Wife fucked at Audition – Part 3

Welcome back! I hope you guys got a chance to go thru the previous part of this horny desi wife sex story of an audition! My desi wife is fucked and participates in sex during an Audition for a TV serial. Do make an effort and read this amazing sex story about my desi wife!

“See, I just had a word with our Director and Javed. Both of them are 100 % sure that your wife is definitely a star material. But based on the scenes we shot, we have come to a conclusion.

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We feel that your wife is not suited for this homely sister role. She has sensuous appeal in her. And she has got a great body too. And her face is very childish. After all if u had not told her that she was 28, we would have never guessed.

desi wife sex storyAnd the chemistry which she exhibited with her co-star was also very good. So, keeping all this in mind, we thought we will drop the idea of making a family soap with her and make a movie instead. It’s going to be a multi lingual movie taken in 3 languages. We will take a love story starring your wife and Rohit and even a normal box office collection should net in at least 10 crores.

Since your wife will be the main attraction of the movie, we are willing to sign her for 50 lakhs rupees. Think about it Avin. The great Sridevi was paid 50 lakhs for her last film and we are offering 50 lakhs to your wife for her first movie itself.

I will give u and your wife 10 minutes to think over.” He took his check book and signed a check for 50 lakhs and put it into my hands.

“If you refuse, you can return it!” was all he said before leaving. I sat there stunned for a few minutes. Then I decided to make my wife a movie star. I went to my wife. I took her to the lounge and told her about the offer.

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When I told her that they were offering 50 lakhs for acting in the movie, I could see a glint of pride. When I told her that she would be acting as a teenage girl pairing Rohit, the happiness was more evident in her face. But still she couldn’t forget what happened a few moments ago.

“But darling, I sometimes lose myself and……….” Words trailed off and I knew she was referring to the tongue sucking incident. Again, I put my arms around her and said in a very comforting way,

“Hey, what is this? I know that this is all acting. I didn’t even think for a moment that you are attracted to him. I know you are always loyal to me. The scene required it, you did it. I understand it. I am proud that my wife is very professional!” I bluffed. Both of us knew that she didn’t suck his tongue because the scene was so or because of professionalism but still I pretended as though it were true. The 50 lakhs cheque was making me talk like this.

Seeing me pretend like this, my wife too got the hint. She said, “Darling, If you have trust in me, I will act. And I promise you that I will be professional through out!” I was so happy she agreed. I hugged her and we returned to the shooting room. The director, Shyaam and Javed were sitting together and going through various script pages. I went near Shyaam and told him that my wife agreed to act as heroine in their movie. Shyaam shook my hands happily.

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“Because of this change of plan, we need to come up with a different script to take make-up test for your wife. That’s why we are frantically searching for a suitable script among the various love stories submitted to us. Please wait.” I went back and sat next to my wife. I saw that Rohit had sat next to my wife on the other side and both were chatting very amiably.

My wife was teasing him about the number of girl friends he had and he kept on addressing my wife as Didi! Anyone who looked at them will say they are brother and sister and no one will tell these two people were sucking each other’s tongue passionately.

After about fifteen minutes, the director and the other two had agreed upon a script and they called us.

My wife was standing just next to me. The director pulled my wife from me towards himself and putting both his hands around her, he said,
“I am going to make you the dream girl of the state!” Saying this he hugged her tightly. My wife didn’t know how to react and she too put her hands around him. The director slid his hands down and cupped my wife’s ass cheeks.

The director and my wife remained hugged to each other for a few seconds and we were all watching it. By this time, I was quite accustomed to people hugging my wife in front of me and fondling her ass. So I just stood there as if nothing unusual has happened. Then the director was back to his professional self.

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He said that they will be taking a footage of this screen test and show it to distributors so that they can do some territory business right away. With that fund they will be able to take a grand movie. That was the plan. So, he said that it is very important for this screen test footage to be very appealing. He quickly narrated the scene to be shot for the screen test.

He said that both Rohit and my wife were college mates and they had come on a private picnic. And in that they had hired a room and were alone in this hotel room. Both were young and the situation was very tempting. They begin to get intimate. With that the scene begins and they go to bed. As per the script, the scene breaks there and a dream song shot in Khandala begins.