Munesh Fucked My Mom – Part 2

Hi Guys, This is Nitin again, from Coimbatore. I’m a regular reader of the neighbor sex and porn materials on desi bahu dot com. After reading many stories I decided to post a real incident happened in my family a few years back. I posted the first part – Munesh Fucked My Mom In Front Of Me. I hope you read it. Let’s get on with the second part of neighbor sex now.

My mom was happy and immediately went to room to wear that and show it to Munesh.

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huge tits neighbor sexThat day my mom was wearing transparent black saree..

Which is fair enough to expose her assets and with low cut blouse which expose almost her huge size boobs and her back and she wore lots of flowers in hair.

My mom was feeling little difficult to wore it since it was less length chain.

So she called Munesh to help her.

Munesh was so happy and went to room.

My mom standing in front of mirror.

Munesh went back to my mom and starring her from top to bottom.

My mom asked him to hook the chain.

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Munesh used this chance to touch my mom.

He was standing very close to my mom as much as he can.

He placed his one hand on my mom’s tits and pressed it gently.

My mom gave chain to him with smiling. Munesh got the chain and tied it like mangalsutra.

While he hooked up he brushed his fingers on her neck.

Munesh took long time to hook it.

He asked “can I move your hairs a side? Because it is causing so much disturbance.”

My mom replied yes.

Munesh moved my mom’s hair by his right hand slowly.

Now my mom back was fully exposed to Munesh.

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That day my mom was in low neck.

So most of her back is clearly visible.

I was watching it from hall.

They not even closed the door. Munesh was doing all this in front of me.

Munesh told mom, “the hook is so strong I can’t do it by my hand. So can I use my teeth.”

My mom knew his intention and said yes with little bit of hesitation.

Munesh was executing his plan one by one successfully.

Munesh slowly moved his face towards my mom’s neck and placed his lips on her neck and kissed.

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There was a little jerk on my mom’s body.

But she didn’t say anything.

This gave more courage to Munesh.

He rolled his wet lips all over my mom’s neck.

There was no restrictions from my mom.

So he rolled his lips all over her back.

My mom was closed her eyes and enjoying his play.

He lost the grip of one end of chain.

It felt down directly in my mom’s cleavage.

My mom was shocked.

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Munesh went near my mom’s ear and asked in husky voice. Can I take it by my hand.

My mom didn’t replied anything at the same time she didn’t say no.

So Munesh acted very quickly and he is looking at my mom’s reaction in mirror from behind.

My mom’s heart beat was high on because of that her boobs went up and down.

He was slowly moving his finger from neck to her cleavage.

He inserting his finger inside the saree from top.

While he reached my mom’s boobs.

He licked my mom’s ear lobes.

Slowly he bite that. My mom was speechless at that time.

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