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Hi friends, I am a regular reader of Indian sex stories stories. I am very fond of them. While reading others experiences one thing came to my mind why not to share my true experience with others. Well before starting the real story I want to tell something about me.

I am Sandip from Kolkata. I am 20 years old with a good looking body of height 5’8”.Girls and women often told me that a have a real handsome look. What I am going to narrate is my real life happening and it happened three years ago. That was for the first time I was having sex with somebody or in other words my virginity was deflowered that time only. The real play began something like this. That was a bright autumn day. I was home alone. My family was out of town for some marriage.

The time was around 11am. I was busy reading some real sexy stuff. I suddenly heard the calling bell rang. I suddenly kept the book under the bed and went to open the door. I saw two sales girls at the door. I opened the door and they came in. They said to me good morning. They told me that they had some items to advertise and sale. Then they opened their bag and showed me some TV and fridge covers. But I was least concerned about those things and what I was observing was their body structure as I was just interrupted from reading a really hot stuff. Then I told them that I don’t want those things and they may go now.

Then the two packed their bag and after that they asked me for some water. I went inside my home and brought water for them. They took the water and asked me whether they can sit for some time in my house as the atmosphere was quite hot. Then I told them to come inside my house and sit in my drawing room. Both of them sat on a sofa and relaxed a bit. Then I started talking to them. I asked them how they are in the profession of sales persons. They told me that they are students and they have got an assignment of selling goods moving from door to door. They had got some marks for selling a single piece.

Then for some time we sat calmly. After that I told them that I had to take my bath and so to excuse me for some time and I went to the bathroom. As I went to the bathroom I kept the door of the bathroom open so that I can well observe them. They could also see me taking bath. I marked that they were looking at me while I was taking bath and gossiping with each other. When my eyes caught them they both gave a smile. I guessed something what they might be having in their minds. I came from the bathroom after my bath with a Turkish towel down from my waist and another on my shoulders and drying my hairs with that. By that time I had conceived something really hot in my mind and I was having a bulge in the Turkish towel.

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When I came near them they marked my bulge and again gossiped with a smile probably thinking that I had not marked them. Suddenly I went to one having the gorgeous figure. Before telling more let me tell u all something about their figures. The gorgeous one was really sexy with 38-28-37 with a fair complexion with a good pair of boobs for which I am crazier about. While the other one was 34-26-34 with medium sized boobs. I went to the gorgeous one sitting on the sofa and my bulge was just at her mouth and asked her “u like it”. Then she gave a smile and bent her head a little down. Knowing her agreement I suddenly brought my prick out of the towel which was a 6 incher at that time and touched its head to her mouth. She opened her mouth slightly and I pumped my dick straight to her mouth.

She took my tool into her mouth and sucked like an ice-cream. By that time I reached down to touch her breasts. Those were really good, big and exciting. I started fondling her boobs. Seeing this other entire girl was getting horny and started caressing her body with her hands. I inserted my hands through the neck of the low cut dress of the girl sucking my dick and squeezed her boobs really hard through her bra. That gave me a lot of excitement and I continued to put pressure on her ripe fruits. I went on caressing her boobs which forced her to moan heavily. Seeing her excitement I put my hands inside her bra which held the boobs very tightly. I started crushing her nipples with my thumb and index.

I was unable to cup her boobs in her bra as that was very tightly holding the boobs. Then I moved my hand to her back inside her dress and unhooked her bra and moved my hand forward to squeeze her boobs which are then free and gave me more excitement. Then I was able to hold her boobs more freely and I went on squeezing her boobs and crushing her nipples with my fingers. By this time my dick started to increase in her mouth to its full size of 7″.That made me restless and I drew my hands out of her dress and moved them to her back to unzip her dress. I pulled her dress along with her bra up to her waist which revealed her fully excited and well sized boobs. Her boobs were bigger and nicer than what they looked through her dress. I grabbed both her boobs with both my hands at once and squeezed them vigorously. She moaned in excitement. I went on pressing her boobs and she was moaning in excitement while sucking my cock really hard in her mouth.

By this time the 2nd girl was highly aroused and moaning heavily while caressing her own body with her own hands over her dress. I asked the 2nd girl to come near the sofa and to play with my balls. She came instantly and took my balls in her mouth. She took my balls in her mouth like strawberry. At that time I was at the peak of my excitement. Both the girls played with my dick which gave me a lot of pleasure. Both of them were making sounds like uuuuuhhhhhhnnnnnnn….. Aaaaahhnnnnnn….

