Fucked Husband’s boss for promotion

I am Mamta, new to Literotica. We are a married couple from Cuttack Orissa. My husband Kunal is working as a data entry operator on temporary basis in a government office. Before three months back there was a post for a regular computer programmer was becoming vacant in that office and for that there was fierce competition between Kunal and another lady computer operator called Srilatha who is also working in same office just like my husband .

She was a divorced south Indian woman who would edge past Kunal by seducing their horny officer Haresh. Haresh was in charge officer and he would forward one of the name (Kunal/Srilatha) to head office for that post and his decision was final. Haresh was in his late thirties but his appetite for women was unceasing.

So Kunal informed me with very that he can’t compete with Srilatha due to this. Hearing it I told my husband that “I can compete and defeat that bitch Srilatha if you permit and allow doing so…..” Kunal initially was shocked but over a period of time he realized that I was doing it his sake and we made a plan of action. We arranged for a party at our house for which Haresh was the only invitee. I prepared everything and then went in the bathroom to get ready .I was dressed in a transparent black silk saree and a low cut blouse with a wide back. The blouse was held in its place by a single knot in front.

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Inside I was wearing a very expensive front open brassiere. My milky breasts were threatening to pop out of their confines and the saree was so snug around my hips that it was very alluring. I had also applied a bold makeup with dark lipsticks and shiner, my face was glowing. My breasts were heaving gently inside my blouse on which lay my mangalsutra. Haresh Sir came at about 7.30 the moment I opened the door he stared at me gape mouth. After welcoming him Kunal handed him a drink and then made some excuse to leave the house. I closed the door and then went and sat next to Mr. Haresh my husband’s boss.

Haresh took in the way my flat tummy peeked beneath my saree pallu and the way my breasts were moving in their confines. He placed a hand on my bare back.” you are very beautiful Mamta” And I was also very politely replied “Sir, you are my husband’s officer and it our duties to respect your wants and defer to your wishes” I said and moved so that my thigh was resting against his .

I allowed my pallu to slip. “Sir, give Kunal this post he is competent you know that.” I said and turned to him. “For this one evening?” he asked holding my hand. “No sir, for a life time so long as we are here together. Do whatever you want with me” I said and let my pallu fall completely. Then I took his hand and guided to my right breast. He cupped it as our lips met for long wet kiss.

I gently unzipped his fly and pushed my hand inside. I found his cock semi rigid and pulled it free. “I will suck you, you can do me in here or in my ass, whatever position you want, I will be like a whore to you” I said and pulled the knot that was holding my blouse together. “Srilatha too does it for me” he said. “She will not give you the satisfaction to fuck a married woman in front of her husband on their bed”, I said and unhooked my bra hook in front. I held the cups open for him to knead and he complied eagerly. Then the doorbell rang “sir, it’s Kunal I will sit like this and you bring him in” My tact worked. There was a perverse satisfaction on his face knowing he was going to open the door for a husband while his wife was sitting semi naked in front of his boss.

Kunal came in and put a brave face on seeing his pretty wife sitting like a whore with her blouse and brassiere open and her breasts hanging out. Haresh returned to the sofa ignoring Kunal and pulled me in embrace. He removed my blouse and bra completely and then started to knead my breasts and lick my nipples. Seeing my nipple getting rock hard, Haresh switched on to my next nipple. He continued to suck the other nipple hard. Seeing Haresh so much engross in sucking my nipple, I slowly brought my hand down to my naval where my sari was tucked in and then gently began to pull it out.

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After I pulled the last end of my sari out, I gently unwrap it from over my waist and eventually my sari began to slip on the ground. Haresh was so much engross in sucking my nipple that he didn’t notice me strip my sari and my husband Kunal‘s presence. His hands gradually slid down and taking a portion of my petticoat into his clutches he rode it up over my hips, revealing my frilled panty. “Oh, Mamta. You are so sexy!” He murmured as he inserted his both hands into my panty to feel my bare ass. He slid down and as he did, he pulled my panty to the floor along with him.

He sat down on his knees and watched my bare cunt. Seeing my bare pussy he went crazy, he hugged my hips and kissed me on my hairy twat. As he continued to kiss me there, he snuggled his tongue and nose into my slit. “Ummmhhhh…” I sighed when my husband’s boss Haresh opened up my pussy lips with his tongue and began licking my inner pink. My pussy was getting wet and from the wetness he easily came to know that I was getting hot minute after minute. “I think, Mamta, you need to sit down…” Haresh said. And I really did, I slowly sat down on my butt; Meanwhile Haresh undid his pant buttons and pulled his pants down. As he did that, my eyes were stuck on his cock, His briefs were still on, and from the size of his throb from over his briefs, and it seemed not less than 6 inch.

