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I am Sunita, 27 living in kolkata with a statistics of 36-27-35. I am married in an affluent family and possess every worldly comfort and luxury. This literotica Indian sex story is about how I had my sex experience with a friend of my husband.

It so happened that once we had to go to Haldwani to attend the marriage of one of my very close friend. A day before we had to leave, another of my friend Shalini (changed name) called me up to confirm if I was going to attend the marriage function. Since it was a long journey, she asked if we could join them in their car so that all four of us could enjoy the drive and return together as she would be staying back enroute at his parent’s home.

She did not want her husband to drive all alone on the highway as she was concerned about his safety. I asked my husband who took the matter lightly and consented. He even suggested taking his own car but since they were coming from opposite direction and our home was on the way, she said that they would take their car as it hardly matters. The next morning they both came to our home to pick us up. Our drive to the marriage place was very enjoyable. My friend Shalini and her husband Arvind (again not his real name) were a nice easy going couple.

After the marriage, we had planned to leave for Delhi immediately but we all were too tired since it was a hard day for us coming all the way and attending the functions. We rested the night in the hotel and started our return journey after breakfast the next day. We halted at Moradabad where Shalini had to stay at her brother’s home for a few days. After spending some time at her brother’s place, we three left for Delhi and it was already late afternoon. The weather had turned cloudy and heavy rain was sure to come any time.

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Arvind was driving his car at a fairly good speed and we wanted to cover as much distance as possible before rain arrive and slow our speed. But soon the rain started falling heavily and Arvind had to reduce the speed but still he was driving moderately fast. Big pools of water was forming on the road and it was not visible if the road was clear or some pot hole etc. was there I even asked Arvind to reduce the speed further but he just smiled and assured me not to bother and he would get us all within time.

I had seen the sign board of a highway motel not far and I suggested stopping there for some refreshment and we should wait for the rain to stop. He said that taking a cup of tea was fine but we should continue our journey so that we could reach Delhi in time as the rain had slowed down but still falling lightly. We were passing through a small highway side village where the water was stagnent on the road and we were driving through it with considerable speed. All of a sudden there was a big sound and our car received a big jolt making me give out a loud cry.

The car had stopped. We all got down in the rain to see what had happened and our inspection showed us that the car had hit a big pot hole and boulders lying there in. Arvind got inside the car again and tried to take out the car by reversing it. Some how he made it after my husband too applied some force but we found that the suspension was badly damaged and the radiator was leaking. It was not possible to carry on our journey any more in this condition and the car had to be repaired.

Thankfully there was one motor mechanic shop visible and Arvind and my husband went there while I was sitting inside the car. The mechanic on his arrival and inspection informed that the suspension work could not be done here but he would repair it to the extent that it would take us through to our home But the radiator has to be repaired by another shop which was a couple of mile beyond. Since there was no other option we agreed to this. He further informed us that there was a small highway motel about a ten minute walk from here where we could rest.

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It was decided that first we all should go to the motel and take a room and leave me there and then come back and get the car repaired. This would ensure that I would not have to wait on the road. The motel he referred was at a good twenty minute walk in the drizzling rain and we all were soaking wet by the time we reached there. My saree on being wet was sticking to my body revealing my whole body figure. The blouse was also revealing my bra I was wearing under it and even my chest portion was visible to some extent.

I was aware that Arvind was eyeing me constantly and I would try to cover my body with the wet saree and in the process some more of my back and tummy would be visible. We took a room there and leaving me there to dry myself, both the men left to get the car repaired. It was a simple room with limited furniture and an attached bath. As I was getting uncomfortable in the wet clothes, once my husband and Arvind left, I started removing my wet saree and after drying it spread it on the chair and table.

I opened the hooks of my blouse and removed it from by body and spread it too to dry. I took a towel from the bathroom and rubbed my body dry. Lifting and raising my petticoat, I rubbed my legs dry and finally settled down on the bed. The waiter had already given a tray of tea and some snacks. I started sipping the hot tea and began to relax lying on the bed. I did not know how long it would take for us to restart our journey. I do not know why but lying on the bed semi nude with my clothes spread in a motel room was making me hot inside.

My pussy was getting moist and I wished if some one could be here to take me satisfy me. These were nothing but silly feelings that come up to your mind in such situations. I lifted the curtains and looked out, the rain had almost stopped but still a very light drizzle was falling. I was sure that it would still take a couple of hours for the car to get repaired and we are back on our journey.

Literotica Sex Story – Exposing my Indian Wife

I was still at the windows when I heard a sound at the door and it opened suddenly and Arvind stepped inside. I was standing only in my bra and petticoat and greatly embarrassed, Arvind who was holding his bag in one hand and the keys in other were gaping at my body. He was eyeing my breast which was barely covered by the cups of my bra, my slim and flat tummy still wet petticoat that showed off my figure without concealing any part. I could see a feeling of lust and sex comes in his eyes.

I had totally forgotten the keys to our room were not with me when I had started removing my clothes for drying up. I failed to take care of that and now Arvind had entered the room casually when I was in a semi nude position. I covered my breasts with my hands and I grabbed the towel lying nearby to cover my bare breasts. Arvind made no attempt to leave the room and he had come further inside with a lustful smile on his face. He was eyeing every part of my body which a towel was unable to hide completely.