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Day 4
Simran:- Get up Rahul, Get up… It’s 9 am. Get up, mom get up..
My wife Simran was all dressed when she came to wake us up. Only I and my mother-in-law Nupur were there on the bed, I couldn’t find Jennifer.
Nupur:- Where is Jenny?
Simran:- She is downstairs and she was the one who woke me up. Come on, get up you both we need to pack and move.
The trip section of North Goa had come to an end. We were supposed to move to South Goa today. By this time we should have been at Palolem but we were still laying naked on someone else’s bed.
We got up and came downstairs naked, as our clothes were in the hall. I and the milf Nupur got dressed and to tell the truth I was very tired and my dick hurt a little and I had a body ache.
Me:- My body hurts. I never had so much sex.
Nupur:- Me too. I don’t think I want to get fucked for a couple of days. Yesterday was intense.
Simran:- I feel the same. It’s best if we just relaxed the whole day.
Jennifer:- Take some pain tablets it will help.
Nupur:- You, look so fresh.
Jennifer:- I have had such fuck sessions several times before.
Simran:- It was the first time for us. I never even had two dicks at the same time till late at night. I had only seen it in porn. It felt so well last night. Thank you very much, Jenny.
Jennifer:- My pleasure. I am really happy that you guys enjoyed it.
Nupur:- We will come by before leaving to say our goodbyes.
Jennifer:- Sure.
We went to our rooms got our stuff packed, had a bath, and booked a cab to Palolem. I went and gave back the rental car to Vimala as her sons were out.
I kissed Vimala goodbye and came back to Jennifer’s bungalow where my wife and lover were kissing Jennifer and Florence. I too joined them and kissed Jenny and Florence goodbye. Mary and David weren’t there.
Me:- Give our regards to Mary and David. And once again thanks a lot for everything.
Jennifer:-You are all welcome. Make sure to visit again.
We loaded our language in the cab and by 11:30 left the hotel and started for Palolem. We tried to enjoy the Konkan coastal view but after 30minutes all three of us had fallen asleep.
It was just a little more than a 2 hours drive. We reached the beach resort that I had booked in Palolem at about 2 pm. We checked in. It was a beautiful place right adjacent to the beach.
The whole resort was parallel to the coastline. As we entered, there was the reception which was followed by a restaurant and bar which led us outside into a beautiful garden that had these small cottages.
We had booked a single room which had a king-sized bed. The cottages were beautiful colored and like row houses facing the sea. There were three rows of cottages and a total of 45 rooms and a two-storied building at the end which there were more rooms.
Ours was a sea-facing cottage. It had a small portico in front of the house where there were 4 easy chairs and a table. The cottage had a king-sized bed, two cupboards, a TV, a 3 seater sofa, and an attached bathroom. It was small compared to Jennifer’s but we could constantly hear the sound of the waves which felt so relaxing.
We ordered food to the room and had it in the portico enjoying the beach.
Palolem beach is one of the best in India, naturally beautiful and clean. We had lunch and went to sleep having a painkiller tablet. We had slept for 3 hours and woke up just in time to watch the sunset.
None of us was in the mood to have sex. We just talked, enjoying the cool breeze and sounds of the waves. We went to the restaurant at night for dinner and to our surprise, there was a live band performing.
The season time had just started in Goa and would continue till the carnival in Feb or March I think. The band played mostly English songs with a few Hindi songs in between.
There was a mixed crowd in the restaurant with mostly foreigners and a few Indian tourists. We had beer, dinner, music and the sea to admire. It was a lovely evening.
We returned back to our rooms, at about 10:30 pm after dinner. We were feeling better now as compared to the morning. That is when Nupur remembers something.
Nupur:-Hey, we almost forgot the weed. Wanna try?
Me:- Sure why not?
Simran:- Do you know how to roll a joint?
Me:- Well, we got internet for that.
Nupur:- Those guys gave four pieces of paper. Here it is and there you go with that weed.
