Lavanya – the slutty housewife

Dear friends, this is Nalini (changed) with my new story of my college friend Lavanya. Please don’t forget to comment on I am a newly married housewife aged 26 years with a 34B-26-36, enjoying and satisfied with my husband’s love making in bed, but still yearn for a feminine body touch which I am missing from collage girl friend during our golden collage days. Hindi Sex Stories

I loved the soft hands of my girl friend roaming and caressing my body and especially the soft hands pressing my breasts instead of my husband’s rough hands.The story I am going to write is of my virgin college friend Lavanya who is a close friend of mine during school and college days and we used to share everything intimate between us. She had come to Hyderabad to meet her parents and friends and when we met alone in our house, she told me about her affair with a couple in U S A, where she is pursuing her M S Degree and the mixed race couple are showing her a new world of sex to her.

I was dumbstruck on hearing her story and may be you too , so I am narrating her story in her own words for the story to be more juicy.I will narrate the story in Lavanya’s words for better narration………..Myself, Lavanya, aged 23 years come from a well to do middle class family finished my Engineering in E C E from a reputed Hyderabad college. I had ambitions to do my M S from a reputed University in United States of America. So I finally landed in Ohio University, without any scholarship. Since I was on a very tight budget, I couldn’t afford renting a flat for myself which was very expensive in US. More over eating out was also not on my budget. Since I didn’t like the hostel facility in the college campus; I was searching for a budget paying guest accommodation.One of my Indian friends told me that a couple was looking out for a paying guest , preferably an Indian girl as the wife was Indian and her husband was American. And the rent was also attractive and within my budget, I said yes and went to their place taking my luggage with me.The couple were waiting for me, the Indian wife Seema was about 35 year’s age and her hubby John was also the same age. Since they had no kids they wanted a homely type girl for the lady to have company as she used to stay alone when ever her hubby out for work. And I fitted the bill for them as I was Indian and could spend some time with the lady since I was studying. They gave me first floor bedroom for me and the couple were staying in the ground floor, so I got some privacy for myself for studying.

First few days went fine, it was Saturday I had no classes to attend took bath wore my favorite pink skirt and matching crop cut T-shirt. I came to the ground floor and saw Seema was in the kitchen preparing breakfast. She was wearing white long gown and she was looking like a college going girl like me in that dress. John had already left for the office for some important work. I asked Seema if I can help her out in the kitchen.

Seema:” Don’t trouble yourself, Lavanya, enjoy your weekend, I will prepare your breakfast in a moment”.

Me: “Ok Madam, I will go and watch TV”.

I came and sat on the sofa and switched on the TV and started to watch the Indian channel news for latest updates happening in my home country.

I heard Seema calling me and asking me about her mobile. I searched for it in the living room but couldn’t find it. So I gave a ring on her number from my mobile and I could hear her ringtone coming from her bedroom.

I went to their bedroom for the first time, and saw it was spacious than my room and elegantly decorated too. The mobile was lying on the bed, I took it up and was about to return to the living room when I saw her beautiful diamond earrings lying on the dressing table.

I was tempted to touch that costly diamond earrings, took it in my hands and the big diamonds were glittering in the morning sunlight rays. I badly wanted to try it on my ears and see how I look myself with my favourite pink dress which I was wearing.

I removed my small earrings and put on diamond stud earrings and was admiring myself in the mirror .I was admiring my 32B-28-34 body with my pink skirt and T top ,when I heard Seema screaming…………. LAVANYAAAAAA……………….. on top of her voice, turned and saw her standing near the room door.

She came towards me in a fit of rage and holding my t-shirt with her left hand and slapped me hard across my cheek very hard. I was shocked by her sudden attack and saw a thousand lights before my eyes because of her one big slap.

“You fucking Bitch, are you trying to steal from my home……let me call the police” Saying Seema picked up her the land line phone which was on the dressing table. She was trying to call 911 and I fell to my knees before her legs sobbing.

“Please don’t call the police Madam, I was just only looking at them and not trying to steal, believe me” I said with folded hands still crying.

Seema looked down at me somewhat sadistic smile in her eyes, lifted me up using my thin T shirt as leverage and pulled me up. The T- shirt got torn when she lifted me up thus exposing by pink push up bra to her.

I tried to cover my modesty with the torn T-shirt, but she immediately tore the remaining and tossed my T- shirt on the floor leaving me exposed with the bra. I covered my chest with my hands crossed and was still sobbing because of her sudden onslaught on me.

Seema: “Fucking Whore, stealing my favourite diamond earrings from me and covering your assets from me…..come on, Bitch, take off your hands from your boobs now. Let me have a look at your young breasts and see how well you have got that I don’t have”

“Please Ma’m, I was not stealing, I was only just looking at them. Please spare me, .don’t call the police…….pleaseeeeeeeeee”, I was still pleading with her covering my breasts with my hands. Seema in a fit of rage held my bra strip near my cleavage and forcefully pulled my bra.

PHATACK…My bra’s back hook gave away with a thud noise and my favourite bra was now in her hands totally wrecked thus exposing my 32B breasts to this wicked woman. I struggled to cover my modesty with my hands from her prying eyes, but that was not sufficient.

Seema was viewing my treasures closely and found my right nipple staring at her proudly; she quickly held my nipple with her left hand and twisted my nipple. I winced in pain and shame at her actions. I could feel her left hand moving on my skirt trying to insert her hand into my skirt.

I was horrified, I quickly let go my breasts, took my both my hands down to ward off her advances. That was the dumbest mistake I did, I had revealed my top assets to this wicked lady, who immediately mouthed my left nipple and started to suck on it. It felt very nice to have her soft and warm lips on my nipple and her right hand was busy pressing my free right breast.

I stood like a zombie before her when she was attending both my breasts with her hand and mouth and was beginning to enjoy it. Now Seema’s left hand now was inside my panties and she had pulled it down with ease as I had stopped struggling. Now I was just holding her left hand and trying to push it back but she was adamant and placed her hand on my naked clean shaven pussy.

I shrieked when her cold fingers went inside my pussy and she started to finger fuck my pussy in the standing position. I was sobbing very loudly now when she bit my nipple and the other breast was being tortured by her hands. But being a virgin till now without much of any experience of sex, her nipples sucking and her finger fucking my pussy made my pussy leak a bit with cum juices.