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Then the 2nd girl took my dick in her mouth and started sucking it while the 1st girl played with my balls and took them into her mouth. For all that I felt like coming and suddenly my cum spurted in the mouth of the 2nd girl and both the girls shared my cum with pleasure and they sucked my cock dry. After that we all came to our basics that is we all got stark naked in front of each other. I now turned to the 2nd girl and kissed her passionately while squeezing her boobs and tickling her nipples which were of the shape of black grapes. We made a 69 position and I took her clit in my mouth and licked that while she was sucking my dick. The gorgeous girl played with my balls and sometimes she took them to her mouth.

I put my index finger inside the cunt of the 2nd girl started finger fucking her. She moaned heavily while sucking my dick very hard. She took my dick totally into her mouth up to her throat. Then the gorgeous looking girl came near me and placing her cunt near my mouth slept on her back. I had to made justice to her also so I started sucking her love hole while finger fucking the other girl. By this time the gorgeous girl was pressing her own boobs real hard and moaning heavily. I alternately sucked and finger fucked both the cunts. Both the cunts were releasing their love juices which I drank eagerly. The girls were making sounds like aaaaaahhhhhhhh…… oooohhhhhhhh……. uuuuuuuueeeeeee……. All this excited me a lot and this led me to increase my speed of sucking and finger fucking both the cunts. At all this my dick regained its rock hard condition and now I realized that the time for the real game has arrived and I told the two girls to start the real fuck session.

We all changed our positions. The gorgeous looking girl who was sleeping on her back spreader her legs wide. Then I kept my glance at the opening of her sweet pot and rubbed it on her cuneal opening which made her restless. I touched her clit with my rock hard cock head. All this came over her tolerance limit and she screamed to stop that and begged for a nice fuck. But still I continued to rub my dick around her vaginal region. Her vagina was running heavily and she was also moaning heavily. Now I felt that the time to enter has come and I gave a heavy jerk holding my penis head at her opening. With one single stroke my 7 incher was completely in her cunt as that was very wet and her cuntal fluid had made the hole very slippery.

Then I started pumping the girl slowly. She made aaaahhhhhhh……. oooooohhhhhhhh…… uuuuueeeeeee……. fuck me fuuuuccckkkk mmmeeee haaard fuckkk mmeeee deeperrrrr sounds. All these sounds catalyzed me to raise my speed and I started the to and fro motion with my full pace. By this time the other girl stood in front of me with her legs spread over the gorgeous girl such that her cunt was just near my mouth. Now I put my tongue inside her cunt and licked that. She pressed her cunt to my mouth so that I could suck and lick her more intensely. This made her to moan heavily and she started squeezing her own boobs.

Her cunt was flowing and I was drinking all her juice. Simultaneously I was eating one cunt, pumping another cunt and playing with the boobs of the gorgeous girl. This gave me lot of pleasure. Both the girls were moaning heavily like aaaahhhh….. Ooooohhhhhhh….. Uuuuueeeeeee….. Ffuuuuckkkkk mmeee…. ssuckkkkk mmmeeee…. fuck me hard and suck me hard. I put my optimum effort to draw pleasure from all these actions. My pumping drained all the love juices from the cunt of the gorgeous girl and her orgasmic a number of times while the cunt near my mouth was readily leaving her juices. We continued like that for about 20 minutes and by this time the gorgeous girl was running like anything. Then I realized that I had to make justice to the other girl also. So I stopped fucking the gorgeous girl. Now it was the turn of the girl who was being licked by my mouth.

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I told the second girl for a doggy style. She readily came to her palms and knees. I put my dick in her cunt from behind and started a slow to and fro motion. The gorgeous girl came to the 2nd girl and kept her cunt near her mouth. The girl I was fucking started licking the cunt near her mouth and she inserted her tongue into the cunt and tongue fucked that while moving her buttock to synchronize with my strokes. She was moaning badly which gave me more excitement and I fucked her more rapidly. Her cunt started draining the love juices. I increased my speed of fucking and gave the girl some more orgasms. While fucking the girl I was slapping on her ass chicks at times which was like a shock of pleasure for both of us.

