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Hi friends, this is Raju. This is the first time that I am narrating to you all my experiences with my innocent, busty aunty who is my tenant. Her name is Vijaya, and her age is 45. As she is a dhobi (washing woman), she is used to hard labour and so has a good body structure with a perfect ass.
My name is Raju and I am 25 years of age. I am studying B. Tech and I am in the final year. I have a gym-built body with a 6 inches dick.
Let’s now get to the story.
Vijaya aunty’s family consists of her husband and 2 children. They are my tenants for 6 months. I had lust on her from the very beginning, since the time they rented our house.
I used to slyly look at my tenant aunty’s boobs and ass whenever she wore a nighty. She used to smile when she would catch me observing her! Later, I would masturbate imagining her boobs and lovely ass. But I never thought that my dream was going to come true!
One day my family left for Vijayawada to attend my relative’s marriage and they would be returning only after 3 days. I did not accompany them, as I had to submit my project in my college.
The next day after my parents left for the marriage function, I returned from my college in the evening and found that Vijaya aunty was sitting alone outside the house.
I asked her about uncle and the children casually. She said that they all had left for some function in their hometown. She told me that she couldn’t attend as she had body pains due to heavy clothes washing. She added that they will be returning after 3 days.
She then asked me why I didn’t attend the marriage function and I told her that I had my project work which had to be submitted to the college urgently.
My tenant aunty then invited me over for a cup of tea. We both sat on the balcony and were enjoying our cup of tea. Meanwhile, she said that she was worried to sleep alone since her health is not good.
She requested me if I can come over and stay at her house, and give her company till her family returns from the function. She pointed out that I am alone too.
I said, “OK,” then that night I went out for dinner, mom ke sath sex ki kahani, and when I returned I went to her home at 10:00 pm. Vijaya aunty’s house is a small one.
It has only one bedroom with only one bed. I was dreaming about some naughty that may happen if we both have to sleep on a single bed for 3 nights.
Thinking about all these mischievous things, I reached her door and knocked. She opened the door. She was wearing a plain, silky, red nighty, and I could see all her inner structure clearly.
She welcomed me in. I enquired about her health and about the body pains that had kept her away from going with her family.
She said that she was okay now, but still had a little neck pain and was worried about she would sleep with the pain. We sat in bed at opposite corners, and she asked about my studies, my future plans, etc.
Now, it is about 11 pm and. She said that she wants to sleep, but can’t rest her neck on the pillow because of the pain. Seeing that, I just asked,
“Aunty, Can I massage to your neck?”
She said, “OK,” with some hesitation.
I went to my house, got some olive oil, and warmed it. Then I put it in a small bowl and brought it to aunty’s house. I asked her to sit on the bed.
I poured some warm oil on her neck and started pressing her neck delicately. She said that she was feeling relaxed and good. She said, “You are giving a great massage, and I am feeling wonderful.”
Then without hesitation, she requested me to massage her shoulders also if I could.
“Why would I lose this chance,” I said to myself and smiled quietly.
Then I told her, “Aunty, I need to unzip your nighty so that I can massage your shoulders completely.”
She was now in a fully relaxed mood, and quickly gave me permission to unzip her nighty. I felt very happy, and my dick started to rise after seeing her co-operation.
I unzipped her nighty to some extent and saw that she was not wearing a bra. (As her family was poor, and they are from a remote village, in addition to being illiterate, I presumed that she has no idea of bras, etc).
I was massaging her shoulders. I got some mischievous thoughts and thought that I should take some risks, so I asked her,
“Aunty, should I massage your back also?”
Since she did not know what I had in mind, my tenant aunty she gave me permission without any hesitation. I unzipped her nighty completely to her waist and told her to sleep on her tummy. She did as I had told her to.
I poured oil on her back and was massaging her with a number of lusty thoughts in my mind. These thoughts were received by my dick and my dick was almost erect now. She was in a drowsy state because of my massage.
I slowly sat on her thighs and was massaging her back with a little pressure with my fingers. My dick was touching her ass. She suddenly asked, “What was touching my ass?”
I said, “Nothing,” and moved a little bit lower down so that my dick would not touch her ass again.
She said, “Raju, you are doing great. It is such a relief for my pain. Thank you,” and she was moaning!
I asked her slowly, “Aunty, shall I massage your front side also? (boobs, stomach).
At first, she ignored me, pretending that she had not heard me.
I said, “You will feel more relaxed, believe me.”
And after a few seconds, she said, “OK,” and she got up. She removed her nighty completely, and I saw that she was wearing a red loose panty. She slept on her back showing me her boobs. Oh my God, her boobs were right before my eyes!
It was the first time I had the bare view of my tenant aunty’s boobs. They are perfectly big, stiff, and bouncing to even a little touch. Seeing them, my mouth began to water. I poured oil on both her boobs and was pressing them slowly. They were very, very soft and juicy looking. Each boob required both my hands to completely hold them.
While I was massaging her boobs, she was watching my eyes and asked with a little moan,
Aunty: Do you have lust on me?
Me: Why did you ask that question?
Aunty: Then, why has your dick become erect? I can see your dick which is almost ready to tear out of your night pants.
I felt shy and covered my dick with the pillow. I then gave a different kind of expression with embarrassment. Now, she directly told me,
“I want you to give massage to the rest of my private parts also.”
I think she came to know that I have a plan to fuck her, and she wants me to take the lead. The effect of my massage made her very horny. I confirmed that she is ready to get fucked by me.
I smiled and said, “Ok.”
My married tenant aunty got the green signal and got up. She removed her panty and slept stretching both her legs sideways. She said, “Come on Raju, make me cum.”
Seeing and hearing all this, my mind became blank. I even got some ejaculation in my pants. Without wasting time, I poured oil onto her hairy pussy and started rubbing her pussy wildly. Oh my God, her pussy was so tight and was very wet.
I asked her, “Why is your pussy so tight?”
Aunty said, “My husband is not interested in fucking me and I haven’t been fucked since 3-4 years. Now, after a long time, I think I am going to get my pussy drilled.”
We both smiled. I kept my 2 fingers in her pussy and was finger-fucking her vigorously. She was in full mood now and was moaning, calling out my name.
While I was busy rubbing her pussy, she dragged my night pants down and took my cock into her mouth without even asking me!
As soon as she started sucking my cock, I cummed a large quantity of semen into her mouth. She drank it completely and sucked my cock hard to get the semen left in my cock into her mouth.
Now, I went to her pussy, and started to eat it vigorously. I was finger fucking her pussy at the same time, and she has her orgasm with a loud moan. Finally, she stopped and said, “It’s enough for today. We have 2 more days to fuck before my family and yours returns. Let’s fuck tomorrow night. I’m tired.”
Then we both slept hugging each other.
Friends, this is what happened on the first night. I had the chance to fuck her continuously for the next 2 nights. I was very enthusiastic to fuck my sex goddess who is now sleeping pleasantly, with my semen in her mouth!
Friends, if you are satisfied with this part, you can read my next 2 parts to know how we fucked the next 2 nights.