I took the contents from Nupur’s hands and watched a video online on how to make a joint and did exactly as instructed and made three joints. We didn’t light all three at once, rather we lit one at a time and passed it around. It was new for us. I had smoked cigarettes in college but this was something totally different.
My mother-in-law and wife coughed a little initially and then got hooked. After two joints, we went out to the portico and sat on chairs and were just enjoying the moment.
My whole body felt relaxed, cool air, starry night sky, the sound of waves, it was intoxicating. We had the last joint after about an hour and then moved inside and fell on the bed. We slept like babies.
Day 5
I was the first one to get up. All three of us were under a single blanket. I removed the blanket and found that Nupur’s t-shirt had moved up to her boobs. Her tummy was exposed and her under-boobs were visible.
I pushed her tee upwards exposing her tits. I started circling her nipples with my finger and they responded in her sleep. Her nipples got hard. I started to suck on her nipples and pressed her other boob. A couple of minutes later my activities woke her up.
Nupur:- Good morning, dear. Hungry already?
I just kept sucking on my mother-in-law’s tit. She turned to face me. She held my head and slid her arm underneath it and gave me the other boob to suck. I was lying on her arm and sucking her boob.
She was combing my hair with her other hand as if she was breastfeeding a baby. Five minutes later, she got up and went to the bathroom and I shifted to Simran and got into the exact same position with her. Like mother like daughter.
Simran:- Where is mom?
Me:- In the bathroom.
Simran:- Did you guys fuck?
Me:- No. We just woke up.
My wife pulled me up and started to kiss me. Nupur came out of the bathroom at that moment.
Nupur:- Go get ready kids.
Simran:- Ok, mom.
We got up, got ready, and hit the beach. The beach was beautiful with clean water and smooth waves. It was perfect to swim in and enjoy. On almost every beach, you find these wooden beds for sunbathing available for rent.
The hotel had their own and it was included in the bill so we didn’t have to pay for them separately unlike what we had to do at other beaches. I and Simran lay back on a single bed and Nupur took a separate one.
I was fondling Simran’s breast and kissing her occasionally as there were very few people on the beach as it was just 8:30 am. We would go back in the water and come out and I would help both the ladies to apply sunscreen lotion. We were on the beach for almost two hours.
We went back to our room which was probably 150 meters away from the water. The hotel was fenced and a gate was there that gave access to the beach.
We cleaned ourselves with fresh water and went for brunch at about 11 am. The food was very good and they served a variety of dishes. We had a beer with the brunch which was brewed in-house.
At 1 pm, we returned back to our room and as soon as we entered, my MIL Nupur started to kiss her daughter Simran. They moved towards the bed while I got naked and sat on the sofa stroking my dick while watching the mother-daughter show.
They both stripped each other and were kissing and pressing each others’ boobs.
Simran:- Mom, please lick my cunt.
Nupur:- Sure, honey.
The MILF started to go down on her daughter. She stopped at her boobs to play with them for a while and then proceeded to her cunt. Simran held the back of her mom’s head and started to moan as her mom went to work on her cunt with her cunt.
Simran:- You enjoying the show, babe?
I nodded in agreement and kept stroking my dick very gently which had got hard now. Nupur would lift her head in between to look at me and give a smile seductively.
Nupur started to move two of her fingers in her daughter’s pussy while licking her clitoris. Simran cummed with a loud moan but Nupur didn’t stop she kept going at her pussy.
After a couple of minutes, Nupur looked at me and spanked her ass. I got the hint and got behind Nupur and licked her pussy for a while before starting to fuck my mother-in-law from behind.
Simran was squeezing her own boobs and I held on to Nupur’s boobs from behind as she kept fingering and licking Simran’s cunt. We didn’t change position and kept going in the same manner for about 20 minutes.
Simran came first followed by Nupur and immediately followed by me. I emptied my load in Nupur’s cunt and went and lay down on the sofa. Simran started to lick my cum off her mother’s cunt. They both slept on the bed while I slept on the couch.
Nupur woke me up at 5 in the evening. We got ready and went to the beach to see the sunset after which we decided to go shopping at the Palolem beach market.
