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I work away from home as an Engineer and sometimes I go abroad to the middle east for a few weeks up to a few months. Sometimes I am informed of my journey in the morning and I am on a plane in the afternoon of the same day. The same applies when I finish the project, I could be on a plane back home within a few hours of the job completion and never know for sure when I will be opening my own house door. desi indian wife sex stories and sex chudai kahani.

This true experience I am about to disclose actually happened to me 5 months ago. I had been on a project in Germany and was sent to Saudi Arabia on the day the German project finished. I stayed in Saudi for almost three weeks and then was expatriated back home on a minutes notice. I arrived at Delhi airport about 6.30pm and jumped into a taxi and headed for home.

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My house is quite large, profits and payment for the work I do, paid for it within a couple of years. I entered the rear door of my house, dropped my holdings onto the floor of the utility room, removed my leather jacket and removed my shoes. As I opened the closed door between the utility room and the kitchen I thought I heard a noise, I stopped, listened and then carried on filling the Kettle to make myself a coffee.

My wife works in the afternoons and usually arrives home around 9.30pm in the evening five days of the week. She would be at work this evening, so I thought. I poured my freshly made coffee into a mug, lit a cigarette and sat myself down at the breakfast bar to read the morning newspaper that was lying on one of the bar stool when I heard another noise, it seemed to be coming from upstairs.

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Thinking it was burglars I slowly and silently as possible took my leather man knife from the pouch hanging from my belt, opened the door between the hallway and the kitchen and made my way slowly to the bottom of the staircase. The noises were definitely coming from the top of the stairs.

I crept as silently as possible on hands and knees to the top of the stairs and stopped for a moment to gather breath and try and stop the shaking of my hands. There it was again, a noise coming from my bedroom, sounded like quiet spoken voices at first and then I heard my wife’s voice. I crept to the bedroom door almost on my belly, knife in my hand and ready to spring into action if required at a moments notice.

What I saw through the partially open door was to say at least a shock to me, yet at the same time it was something I never ever believed would happen to me. My wife was sitting on a cock, pounding her rear end up and down on it as though she is going to miss the Jhelum Express.

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The only thing that was on her body was a red and black lacy bra with her tits hanging out and a pair of red and black open crotch panties that were stretched across her buttocks by the hands of the guy she was madly fucking. My wife has a face of cutty, nothing to compare with she feel aroused, though she has quite a bit of extra flesh in the right part of the body especially on her ass, and hips and her tits are a real handful. I couldn’t believe my eyes, she never ever did anything like that with me and definitely not with all the light on the bedroom.

She usually changed in the bathroom and came to bed fully dressed in her nightgown and I never ever saw anything of her body in the light of a lamp. Yet here she was with a stranger pounding away on his cock with lights blazing and hardly a stitch of clothing to cover her body. I was shocked and at the same time my cock was as hard as hell.

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My wife flopped forward onto the guys belly, ass in the air with cum dribbling out between the flaps of her pussy when there was a further movement in the room and another guy appeared, shuffled up behind my wife on his knees and stuck his cock on her arse. She didn’t cry out in pain or scream with horror at this invasion, she called out to the guy to fuck her hard, “shove it all the way in you bastard and fuck me” she screamed at him with delight in her voice.

There she was with two cock inside of her and wanting more. I couldn’t believe what my eyes were witnessing, my homely, though sexy wife being fucked by two guys at the same time, this couldn’t be true.

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There is a dressing room attached to our bedroom, it’s a bit like the American style walk in wardrobe or dressing room, I converted a spare bedroom into this dressing room last time I was home three months ago and the old bedroom door was still there as I did not have time to remove it and block board it before I had to leave for my job again. I eased myself silently from the floor trying not to shake myself to death in what I can only describe as sheer sexual wanting. The door opened easily and I entered the semi darkness of the dressing room.

The inner door, leading directly to our bedroom, was half way open and it afforded me a perfect view of the whole bedroom and especially the large king size bed. Things had changed in the time it took me to get into the dressing room, there were three people in the room with my wife and the other person was a young pretty woman.

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My wife had in her hands a double ended black dildo with a harness attached between the two cocks. She was busy pushing one of the oil covered dildos into the girls pussy, once in position she attached the harness around the girls waist and hips fastening it tightly with Velcro straps.

My wife then lay on her back and the girl plunged the dildo into the depths of her waiting and wet pussy and started fucking her. There was a video camera here in the dressing room and I strained my eyes to locate it hoping beyond hope that there was a tape in it and a battery that would actually work. Once I located it and switched it on I was delighted to see the lights illuminate on the control panel, I pressed the record button and it sprang into life in my shaking hands. The two men were lying either side of my wife watching and touching and sucking each of the girls tits in turn. The first guy than mounted the girl from the rear after smearing spittle on the head of his penis and then pushed into her deeply.

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