Desi Wife Swapping Continues..

I am Madhur and I married to a very beautiful girl Jhanvi, who is very cooperative and submissive in the bed and open for variations in our sex life. I am going to continue with this desi wife swapping experience that we had lately.

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Soon she was aroused and filled with passion.

Her cunt started bulging to explode with pleasure, while I parted the lips of her pussy apart.

Desi Wife Swapping > Unforgettable experience with my Aunty > desi wife swappingHe could not resist further and started spanking with his hands on her butts until became red, to make her wild with passion, which was effective & worked well as she was enjoying well besides demanding more.

Then he held his cock and positioned on the backside on her cunt. Then he held her at her waist with both the hands and pushed his cock fully deep inside.

She screamed with pleasure and adjusted her ass accordingly.

I was very much afraid, if she would be able to take such a big and thick cock inside completely. To my surprise she was feeling very comfortable and started demanding fucking harder.

I was watching each and every movement very closely from down below and enjoying her fucking.

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Her boobs were shaking with the thrusts and the large lobes of the flesh of her labia were also moving in and out with movement his cock. It was worth seeing actions so closely.

I was thrilled when he discharged and filled his cum inside her cunt and simultaneously her body jerked with waves of pleasure and she attained heavy orgasm with spasms.

After he removed his cock, I licked her cunt and she enjoyed aftermath spasms once again in her cunt, squeezing our sperms.

She was lying cool and calm relaxing in his lap after the erotic and strong fucking.

Her eyes were full of passion and showing ultimate satisfaction. We relaxed for some time and regained for another stormy session of intercourse.

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This time he made her to lie down on the edge of the bed with a thick pillow to raise her ass. Thereafter she raised her legs and spreader apart and invited him to fuck her.

He sat down in front of her and had a good close look of her flowering cunt, which was stuffed with large lobes of flesh of clitoris and attractive large clitoris above.

He licked her cunt all around, up and down and then parted the lips aside to explode her cunt.

Then he inserted his middle finger deep inside and worked on her G-Spot until it became active and she started moaning with pleasure. Her face flushed hot and filled with passion fore head sweating.

Then he started playing with the mouth filling labia and clitoris, nibbling, stretching and throbbing. By this time she was in full heat and moaning with pleasure and demanding his cock inside her wet and dripping pussy.

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She could not resist further and pleaded him fill her demanding pussy and make her cum.

He then got up and positioned his dick in the center of slit and guided with his hand until the portion of his cock entered inside, then he pushed the whole length deep inside, filling the hole up to hilt.

She screamed with pleasure due to tight and forced entry, because she had never taken such a big cock before. I was having doubt but she succeeded to grab whole length.

He bent down over her and played with her boobs and kissed her passionately for some time.

She placed her legs around his waist and asked him to fuck her hard. He started fucking her with strong thrusts and full stroke, which stirred her cunt with piston action.

Her whole body was shaking and the boobs were moving in the rhythm of thrust, while she was responding each thrust by raising her ass.

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