Lavanya – the slutty housewife

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I wondered if I am dreaming all these visuals happening before me, but my own orgasms were saying that it is reality. John came near the bed, while his wife got up stood on her knees and kissed her hubby on his lips. I saw them hugging each other and kissing very passionately and I saw his big 9 inch cock was jumping up and down in anticipation.
Seema removed her lips, smiling at him said” Honey, as I promised you, here is your present for your birthday”.

I was wondering what the present was and was not thinking about my nude position and was looking at the happy couple and specially was eyeing his giant cock which was oozing precum from its tip. I desperately wanted to taste the precum of a man. Both the husband and wife were looking at me and I was caught staring at John’s cock.

Seema: “Honey, as I promised you that I will give you Lavanya on your birthady, I have delivered this virgin girl to you on your birthday and prepared her for you, see the way Lavanya is ogling at your cock. Go on take her young body and pluck her cherry and enjoy her to your fullest”.

I felt like the whole world is shaking below me on hearing Seema, so the whole theft thing was a set up for me to fall prey to have their way with me and this wicked lady seduced me only to give me away as a gift to her horny lustful husband.

I wanted to die in shame rather than giving away myself to this selfish couple, who had planned meticulously to have me in their bed and take away my virginity which I had preserved for my future husband.

I was about to get up and run away from this place and this people, but sensing that I was about to flee, Seema quickly came near my head and pinned my shoulders to the bed not allowing me to rise from the bed. I started to kick my legs in air to free myself from her hands which was an impossible task.

John came between my legs placed his hands on my knees and pinned my legs to the bed and made me motionless. I started to cry again in despair and my helpless condition before this horrible and wicked couple.

I saw John moving his hips forward in kneeling position, hands still holding my knees firmly and brought his manhood closer to my pussy. I was horrified thinking that he is about to enter my pussy with that big cock of his and take away my virginity which I had preserved for so long.

A few minutes back I was screaming in excitement and now I was screaming in despair and pain,pleaded with them, “Sir,………Please leave meeeeeeeeee………….I am like your daughter……..don’t fuck me pleaseeeee………………..if you want I can give you blowjob and satisfy you with my mouth…………………………but please don’t fuck me in my pussy………………….uncle……………….. ………..Uncle……………pleaseeeeeeeeee…………Madam………..pleaseeeeeeeeee……………..”

I was sobbing continuously and was requesting both of them, but both of them was not in a mood to listen to me. Now John was holding his cock in his right hand and had placed his cock head near the door of my pussy and was beaming at his wife who was encouraging him” Honey, come on ……hurry up………fuck this virgin pussy in one jerk and pluck her cherry……….invade her………….she is a fucking slut and a fucking whore……..this young little slut needs a big cock like yours to satisfy her horny pussy ……….come on……………Dear……………….FUCK HER GODAMN PUSSY”

I had closed my eyes in fear thinking of the next step of John and felt pain in my pussy as his cock entered my vaginal opening and stretched the opening of the vaginal walls to accommodate his thick cock. He rested his cock head in my pussy for a while and I took my breath back and in another instant he drove his cock all the way into my pussy breaking my hymen.

I shrieked out very loud in pain and Seema sensing this was quick to close my mouth with her lips and I my scream died in my throat and tears rolled form my eyes in pain and in shame. My whole body was shivering with the fear and I had sweated profusely waking my body wet with my own sweat. My face was sticky with both my tears and sweat.

When John plunged his hot and big cock inside my virgin pussy and I felt like a hot iron rod had pierced my pussy which was already wet and moist with my cum juices. My pussy walls was stretched to the maximum to accommodate his thick and big cock and the pussy walls had once again clasped the cock firmly

John sensing my pain kept his cock still in my pussy without any movement for a minute or two. Sensing I was now under her control Seema released my mouth and I lifted my head a bit dared to open my eyes and look at my pussy.

I could see John’s Cock base was bloody red with my virginal blood and it had leaked from the sides of his cock too. I was trembling with fear on seeing my own blood and my body was shaking beyond my control and looked at Seema with helpless look in my face.
She too being a woman pitied at my condition, patted on my cheeks, kissing me on my checks with her soft lips affectionately. It felt very nice when she was showing me compassion at my condition and licking my tears and sweat off my face. It might have been salty but I loved Seema kissing me on my face and showing her motherly affection towards me.

Seema said” My poor Baby, Lavanya, The hardest part is over, child…….now it will be better from on and you will enjoy the real enjoyment and power of sex from on. And one more thing the diamond studded earring you are wearing now is for you as a present from us .”

I felt pity on myself, a diamond earrings is the price for my virginity put by this lady, and lot of things were running in my mind. Slowly the pain in my pussy subdued and I began to breathe normally while Seema was still consoling me and kissing and licking me affectionately on my face and cheeks.

Seema signalled her hubby and said “ Dear……slowly pull out your cock and wipe the blood stains from her pussy and wipe your cock clean too.”

As she ordered he pulled his monster cock from my vagina slowly and I could see blood gushing out from my vaginal opening and saw his cock was too covered with my blood. I was too meek to see my own blood and closed my eyes thinking that the worst part is over and thought that these horrible couple will leave me alone now.

I could feel his hands wiping my pussy clean with a cloth and he lifted my buttocks up and placed a new mattress under my ass as it was fully wet with my bed and made my buttocks cold because of the wetness.

I opened my eyes and looked gratefully at john for the care and concern he was showing for me and he smiled back at me. I saw him wiping his giant cock with another new cloth and after cleaning himself he threw the soiled cloth away.

Seema: “Honey, now enter her pussy slowly and fuck her very gently in the beginning and don’t try to show your cock power now.”

I looked at Seema pleadingly and said “ Ma’m…….please ask him to stop now…………my pussy is still paining ……….he can fuck me later…….but pleaseeeeeeeeeee…………….. not now…………….madam”.

Seema: No Baby,……the hardest part is over ……….now is the real pleasure of sex……trust me……I am telling you as a woman…..please co operate with him for a few minutes and you will know why”

And she again pinned my hands on the bed to avoid me resisting and turning to her husband said “Darling……Come on fuck her now and quench your thirst of fucking a virgin young Indian girl”

I had no strength left in me to resist that animal in front of me and closed my eyes fearing for the worst when he enters me. I could sense his cock head entering my pussy, but this time it was not that painful and gradually he drove his giant cock inside my vagina and my vaginal walls were stretched to take his cock back inside and it was easy because of my cum juices still inside my pussy because of the mouth work of Seema who had drove me to two wonderful orgasms.

After driving all of his 9 inch cock inside me, he slowly began to give slow thrusts by pulling it out by about 5 inches and diving back in. These movements of his cock inside my pussy rubbing my hot vaginal walls was now feeling very nice and I started to actual enjoy his cock movements in my wet pussy and I leaked a bit again without me knowing. This lubrication made his cock more wet and felicitated his thrusts by lubricating more.