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Hi all, my name is Seema. I am 26 and married for the last three years. It was an arranged marriage in a good and respectable family. My husband and his family had several retail stores in Delhi and such we always had all the worldly comfort I could ever wish. I am a reasonably fair coloured girl with long hair and a figure of 33-27-34.
Originally I belong to Dehradun where I was born and brought up till being married and settling down in Delhi. Hindi Sex Stories

The event I am going to narrate actually took place a couple of months back when I was returning back to Delhi from Dehradun where I had gone to spend a few days. Initially my husband was too supposed to accompany me but due to some work I had to go alone so I had to take my car and driver for this journey.

When I was suppose to return back, my driver informed me that there was some problem in running of the car and he need to get it repaired before it is fit for the long journey. When he visited the workshop, the mechanic after inspection told him that it would take one whole day for the car to be repaired as there were some major faults.

I was really upset and annoyed with the driver for telling me all this when I was ready to leave. I called up my husband and he asked me to leave the car and driver there for repairs and I should take the deluxe bus that ran between the two places. You are reading this story on I knew that due to some social engagements my presence was necessary. So I left by the afternoon bus that was supposed to reach Delhi by the evening.

It was an air conditioned coach where only two person could sit in a row with enough leg space to relax. There was a man already seated by the isle when I entered the bus. When he saw me coming to take my seat, he not only got up and greeted me with a smile but also helped me with my handbag to be placed above. The driver had already put in my luggage in the boot compartment.

It was a smooth journey and the cool temperature inside was relaxing. The person seated next to me introduced himself to me as Ajeet who was returning to Delhi after his business tour. He was nice to chat with and always maintained that respect and manners reserved for the females. Everything was going so nice and we had covered half the distance when the sun set in and darkness began to follow.

The driver announced that he would be stopping for a few minutes in the resort that was coming up soon for all to get fresh and relax their muscles. He had hardly spoken these words when he had to stop the bus as there seem to be some problem ahead and all the vehicles had piled up ahead leaving no space at all to go ahead.

When the traffic did not move even an inch the conductor got down to enquire what was wrong ahead. You are reading this story on He came back after a few minutes and announced that there was a pile up ahead between two trucks carrying petroleum and one of them caught fire so the whole highway was blocked and the traffic that had piled up had made the matter worse.

The fire had engulfed a couple of more cars so there was no possibility of moving ahead for several hours and he wouldn’t be surprised if it was the whole night. I was shocked and dumb struck as my whole scheduled ahead gone flat. How could I spend the night in a bus, it was even crazy to think about.

After some more time the driver announced that he had confirmation from the agencies involved that the traffic would not be able to start till early morning and it would still take a few hours to get the jam clear. He further informed that we could walk over to the resort that was about half a kilometer from there and could pass the time there, have something to eat and if things did not improve even book a room there to stay the night.

For me it was the most gruesome walk ever in the hot whether. Though Ajeet my next seat traveller was there with me still it took me nearly half an hour to reach the resort and I almost slumped at the restaurant table. Ajeet had left me there to get fresh and did not return for a considerable time but I was too tired to care about him, moreover he was just a fellow passenger.

I called up my husband and informed him about the situation and he too confirmed having seen it in the news. He too was upset with it but under the circumstances, he too was helpless and he asked me to book a room immediately as there could be a heavy rush for it as hundreds of people are stranded there.

When I enquired at the reception for a deluxe room for a night, I was informed that everyone has been taken following the mess outside. You are reading this story on I got down to even an ordinary room to spend the night but there was none, He informed me that people are putting up in the lawns outside as the motel could not accommodate everyone.

The world seem to be spinning for me, spending the night out in the open was just unthinkable with scores of people out there. I was cursing my driver who could not get the car repaired in time, but even if he had, I would still be stuck here. All my requests got me no result and I finally left myself on my destiny, no one could help me here and it was like being among hundreds of people out there in the open.

I was standing alone outside the reception hall looking outside with moist eyes as I was feeling too alone to cope with the situation when I heard a voice asking me “did I get a room or what”. I looked around it was Ajeet asking me, I shook my head and continued looking towards the highway mess.

He added, “yeah I knew it would be tough getting a room once the driver had alerted us so I rushed to get a room as I came here and I just managed to get one room”. I nodded and said nothing. He was perhaps aware that I would not be able to spend the night out in the open with scores of people occupying the lawns so he offered the room to me and said that he would manage the night in the open and I should take a good night’s sleep.
I stared at him in astonishment, can a man be so generous? It was a lucrative offer but I could not accept it and I told him that I would manage somehow. But he asked me again to have the room but I plainly said no to him on that line. I could not allow him to spend the night outside while I sleep in comfort.

Finally he said that “okay you have the bed and I take the sofa, its a matter of a few hours and I can manage it”. For once I almost agreed but the thought that what if anyone come to know that I had spend one night in a motel room with some other man, this could ruin my life if it was open.