We moved around the place and were just roaming around. We returned to the resort around dinner time. In the reception, I booked a rental car for the next day and went to have our dinner. The live band was in attendance. We ordered drinks, food and enjoyed the music.
Nupur:- I want to try a cocktail. Can you suggest one?
Simran:- Try ‘sex on the beach’, mom.
Nupur:- The cocktail or the real thing?
Me:- I would love to fuck you both on the beach.
Simran:- I would love that too. But how?
Nupur:- Tonight. The sunbathing benches are there on the beach at around 1-2 am we will sneak into the beach and do it.
Simran:- I am already excited. Mom, you are great.
We had our dinner and stayed for a little longer, probably till 11, and then went to our room. We had one round of wild fucking in the room and waited till it was safe to go to the beach.
At around 1:30 we came out. Nupur and Simran had the blanket on them underneath which they were wearing only t-shirts and panties while I had my shorts and t-shirt and I had a shawl over me.
We moved towards the beach. The gate was latched but fortunately not locked. We stepped on the sand and started to walk on the beach taking the help of our mobile torch at first, but the moonlight on a clear sky was enough.
Our eyes too got adjusted to the darkness and the mobile torch was no longer needed as it only served as an indicator now which we didn’t want.
The benches were lined next to each other. Nupur and Simran sat on one and I sat opposite to them on another bench. We just waited for some time not sure why, but we waited.
Simran:- Shall we start? I am horny and cold.
Nupur:- You both start fucking, I will keep a watch.
My wife removed her panty and gave it to her mom and I slid my shorts down exposing my dick to the cold. I lay down and took her on top of me. Simran put the shawl on top of us, to prevent us from the cold. I started to fuck her from below.
Nupur:- Don’t moan too loudly. Keep it quiet.
Simran just nodded and bit her lips to keep her moans from coming out. I slid my hands underneath her t-shirt and started to press her boobs.
The fucking had warmed us a bit, that why when the shawl came off we didn’t bother to cover us back again. We kept fucking in the open. I took off her t-shirt completely and handed it over to Nupur. Simran was completely naked. She held me tight to keep her body warm.
My mother-in-law probably grew impatient. She took off my shorts completely and spread my legs and knelt between them and pulled Simran up and held her from behind.
Nupur crushed her daughter’s boobs with one hand and rubbed her clitoris with the other. Within minutes Simran came and slid off my dick giving way to Nupur.
Nupur:- Rahul, take me from the back.
Simran lay down and spread her legs. The sexy milf Nupur had her knees on the edge of the bench and bent down to lick Simran’s cunt and pushed her ass out.
I stood on the sand and started to fuck her pussy from the back. The cold air was hitting my ass and there were goosebumps all over our bodies. Simran reached for the shawl and covered her upper body as I kept pumping her mom in her pussy.
Simran and Nupur cummed together. Nupur collapsed on her daughter and started to kiss her.
Nupur:- Come here let us blow you.
I went near their mouths and gave my dick in Nupur’s mouth. It was the wildest sex we ever had. We were out in the open, on a beach with the rhythmic sound of the waves and cold breeze under the moonlight.
It was romantic, wild and an extremely erotic experience. My dick went from one mouth to another before I ended up shooting my cum in Nupur’s mouth.
I sat back on the opposite bench where Nupur and Simran sat earlier. Nupur fed Simran some of my sperms and kept kissing her. I wore my shorts and collected their panties and Simran’s t-shirt.
Me:- Let’s go back.
Simran:- My t-shirt and panty?
Me:- I got them just cover yourself with the blanket. Let’s go.
I gave the blanket to them. Simran had the shawl as well. We walked quickly back to the room.
Simran:- That was so fucking extreme and absolutely fantastic.
Nupur:- Oh yes, that was so erotic. My cunt is wet again. I want your dick again babe.
Me:- The cold seems to work. My dick got stiff again. Come here.
I fucked my mother-in-law Nupur and daughter Simran once again and fell asleep.
To be continued.