will come regularly. He asked for a glass of water. I looked outside. The streets were empty and every house had closed windows.

I went inside and told my jethani whose name is Sunita, the beggar is not going away he wants water I cant go near the gate . she told me why don’t you breastfeed the beggar. I told her “ what! Are you crazy” and I pinched her nipples hard. She screamed and smiled “few days ago you never thought you would fuck our servant and driver like me” now you are regularly having sex with them without behind your husband’s back”. “ come on it will be a funny sex scene, and a new experience for you, just try for a while”. The beggar is so thin and old, what if he dies during sex? I wondered in my mind.

I came out in bra and panty with a glass of water and opened the small window of our gate and gave him the glass. He stared at me shocked. I told him to drink. He started drinking and I lowered my left bra strapand exposed my left breast completely to him. He told me dress properly.I told him “the weather is so hot. Look outside, the streets are empty, everyone has closed their windows to avoid extreme hot. I cant dress more” .
I asked him to come inside for food. We gave him some clothes and made him take a bath in our private bathroom. You are reading this story on My son was sleeping in the A.C. room. He got cleaned and had good meal. While serving him food I brought my chest close to his mouth then I became completely naked and just brought my chest in front of him. At last he got the courage to touch my breasts. He sucked my left breast and as he had no teeth I felt tickling on my nipples as he bit them gently. He milked my breast with his mouth.I had lactating breasts and he sucked milk from my nipple.

Then he sucked my right breast and got milk. I saw milk drops coming out of my nipple.
Sunita bhabhi couldn’t resist the fun and opened her blouse and bra and asked him to kiss her breasts. After kissing her breasts just above her nipples he wanted to go.

He was so old that he was not capable of ejaculation. We called our husband’s to come home immediately as we were unable to satisfy ourselves