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Hi everyone, I’m regular reader of indian porn stories on this site. This is my first story so pls don’t mind my mistakes as I’m not a good writer. Let me tell u about myself I’m 26 years old Indian national working as a pilot in Philippines. I went to Philippines in March 2010 for my studies after that i started working there. I’m 6 feet avg. built guy with above avg. looks. This is a real story.

Let me straight away come to d story. I landed in Philippines on a weekend as it was first time for me to go out of India. I was very excited as i have heard and read lot about this amazing country, before coming to Philippines i have searched online for some good disco clubs as I’m party animal and loves to party. It was my first day in Philippines and i went to a disco club i reach there earlier as i was excited and after waiting for few hours it started to get crowed after midnight.

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I was really amazed by the crowd as it was first time to go to any foreign club, i have been to many clubs in Goa, Mumbai, Delhi and also other parts of India but this was best crowd and music. I was standing near bar and drinking black label; there was one very sexy girl standing next to me i start talking with her at first i was very shy as i don’t have that kind of experience in India earlier.

We introduce each other she said she is 20 years old and working in a bpo. I also told her that I’m a student from India will take pilot training here and i have arrived this morning only, she was impressed by my profession (student pilot). After that i asked her for drink, she become very frank, i did not understand what to do but i thought just to go with d flow.

After few rounds of drink i was little bit tipsy but she was fine she was really a hard drinker, i asked for a dance, then start d real thing. I was so amazed of her dancing skills. I have never seen anyone dancing so sexy and seductive earlier. She was rubbing her body against me; it was very exciting and suddenly i kissed her on neck while dancing and we started to smooch each other like lovers, she was rubbing her sexy ass on my dick while dancing and it made my dick hard. I also pressed her boobs and ass few times.

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Then she said that she is tired and wants to sleep i got her intentions i invited her to sleep in my hotel, she agreed to it. We took a cab and headed to my hotel while in taxi also she was kissing me madly and i took her boobs out of dress and started sucking them. As we entered hotel room we started kissing each other madly, full of wildness and i open her dress, her boobs were not so big (like Indian girls) but with perfect shape. She has best body perfect shape with firm boobs nice flat tummy and sexy ass. I started sucking her nipples she became very horny after sometime i also got undressed and she starting sucking my dick, it was best blowjob i have ever experienced.

She sucked my dick continuously like a pro after sometime i cummed in her mouth and she drank all after that i again started kissing her and sucking her boobs, and i proceed to her pussy it was smelling good a hairless light pink colored pussy different smell and texture from Indian pussy. I had sex earlier also many times in India with my gf’s but i have not seen this kind of pussy earlier, it was very smooth and smells good. I started licking her like mad and she was moaning. I also finger fuck her she also changed her position and start sucking my dick again and she was also rubbing and sucking my balls in between.

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She was moaning very heavily and i was also rock hard. I put on a condom and insert my hot rod in her waiting wet love hole, i fucked her for some time and she was moaning very loudly. I started fucking her fast and after some time we changed position now i started fucking her like a mad man in doggie position. After that i cummed and lie down next to her and started fondling her boobs and kissing her. She told me that she enjoyed a lot with me and she likes my dick, she also told me that guys in Philippines have smaller dick as compared. We also talked about other general things.

Later we took shower together and i started pressing her boobs in shower and after that come on her knees and give me a hot blowjob in running hot water shower i soon become hot. I insert my dick in her pussy this time without condom in doggie position. And it was great feeling without any plastic in between i can feel her hot wet and tight pussy griping my rock hard dick, i started pumping very hard and this time we both cum soon together, i just withdraw as i don’t want to cum inside her, that was first time for me to have sex in hot shower, it feels great. We had sex 3 times that night and we sleep while hugging each other naked.

Next morning when i woke up she was in deep sleep, she was looking very beautiful while sleeping i was not able to control myself and i started kissing her and woke up and respond to my kiss and we had great sex again.

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And after that she took shower wear her clothes and went. We exchange our numbers. We were in contact for few weeks i fucked her many times later also in her apartment. But after few weeks she went to another city for work.

I really enjoyed a lot on my first night in Philippines, i thought myself that i will enjoy a lot in this country. Now I’m living in Philippines from last 3 and half years and had great sex life. I had sex here with many nationalities girls and woman; i will post my other experiences soon.