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Hey guys, to start with, the following events happened in 2018 when I was working in a Software MNC in Chennai. I used to stay with my college classmates Ajay and Varun in an independent house which was located in a remote area near OMR road with no houses around for some distance.
To give you some background about my roommates, Ajay was a rich spoiled brat with an air of authority around him and was working only for namesake. He is 6.1, fair and had a body that complimented his height.
The house we were staying in belonged to Ajay’s relatives. He had a girlfriend working in the same company as his. Varun is 5.11, a bit dark but had athletic body. He was a photographer by hobby and used to hook up on the sidelines with models he used to shoot but was never in a serious relationship.
I was not in any kind of relationship and was completely void of any action in my life.
I once visited my hometown during that time and came across a man who suddenly stopped me and confirmed my identity while going back home from the fields we own. He later told that he works for my father in the fields and was in huge debt and was in desperate need of money.
I quickly stopped and said that there was nothing I could do to help him. He said that he had a daughter who was working as house help in Chennai but lost her job as the family she was working for was moving to the US. He somehow came to know that I was also working in Chennai and wanted me to employ her as a house help at our place.
I was initially not interested in his offer and wanted to reject but felt like discussing it with my roomies before saying anything and enquired how much she was earning to which he said 12k per month.
He informed her name was Sashikala and also shared his daughter’s number to discuss the further details. I saved the number, thinking of calling her later during the day.
I frivolously searched for her contact on Whatsapp before calling her and my mind immediately got blown looking at her DP. She was a dark chubby girl aged around 20 years with an innocent face and wearing a light red saree which made her ample breasts and thick hips look more prominent.
I quickly took a screenshot of the DP and shared it with my roomies. Both reacted quite enthusiastically as they felt it was a very reasonable amount to manage our daily chores and said she could do more than just daily chores. They told me to somehow convince her family to get her started at our place without my parents knowing about it.
The next day I caught hold of him near the fields and informed him about the decision and he felt very happy as he was in dire need of money. I added a condition that my parents should not know about this arrangement to which he was very reluctant but agreed given his desperation.
I called the house help girl after talking to the guy which will make it difficult for her to reject the offer given their situation. She enquired about the work and felt apprehensive about working at a place of bachelors to which I said her father agreed to the arrangement. She asked me time to think about it and disconnected the call.
I was fairly confident that she would accept and was proven right the next day when she called me. I told her that she can start in a couple of days once I was back in Chennai.
After reaching Chennai, both my roommates rushed me to get Sashikala to our place. I took Ajay’s car and went to the place where she was currently working to pick her up. She loaded all her luggage in the back and sat beside me in the car.
I started driving back during which I touched her thighs several times! She felt uncomfortable but didn’t say anything. After reaching our place, I introduced both my roommates, showed her around the house and asked her to settle in.
She started cooking for us as it was almost dinner time and all of us couldn’t take our eyes off the sexy house help girl’s 36-28-38 body figure. She was an impressive cook and we all liked her cooking.
Later during the night, Ajay shared his plan of seducing her the coming Friday night. We all agreed and went to sleep. She slept on the couch as suggested by us. I masturbated very hard that night thinking about house help girl’s curves and the plan.
The Friday we all waited for arrived and we all were back from the office. The young, chubby house help girl was in the kitchen cooking for us and was sweating due to the heat and the area above her boobs looked really sexy.
Ajay, followed by me and Varun went to the kitchen and started small talk with her about how she was settling in. Varun took out some cool drinks from the fridge and poured it into 4 glasses and gave her one. She declined her cool drink initially but upon our insistence, she agreed.
By the time we finished dinner, she was more comfortable with us. Suddenly, Ajay turned her towards him and started to hug and kiss her. She was shocked by this behavior but she didn’t try to get out of his grip. It was like she expected this to happen and was okay with it.
I and Varun took her hands and pulled her to the couch in the hall. Ajay removed the sexy house help girl’s pallu and started kissing her navel. She was wiggling on the couch.
While Ajay focused on her lower body, I and Varun focused on Sashikala’s boobs. We started massaging the dark chubby housemaid girl’s boobs with our hands. Then I removed her blouse hooks while Varun took care of the bra hooks.
She was lying on the couch with her blouse opened and bra pulled up baring her boobs. They were dark with darker and big areolas. Varun and I started ravaging the house help girl’s boobs.
Ajay in the meantime started unfastening her saree and petticoat and pulled them down revealing her tattered panty. Ajay didn’t even bother pulling the panty down, instead he just ripped it apart. Her honey pot was finally out and Ajay started to lick it aggressively.
Ajay continued licking her hairy pussy until she was wet there. Sashikala silence turned into moans by this time. She started to relax more and we all started to get out of our clothes.
Ajay spread her legs and started to enter house help girl’s virgin pussy but was finding it difficult. He kept moving his 7-inch dick to and fro till the time her pussy got used to his size and finally entered with one sudden thrust making her gasp, which gave me an opportunity to thrust my dick into her mouth. Sashikala was completely new to this.
Varun kept sucking on her nipples and kept biting her nipples, causing her to open her mouth even more for me to fuck her in the mouth. After fucking her like this for around 20 minutes and Sashikala cumming twice, Ajay came in her pussy.
Varun then took his position and started to ram the house help girl while sucking on her nipples. With every thrust, she started moaning louder and louder and asking us to fuck her harder.
In the meantime, I started to fuck her mouth aggressively and I came in her mouth in next 10 minutes. Varun was still at it. He raised legs onto his shoulders and started thrusting her hard. It was clear that she was on the verge of an orgasm and within seconds, she came with a huge shudder. But Varun was still fucking the chubby house help girl hard.
Her big boobs were moving to and fro rapidly. After another 5 minutes of the group fucking, Varun too came in her. I got hard again looking at the hard fucking. So, I pulled her off the couch onto the floor in such a way that she was in doggy position and started to take her from behind. She started screaming due to the initial pain.
Ajay thrust his dick into Sashikala’s mouth, muffling her screams and started to mouth fuck her. I was holding her plush waist and went deeper into her with each thrust. Ajay adjusted his thrusts in such a way that when I entered, he withdrew and when he entered I withdrew.
I felt her cum multiple times and after 15 minutes, both of us came together and Sashikala collapsed on the floor. We were all tired and went to sleep in our rooms. I later saw her being fucked by Varun and then by Ajay.
Next day morning we all woke up by 8 and noticed her fully dressed and doing her house chores with a smile. Ajay went to her and started kissing her while holding her butt and she started reciprocating the kiss.
Later, Varun got her Ipil along with oral contraceptives as we were not planning to use condoms anytime. The first step towards the house help girl transforming into a slut was completed!