Exploring extra marital relationships with Vinay

Hi, I am Varsha, 32 yrs old. I like to read Literotica Sex Story, Indian sex story & Mastram stories on Desibahu.com. I have been married for last 8 yrs now. I own a boutique in a posh area of South Ex – Delhi.

My husband is in Imports and keeps traveling across the globe. He has a special liking of lingerie. He keeps buying it for me from every place he visits. This has helped me build a great collection of sexiest intimate and inner wear that you can imagine. Though we have a very loving and satisfying relationship, there are times I find my sexual urge unsatisfied due to his long periods of unavailability.

It was a sunny afternoon, I was driving home for lunch which is almost 15 min drive from my work place.. My husband was out of country since last 15 day. It was his trip to Europe which was to end in another week’s time. On the way I decided to stop and Spencer’s to buy some grocery and stuff. While I was doing my usual buying, I became aware of some man staring at me. I glanced at him to find a Smart looking man with athletic built. As our eyes met, he smiled at me. I was surprised, since I could not recollect having met this person in recent times. He quickly walked towards me and introduced himself. I am Vinay, does this name sound familiar to you Varsha. I guess you will have to look back around 12 yrs in your memory. I recollected, he was my classmate during graduation. He said, he had recently shifted to Delhi and was staying near by with his wife. He requested me to visit him, I said may be some other time.

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Couple of days passed and again we met at the same store. This time he was with his wife Shivani. He introduced both of us with each other. She was a simple and sweet girl. Slowly we became close friends. I and my husband visited their house and they came to ours, regularly.

In between, Shivani had to go her parents place for a week. Since we were close, she called up and informed me. I told her not worry, Vinay can have food at my place. She was very comfortable with the Idea. Couple of days Vinay came over to our place for dinner. I, my husband Sunil and Vinay had a good time together. Vinay & Sunil are both very humorous and they enjoy their PJ on every thing around them. That day, I was the poor target. Then Sunil announced, he was going to tour again. He saw that Vinay was feeling shy to visit for dinner in his absence, so he told him very explicitly that he visits and ensures everything is fine here. To which Vinay nodded, don’t worry.

It was our first day together, Just me and Vinay in our house for dinner. He behaved very normally and we had our usual talk about work and life in general. We sat down together watching TV and then he left. It went that way for around couple of days. Third day was Saturday. We sat down talking and our communication shifted to married lives. Slowly we started opening out hearts. We shared with each other our good and bad moments of with our partners. I came to know that he and Shivani also loved each other a lot, but Vinay had only disappointment in his physical love life. Shivani was very conservative type. She did not like to experiment at all. 3 yrs having passed, it was becoming very mechanical. She was not even comfortable wearing sexy lingerie he had bought for her last month.

A naughty smile came on my face. He said, what are your smiling at? You shouldn’t smile at poor man’s situation. I told him, that is not what I was smiling at. He asked, what was it? I said, forget it. He insisted, and I revealed about my sexy lingerie collection. It was a Kodak moment. You should have seen the look on his face. Even few drop of sweat appeared on his forehead. Why are you reacting like a teenager, I teasingly asked. His expression turned to blushing with a sweetest smile I had ever seen on him ever.

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I wish!.. he said. I asked, what? Just that I could ever see you in one of them, and we both burst into laughter. Seeing my reaction, he felt a little relaxed and could gather courage to communicate further about the same. Is your collection large, he inquired. I could see the naughty looks in his eyes. Do you have many colors or is it just one of them. I told, the colors are more than he can find on a shade card at paint shop. Do you ever wear them, or they are just for collection. I said, I am wearing one of the sexiest set under my nightie. His breath became deeper. I am sure, he was thinking, why there are no x-ray vision in his eyes.

I loosened my nightie belt, opened the above 2 hooks to reveal the lace of my pink bra. I could see the bulge growing in his pant. I was getting horny too. My desire to get fucked by another man, was taking over me. I was transforming from an ordinary woman to a sluty bitch who wanted to get fucked right there right now.

Could you drop your nightie off your body, just for today. I know it may not the best thing to do, but we are all human and have desires. At times being a little immoral wont hurt anyone, vinay said. I knew vinay could hold secrets and would not spill the beans later. I continued my teasing. You can do whatever you like, all by yourself. I wanna see how you do it. His face lit up with a smile. He stood up and moved closer to me. His fingers started moving on my lustfully sensuous body. He asked me to close my eyes and stand still. With my closed eyes I was lost in a new world. I could feel his fingers toughing my hands, arms, shoulders. He moved them to my back moving along my spine downwards till he reached my ass crack. He then started moving it along with my panty line sideways.