Haresh once again sat on his knees, and spreading my legs, he once again plunged his mouth into my desperate cunt. As Haresh continued to eat my pussy, I felt the heat mounting up with my approaching orgasm. Haresh was doing miracles to my pussy with his tongue. He dug his tongue into my love opening and licked my inner walls. Now it was too late, I was completely turned on, I didn’t care if my husband Kunal did show up now, and only thing I craved for was Haresh’s six inch shaft.

My groaning was getting wild. “Aaahhh… deeper…deeper…Oohhhh” I moaned as Haresh’s tongue cave in to search the depth of my grotto. “Ohhhh my god,” I breathed as he began to tongue fuck me faster. I felt crumbled as I desperately wanted Haresh’s 6 inch cock inside my pussy. “Ohhhhhh, godddd!!!…Haresh… Fuck me….Fuck me with your cock…” I whimpered. I looked at Haresh desperately. He was smiling; smiling as if he had won some bet. He walked up over my body and when he did, I spread my legs further to accommodate him. “Kunal now I am going to fuck your wife in your bed where you should be fucking her “. Ok Sir she is all yours now” Kunal said. He adjusted himself bringing his dick facing my pussy. Haresh rubbed his cock head into the top portion of my slit.

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My breathing grew heavier with the touch of his dick and my juices were now flowing out of my cunt. Haresh began to rub his dick up and down of my drenched slit. I moaned, “Oohhh Haresh….Put it in….Pleeease…” “Yes baby… I am going to fuck you in front of your husband.” Haresh said and gently eased the head of his dick down to the entrance of my hot hole. The wetness had made my twat so slippery that in two thrust Haresh began to dig the depths of my pussy. Slow but hard. And after every thrust like this my body began to shudder and my moans, “Ohh yeah…” were crossing the limits. I had forgotten that my husband was watching our action closely from only 5feet distance And after few seconds as Haresh’s pace grew faster and harder, I felt hard contraction, my hips began to buck and I hugged him with my arms and legs tightly. I was screaming, “FUCK ME….Make me CUM” into Haresh’s ears and then suddenly I met my climax.

Haresh wasn’t stopping, he was still fucking me, and I never knew he could hold on for a longer time, my whole mind was filled with lust. I raised my hips up against him to meet his thrusts. With every blow of his dick, I began looking forward for my second intense orgasm. But then he pulled his cock out of my withering cunt, “what happened….” I asked and he told me that he wanted me in a doggie style. Like a slave I obeyed him, I stood on my hands and legs with my butt facing towards him. Haresh got on his knees and massaging his dick he plunged it into my pussy. He grasped my ass cheeks and began to ram me once again. My pussy was in spasm and then suddenly I felt him shooting off deep inside my pussy; he poured every drop of his sperm into my womb.

I moaned ecstatically as I once again felt myself cumming. It was over, we were doing this for last 20 minutes and thank god my husband was watching all our live BP film didn’t remark until this moment. Haresh withdrew his dick out of my spasmodic cunt. Well I stood there in the same doggie position, gasping. After he was done he dressed his pants on and walked out of the bed room with my husband. After my breathing became normal, I stood up too. I didn’t do much to cover up my body, I just pulled my petticoat up over my breasts and due to elastics it stayed over my breast covering me up to my knees.

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I peeped out of the door and saw Haresh sitting next to my husband. I was sure that my husband’s posting is now final. I walked out dressed like that to go to bathroom to clean myself. I washed myself for half an hour and wrapping my body with a piece of a towel I came out. Well no one was in the bedroom. So I walked to the door and peeped out. I saw Haresh and my husband Kunal were in busy in some official discussion. I walked back to my cupboard and opened its door. I took my nighty out and wore it. Then I looked at the time, it was 10:30 pm. This day had turned out to be unforgettable.

After a while Haresh and my Kunal came inside. I looked at them trying to figure out what’s on their mind now. But then Haresh spoke up, he said, “Mamta Thank you for your sexy cooperation and making the game so exciting and .And don’t worry about it I won’t come to know to any other what happened between us in this night.” Haresh’s words were very comforting. I smiled at them. After saying this they began to walk out of my bedroom.

When I saw my husband walked out, and Haresh just about to leave, I stopped Haresh and said, “Sir…if you want to, you can come to me any time, when you feel like…you know what I mean….” I said and smiled at him.

“Sure Mamta. Thank you…”.