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Hai guys, it’s me back with a new story. For those who don’t know me, I am Bharath from Kerala. I am a 21-year-old, bisexual submissive bottom. I really enjoy watching couples make out.
I have had many incidents with both males and females but never had a chance to be with a couple. So, this is my imaginary story of how I came across a couple and enjoyed with them. Let’s not waste time and get into the story.
One day while I was checking Grindr, I came across a man, we shared our fantasies. He was a married bisexual top. He loved young manly guys like me. We shared our pics and nudes.
He started to take me for drives. He would make me sick his dick or give him a handjob. Sometimes, we would visit his friends and would do a gang bang. I really loved it when he sucks my nipples and he too enjoyed doing it. We started to meet very often.
One day I shared with him my fantasy to make out with a couple. I told him how much I loved watching a couple fucking. I also told him I wanna be fucked in my ass while I suck a pussy. I really wanted to be a sub to a couple.
He told me then that his wife was very open-minded and they used to have threesomes and couple swap. I didn’t know how I didn’t know about this any sooner. He said to me that he often shared with his wife about our encounter. He said she used to get really turned on while watching the videos of him fucking me which he used to shoot.
He told me that he thought I liked men more than women and that was why he never mentioned about her. I was shocked to hear this. I told him I loved both men and women equally. He then told me that he could talk to his wife and we could do a threesome.
He invited me to his home for the next day. I reached his home by 10 in the morning. He answered me at the door and took me in. We sat on the sofa and started to talk while waiting for his wife.
I had been with him many times but that day he was more handsome. He was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt and shorts. His strong chest was projected in those and his huge legs. He was 6.2 ft tall and had a well-built body. I looked so small in front of him.
He really looked very young for a 40-year-old man. His dick was also huge. (I knew from the past experience!)
His wife came from the bedroom. She might have had a shower, her hair was wet. She was wearing a loose t-shirt and a really short shorts that revealed a part of her ass cheeks. I had an instant hard-on. He had told me she was 34-year-old but by her looks, she looked only 28.
Let’s name him David and she will be Mia.
David: Hey honey! Look who is here.
Mia (looking at me): It’s nice to meet you, Bharath. David had told me about your past encounter and really loved them.
She winked at me with a sexy smile. I started to blush.
David: Let me fix a drink for you guys. In the meantime, you guys talk.
David went to fix us some drinks. Mia came and sat near me.
Mia: So, how many girls have you been with?
I was shocked to hear such a question.
Me: Umm. Like, 3 or 4.
Mia: Were they hot?
Me: Yaa, damn hot.
Mia: Hotter than me? (And she moved closer to me.)
Me: Er, definitely no.
And then she moved forward and gave a gentle kiss on my lips. After a moment’s pause, she started to kiss deep. I reciprocated. She was a damn good kisser. We broke our kiss when David came with the drink.
David: You guys seem to like each other.
Mia: Definitely.
David passed the drinks. We slowly finished it while talking. I was in between them. Both had their arms on my thighs. They were massaging my thigh and moving closer to my dick.
They kissed each other in front of me. I got really excited watching them. They started to rub on my dick still with my jeans on. I was really enjoying it. Then they came towards me and they both kissed me at the same time.
David then grabbed his wife’s boobs and pressed them. She was moaning in between our kisses. I grabbed her ass and massaged them with both hands.
David now lifted Mia and walked to their bedroom and asked me to join.
David and Mia got on the bed and started to slowly undress each other while smooching. I sat on a chair watching them make out. It was very sexy. David fingered Mia while still kissing her. He then moved down slowly kissing all over her body.
I removed my jeans and started to stroke my dick watching them. David now started to stimulate pussy with his tongue. Mia was moaning loud and that made me increase my stroking pace.
Mia then looked at me and gestured me to come near her. I got up and went near her. We kissed and I fondled her boobs. She had her hands caressing my cock. Now David inserted his two fingers in Mia’s pussy and started to finger fuck her. She loved it and pulled me closer. David then kissed Mia.
Later he lied down on his back and asked me to suck his cock. I was glad to take care of that mister. I caught his dick and stroked it at first and then started to lick the head and then I slowly licked throughout the length.
David now pulled his wife on top of him and he was eating her pussy. I got his entire cock in my mouth and then sucked it really well. Mia was really horny watching this. I started to caress his balls with my hands while continued to suck the dick. Later I sucked his balls and then again moved back to his shaft.
Now Mia joined me to suck his cock. We sucked together at times kissing each other too. Later Mia took his cum in her mouth and she kissed me and exchanged it.
Then, David made me lay down on his lap and spank my ass a couple of times. He then inserted a finger in my ass hole and started to finger fuck me. Later Mia too inserted one of her fingers and they both finger fucked me.
After some time, David was hard again. I again him a quick blowjob. His dick was as hard as a rock. He then fucked Mia in doggy style, while Mia gave me a blowjob. I didn’t expect it, but that was a hell of a blowjob.
David then fucked me in missionary while I was eating Mia’s pussy and ass. I really loved to eat female pussies and asses. They were kissing too. Then David fucked me in missionary position while I was eating Mia’s pussy again.
After some time, I pulled Mia towards me and started to suck her boobs. David was about to climax so he started to increase his pace and I was sucking on Mia’s boobs really hard to pull back my moans.
David released a lot of cum in my ass and collapsed on the bed. Mia then asked me to fuck her, but she wanted to ride me. She started to ride my cock in cowgirl positions. Later we switched to sitting position and finally to doggy style. She came twice in this and later I cummed and we both then lied beside David.
I was between them and she was caressing my head. I told them I didn’t know how I lasted so long. She said that David had mixed viagra in mine and his drink. I was astonished but loved it. Later we had many experiences which I will share in my further stories.
So, thank you guys for your support. And please do send your comments to [email protected] I love to meet new couples and both male and female individuals and have great fun and kinky experiences.