Hubby and Wife reach an Fuck Agreement

Hi, I am a white American male 44 years old. My wife is Indian and she is 36. We have been married for 10 years. I recently found out she has been having an affair with an older man. He is 50. It turns out she has been fucking him since she was 18 and he was 31. This of course was in secret. Because he was married, eventually it started to leak and she soon moved to the US. This is where I met her, she was 25 or 26 and we got married soon after.

A few years later Mahesh (the older guy) moved here with his wife and started screwing my wife in hotels once or twice a month. When I found out she didn’t deny. And told me all about them, how long she knew him. She had told me of ‘one guy’ after we got married now I knew it was him. She probably never thought he would come over to the US so i don’t blame her for not going into detail then.

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When I asked if this was the guy she told me about, she said yes. Said she wouldn’t leave me and she would stop fucking him. I said “come on, he was your first and you have been banging him for the last 20 years off and on mostly on, you will never stop and i don’t want to have to look over my shoulder all the time I said call him and tell him to come by. No problems just to talk.

She did it and went upstairs when Mahesh came in I offered a few drinks (he called them pegs) of tequila and told him simply what I thought. I felt bad she had been hiding her whole life with this guy first in India then in motels here. It seemed cheap and no need since I know knew. He can hang out with my wife here but nowhere else. Watch TV, fuck, whatever they do.

I will go outside and water the lawn or work so they won’t be disturbed. He was really cool. He wasn’t anything pretentious and seemed cool despite being older than me. I am 6 ft, and he was like 5’8 (my wife is 5’2”) he was fit but darker than my wife. He had glasses and was overall unappealing. But he was her first so that is just his luck. After 3 or 4 shots he went upstairs to say hi and I went outside to water things.

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He came down and out later on and we talked for a bit, he declined another drink and drove off. Our sex life stayed normal. We only did it once a month before I found out now it’s like once every 2 months so no biggie. He comes by 2 or 3 times a week now. They always hang out upstairs. There is a TV in the 2nd bedroom and they watch it and do whatever, we always have a few pegs before he heads upstairs.

Once I showed him some naked pics of Priya on my comp and I asked if I could see his collection of her. Movies too if he had any I knew he did, he was married so he would have to relieve it somehow. Next time he came by he brought over some classics. Polaroid’s from the early days and some digital movies from just as recent as last year.

We drank as the pile of recordings lay between us. I wanted to check them out soon but knew I would have to wait a while. But we drank and got loose I told him Priya as an Indian wife didn’t tell me anything specific about him and I wanted to know how a married guy got involved. He said it was when Priya worked in her dad’s store alone and Mahesh’s own wife was away at her family so he had time to woo her.

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He convinced her to stop by his shop and he had sex with her there in the back after closing. After a few times in his shop she went to his house and then wherever they could regularly do it. We drank more pegs and he told me he wanted to break it off many times in the beginning but she just got attached. Then off he went upstairs and I went outside.

The next day I called in sick so I could view everything in private. Plus there were maybe 8 or 9 long videos 2 or 3 in HD. The Polaroids were the best. She looked so young and she was. Mahesh looked so young too even thinner and his cock stood out longer than might for a much shorter guy. He took all point of view shots of her sucking him off. Long dick weird head on it the new few were cumshot, all on her tits.

Decent sprayer this guy, much more cum than I put out. But when I was younger I came more too. The stuff on flash and disk was better quality. All stuff from when i was married to her and all bore trademark hotel backgrounds. Lots had dates still there a day before my birthday in 2008. Indian independence day was a party. His cock was uncircumcised that was weird for me to see.

These shots of him fucking her in the hotel were better because the cam was placed on the dresser and showed both of them. All good stuff and it were obvious they weren’t watching TV upstairs. He likes to bang her and her face shows she loves it too. They were kissing whenever the position allowed it. And she was always rubbing and caressing his balls. Even tonguing him everywhere he pushed her. His ass too it looked.

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I was right to have him over, it wouldn’t have stopped. The second to last movie was about 90 mins and he came 3 times and the 4th was just a drop. I think they were trying for 4 because it got funnier the last two times he ejaculated. He didn’t take her anally but fingered her ass liberally then she sucked his fingers when he stuck them near her lips.

Pretty much everything you would expect in a hotel sex tape. Every position, he knew the book and enjoyed it. After a while we became like drinking pals and chatted for 30 mins about our favorite stuff with Priya. He did take her anally in India but not since she was married. He asked her about it the first time she went over his house and she agreed to do it.

After that he tried everything with her, she swallowed the first few years but then let him cum inside her. He was very frank and in a nice way. They were like appreciation sessions more than anything and we both look forward to them. His wife is going to India for the first time since they have been here for like 3 or 4 months? I imagine he will probably sleep over many nights.