First Love Of My Life

Hi everyone I love this site. I love reading lesbian sex stories and gay sex stories on It’s taken out the best in me. I wanted to share my thought with someone for the past 6 years but did not know whom to confide in. Now I have all of you to share my feelings all thanks. Well let me tell you the story which has been bothering me for all these years. I am still struggling to know myself. To know whether I am a Lesbian or not?

So I am leaving all of it to you guys to decide about me after you hear the story of my life. The story of my life begins some 6 years back when I was in college, I had gone to study in the most reputed college of one of the cities of India and as a result I had to stay in the hostel for girls. In that hostel I met a girl Fatima (obviously name changed). And we became close friends, the other girls would be so jealous of us and even try to break our friendship.

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Ok, now that I have given you the introduction of my friendship with Fatima. Let me continue with the things I experienced with her. We were roommates and we loved each other’s company. Every night before sleeping we kissed on each other’s lips, not a smooch but a peck. One special night Fatima came to my bed where I was sleeping and gave a peck on my lips, I suddenly got shivers down my spine, she was about to leave when I got hold of her hand and pulled her towards me and slowly put my lips on hers, she was hesitant at first but submitted to me completely after a short span.

Then I put my tongue inside her mouth and began to play with her tongue, slowly I just kept sucking on her tongue. My god it was so tasty I wanted to possess her completely. Then I slowly put my hands on her luscious breasts, she was not wearing bra. She was just wearing a t-shirt. Then I slowly took of her shirt. The sight of her big bulgy breasts aroused me more and slowly I began playing with her breasts and she was moaning and making sounds like a kitten purring. I slowly bent and kissed her breasts, then she got hold of my head and began rubbing my lips on her breasts. Getting the hint that she was loving it,

I began to suck her breasts in which she moaned, making my pussy wet. Now she began to fondle with my breasts and began to rub it with her soft hands, she stopped me all of a sudden and pulled me towards her and began kissing me vigorously and with passion. She pulled out my clothes. We were now standing naked in front of each other, and admiring and making love to each other. She gradually went down and began sucking my boobs.

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The warm sensation of her mouth on my breasts made me shiver and she slowly began sucking my left breast and holding the other one in her hands and rubbing it. All these while I was enjoying the feel of her warm mouth on my breasts. My hand now moved slowly towards her lower part, slowly I separated her legs and began to rub her pussy which had become all wet. I began to play with her clean shaven pussy with my fingers, suddenly she stopped sucking my breasts and came to kiss me again with passion.

I went down on her, and wanted to see the wet pussy but she was ashamed and closed her eyes and told me not to see it. I pleaded with her that I wanted to see it. Feeling hesitant and shy she finally said yes, and so I went down on her and began to look at the wet pussy…wow it was like chocolate and the icing done on some parts I separated her legs and began to play with her vagina, she held my hand but I was unstoppable so I bent and first kissed her wet pussy, and gradually began licking her wet pussy.

It was salty and tasty, so I began sucking all her juices, and making her moan and cry. Now she was calling out my name, I was scared that the other girls in the dorm might hear her scream, so I put my hand on her mouth and began to suck on her breasts and again I went down and licked her pussy. Now I went on top of her and began to finger her pussy and rub my fingers on her wet and soft pussy, I put my fingers on her vagina. She was trembling and screaming my name. Ultimately she gave a loud cry and put her lips on mine.

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She then gave me the most satisfying time, with her lips playing with my pussy and her tongue were inserted inside my vagina, the warmness of her tongue in my pussy left me mindless, I was going crazy. I felt her tongue move inside me, it was relaxing and sensational. She slowly came on top of me and began to kiss me. The smell and taste of my vagina on her lips gave me satisfying pleasure. We began to finger each other and play with each other’s vagina, we both shivered at the same time and came at the same time.

After that we slept naked in each other’s embrace. The next morning we got up, and kissed each other passionately, we wanted to fuck and experience the same pleasure we had the night before but the loud banging on the door and the shouting of our friend to open the door stopped us from going any further.

This passionate sex of ours continued for one year until Fatima got involved with a guy named Gaurav and my life changed completely. I never went around with a guy and I always think of our passionate sex which I can’t get it out of my mind. After college we separated, now both of us are working.

We are still in touch with each other, but not like before. So my dear readers, do u think I am a lesbian or was it just a fling?

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