I was pressing the boobs of the girl I was fucking. That fucking in doggy style and boob squeezing continued for quite a long time. Both the girls were making exciting noises. The well build ass of the girl whom I was fucking drove me crazy. Her ass chicks were quite fleshy and my slaps created nice waves over them. By that time the cunt I was fucking was dripping and the juice flowed through the thighs of the girl. The gorgeous girl being tongue fucked was also making exciting sounds. The nicely shaped ass of the girl I was fucking gave me an idea about fucking in that nicely shaped ass.

Then I freed one of my hands but the other one was still playing with two boobs simultaneously. With my free hand I touched her clit and crushed it keeping that in-between my thumb and index. This led the girl to moan loudly. By doing so my hand was well lubricated with her cunt juice and I brought my lubricated hand near her asshole and put my index in her asshole. She gave a loud moan. Her ass hole was very tight. I thought that was for the first time her asshole had been touched. Then I started a slow to and fro motion of my index finger in her asshole. She screamed and later her screams became her moans.

Then I inserted my middle finger into her asshole. Her asshole was getting wider and smoother. After sometimes both my fingers made very easy and fast motions into and out of her asshole. Then suddenly I brought my dick out of her cunt and kept its head at her asshole. I gave a little thrust so that it should not hurt her and the head of my tool was well inside her ass. Her cunt juices all over my tool worked like a god lubricant and I started a slow pumping motion. With three push pull actions I entered her asshole completely. She first screamed a bit then she enjoyed being ass fucked.

After that I gradually raised my pace and fucked her ass with full force. Again I moved my hand forward to squeeze her breasts.

The girl was sucking the clit of the gorgeous girl and licking her cunt and the gorgeous girl was playing with her own boobs. I was riding the girl from behind like a horse. Both the girls were moaning heavily. After some time of ass fucking I said them that it was now the turn of the gorgeous girl to be ass fucked. At that time the girl I was fucking in the ass raised one of her hands from the floor and moved that over the cunt of the gorgeous girl and got that wet with her love juice. Then she took her hand a little down near the asshole and entered her index into the asshole of the gorgeous girl. The gorgeous girl gave a scream.

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The girl I was ass fucking started a piston in the ass of the gorgeous girl and the scream of the girl became her moans. At all that I was amazed at the strength of the girl I was ass fucking as simultaneously she was receiving my hard strokes in her ass while I was also squeezing her boobs real hard and she was eating one cunt and fingering one asshole all that on the support of one hand and two knees.

The gorgeous girl was moaning heavily as she was being cunt eaten and ass fingered. Seeing her moan the 2nd girl inserted another finger into her asshole and started fingering. After some strokes of fingering I realized that her asshole was then a bit free and that was ready to take my tool. So I told again that it was now the turn of the gorgeous girl to get an ass fuck. Hearing my words she ran to me. I told her to lay on the floor by her left side. Then removing my dick from the ass of the 2nd girl I slept aside the gorgeous girl and placed my tool head at her asshole. With a little jerk my tool head entered her ass and a moan came out of her mouth.

Then I started a rhythmic motion to fuck her and that time I took my hand to the front side and played with her cunt and tickled her clit.The 2nd girl sat near the mouth of the 1st girl so that her cunt was just touching the lips of the gorgeous girl and started fondling the boobs of the gorgeous girl.The gorgeous girl licked the cunt near her mouth while I was fucking her in the asshole and playing with her vaginal parts.In this position we continued for sometime.After that I felt like cumming.So I brought my dick out of the asshole.Seeing that both the girls came near me and I jerked my tool a little and it threw all its content on the two eagerly waiting bodies.Both the girls spread my cum all over their bodies and then sucked my dick to make it dry.

After that they sucked my cum on their hands.By this time we all were very much tired and fall right there on the floor for sometime still playing with each other’s body. After about half an hour we all went to the bathroom and cleaned each other’s body. Then the girls helped me cleaning the place where we had a nice suck and fuck session,as the place was full of cunt juices. After that we all dressed up and I gave both of them a goodbye kiss on their lips and boobs.I also squeezed their boobs over their dresses and thanked them for that nice session and I promised for that sort of fucking and sucking whenever they come to our place and I am alone.

They left our place smiling.