Night out with Negroes

Hi Erotic Sex Story readers. After my trip to Delhi, where I was forced to have sex with 60+ year old men, I was kind of disappointed with myself. Getting the small cocks of my father-in-law, the old ministers had left me wanting for real big cocks.

I was happy to be back in my home town, after my father-in-law was done pimping me out for free. I was now looking forward to receive calls from Rohit (my brother-in-law and my first pimp) for assignments. But I found out that he was busy with his examination. I was very hungry for a good sex session with any random man with a huge cock. When I returned home from Delhi, I learnt that my husband is also out of town for his usual conference.

The very same evening I returned, I decided to head to a bar and see if I can get lucky. This bar was very popular for foreign tourists, and I have always fantasized about a white man fucking me. I entered the bar and sat at the counter ordering a gin and tonic, looking for white guys. I was wearing a pink shining gown, which was off shoulder on one side, down to the arm pit, revealing the top third of my breast. My back was also revealed to some extent, enough to attract the attention of any guy.

After a wait of about 15 minutes, I received a vodka glass from the waiter, and it was from one of the four guys sitting at the table at the other end. I walked up to the couch, and found out four Negroes waiting for me. The guys were huge, all of them easily over 6 feet, very muscular, and short hairs. They asked me to join the table, and I happily agreed. We started talking soon, and I found out that they were from New York, touring India. The alcohol kept coming in, although I refrained myself from taking the third glass. I knew I was about to have a great time with one of the guys.

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I kept my hand on the thigh of the guy sitting to my right and I could make out his tool growing larger inside his pants. It looked huge. He put his arm around my back on the bare shoulder. Within the next five minutes, his tongue was inside my mouth. He was kissing me passionately, and his tongue explored all the corners of my mouth. He asked me if I would like to spend the night with him in the hotel. I drove them to their hotel, and he couldn’t keep his hands off me in the car. I was enjoying all his moves. Suddenly, he went for the knot holding the gown, and pulled it low, exposing my bra.

I loved it, and without wasting any time, my bra was off my body too. I was in the middle of a pretty congested traffic, driving my Honda Jazz topless. I was getting stares from people in the car around me, as the Negro, started sucking my tits, as I kept on driving. I was driving slowly, so as to prolong this act and also to avoid any accident. One of the Negros in the back seat took my bra, and threw it out of the window. At the next traffic signal, the guy sitting next to me went down, lifting my gown, he got me rid of my panties too. It was out of the car soon too.

I was very excited to share the bed with this guy, as his mouth was working like an expert on my boobies. I continuously noted people on the street staring at me and I loved every moment of it. We finally reached the hotel, and it was almost midnight. I parked the vehicle, and got out still topless. I wore the gown again, and the guys took me to their room. They had two adjoining rooms on the 6th floor. As soon as we got into the elevator, the guy untied the knot again, and started squeezing my tits again inside the elevator. I was on the top of the world with the Negro not being able to resist my teats.

I also made my move in the elevator, and unzipped his pants, bringing it down. He had a cock of at least 9 inches, totally erect and clean shaved. I was holding it when the elevator reached the 6th floor. We went in our semi naked states to the room. The other 3 guys decided to spend time in the other room. I thanked my luck for having got what I wanted – a guy with a huge cock. Although I had never fantasized myself with a black man, but it appeared to me more rewarding than a white. As soon as we entered the room, we flung our clothes off the body, and I jumped on to the clean huge muscular structure of the guy. I was holding him tight hanging on to him as he started squeezing my butts now.

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He was very strong, and I loved all the squeezing. He moved towards the bed, and threw me on it. He was now lying on me, and, was crushing my breasts, as I continued to kiss him. I was enjoying the roughness of a black man, before it got rougher. He got up, and turned me around, placed me in the doggie position by the edge of the bed, and started spanking me really hard. I was shouting in pain, but thoroughly enjoyed it, for I was deprived of rough sex all this time. Then parting my butt cheeks, I felt his cock trying to enter my asshole. I was shouting, You will kill me, your cock is not wet yet.

Before I could speak further, he had forced his cock inside my ass. I was crying now, as he continued to stroke harder. He lifted me up with one hand, with his cock still inside me, and walked out of the room, to the room where his friends were waiting. I was surprised to see them waiting in their undies. The guy carrying me lay down on the bed on his back, and another guy, with a similarly huge cock, laid down flat on me. Without wasting any time, he pushed his cock in my pussy, and I had two huge cocks inside me, both of them dry. They continued to fuck me in the same position, till I got wet.

By that time, both of them had lubricated my holes with there cum. The other two men now took off their undies, and I was shocked to see their penises. It was at least 2 inches bigger than the guys who were fucking me, and even thicker. One of them said, “Now you are prepared for us, be ready for the good part baby.” They took turns to fuck me in the ass, and pussy, one at a time. I loved every bit of it. I followed it up with a blowjob to all the four guys, and spent the night in the hotel, before I left for my house.

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